Supporting Steptember

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I have a disability — more specifically, I have cerebral palsy, which leads me to having multiple disabilities. This is not something I mention to very many people, especially online. Most people don’t ever question me about it, which is fine by me since I don’t really like going into full details about my CP. However, I decided to write about my disability because a friend is doing something to raise awareness and money for those who have CP. As Tidus said in Final Fantasy X, this is my story.

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Siblings I’ll Never Meet

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Yesterday was National Sibling Day, a day which has no bearing on me. I don’t have siblings. I grew up as an only child, and I admit I was a very spoilt only child. Being an only child meant I had all my parents’ love and attention, so I never had to fight a brother or a sister for all of that. Instead of siblings, I had cousins on my mum’s side. I had three older cousins, and then I was the oldest in our “generation” amongst the six of us. I was the 언니 (Unni) or 누나 (nuna), which is what Koreans call their older siblings or cousins, and being the oldest wasn’t a task I enjoyed. Nonetheless, my cousins were the closest I had to a sibling. Realistically speaking though, I have siblings who share my blood 100%, but I’ll never meet them.

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On Meeting Online Friends


Liv recently wrote about her meeting up with some blogger buddies. That reminded me to write this post that I’ve been wanting to write since last August or September. Ack! Talk about procrastinating . . . moving on! *ahem* I love meeting online friends. I’ve always loved meeting online friends. In fact, whenever I know there’s a chance — whether they come to Korea or I travel to where they’re located — I take that chance and arrange a meeting. There’s something about meeting someone you’ve interacted online with for months or years. Don’t get me wrong — I love interacting with people online. But meeting in person feels more rewarding, and that’s not obtainable online. The closest we can achieve that is through video chatting, but I actually hate that method of communication. Give me face-to-face interaction over that, please!

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Turning Thirty-One

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Today I turn thirty-one. I don’t feel any different from when I turned thirty, twenty-five, or twenty-two. The last birthday that made me feel “different” was when I turned twenty-one because that meant I could legally drink. But as for turning thirty-one? Other than grousing about turning thirty last year, I don’t feel like turning thirty-one is a big deal. To me it’s just another day, a number, really. To me it’s just an excuse to put in leave for a day off, which is great because I gave myself a four-day weekend. Now that’s a good birthday present to myself. :D

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Sokcho Trip Reflections

Sokcho Trip Reflections Header

Although my Sokcho trip wasn’t exactly a trip of enlightenment, I still ended up learning quite about Sokcho and myself. Some were observations and some were realisations I made during the trip. Some reflections only reiterated what I’d already knew about myself. All in all, this solo trip has taught me some things, and the experiences I’ve gained on this trip will be cherished.

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