Recent Realities Vol. 10

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I’m alive, everyone, haha! I’ve just been busy with work. I’ve had to play catch-up after my spring holidays, and just as I was about to be caught up, I was told to go support a different programme for three weeks . . . so that has been crazy on my end. Amidst work, I’ve been keeping myself busy with my hobbies (video games and fanfics) and keeping up with my social life. Blogging has clearly taken a back seat, but I’m fine with it. I will blog when I want to, and I am here to write a new Recent Realities post. The last time I wrote for this column was back in September, so I’ve actually had a lot of happenings since, but I’ve chosen the best highlights in for this overdue post. Warning — there’s a lot of good food in this post!

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Aigoo Adventures: Guam 2018

Aigoo Adventures

I have went on another adventure! I made a return trip to Guam because I wanted to see my bestie again and to see if the rain would leave me alone this time. End verdict: it was a great trip. I had a wonderful time in Guam, and my only regret was leaving my best friend. This trip gave me the relaxation I had sought for. It was nice escaping work and Korea for a bit. This is was a muchly needed vacation!

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Driving Drama

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Oh, wow, I cannot believe it’s April. In February, the Olympics took over my life, but I also had mentioned doing one other task — re-obtaining my driver’s licence. I lost my previous licence because of a regulation change I wasn’t grandfathered into. This process took much longer than I’d wanted, and it has caused me so much stress that I escaped reality with a lot of gaming. I will say right now that I never liked driving, but in order to prepare myself, I grudgingly forced myself to get a Korean and an international licence. This process was filled with unnecessary drama, and all I can say is that I am relieved it’s all done.

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Olympic Observations

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February is almost over. I spent a good chunk of this month concentrating on three things: video games (specifically Bravely Default and Bravely Second), practising and testing for my driver’s license (that alone is quite a tale), and the PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympic Games. I’ve been sucked hard with this Winter Olympic — most likely due to it being held in South Korea. I had zero motivation to attend the actual events, but I was determined to watch certain events on my computer or my mum’s TV. Read on to read my commentary on this Olympic!

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Symphonic Selections: Berlin Song

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It has been a while since I’ve done a Symphonic Selections post. I hadn’t found or heard of songs that just made me really get into music lately. That changed when I clicked around on Facebook, and I found a Classic FM post with a list of relaxing pieces. I played the first song on the list, and it instantly captivated me to the point that I’m here to share that piece.

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