Turning Thirty-One

Turning Thirty-One Header (Image from Unsplash.com)

Today I turn thirty-one. I don’t feel any different from when I turned thirty, twenty-five, or twenty-two. The last birthday that made me feel “different” was when I turned twenty-one because that meant I could legally drink. But as for turning thirty-one? Other than grousing about turning thirty last year, I don’t feel like turning thirty-one is a big deal. To me it’s just another day, a number, really. To me it’s just an excuse to put in leave for a day off, which is great because I gave myself a four-day weekend. Now that’s a good birthday present to myself. :D

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Sokcho Trip Reflections

Sokcho Trip Reflections Header

Although my Sokcho trip wasn’t exactly a trip of enlightenment, I still ended up learning quite about Sokcho and myself. Some were observations and some were realisations I made during the trip. Some reflections only reiterated what I’d already knew about myself. All in all, this solo trip has taught me some things, and the experiences I’ve gained on this trip will be cherished.

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Adventuring Alone

Adventuring Alone Header

With my budget and work schedule, I don’t travel a lot as I want to. In fact, a lot of my vacation have me staying in town and doing staycations or doing day trips to visit parts of Korea with friends. Up until now, my travel escapades have been the following:

July-August 2004: Guam — I travelled alone to visit my best friend.
May 2008: Tokyo, Japan — I travelled with two friends.
October 2010: Tokyo, Japan — I travelled alone, but I met up with a friend every day.
January 2012: Daegu, South Korea — I travelled alone to visit a friend overnight.
September 2014: Donghae and Samcheok, South Korea — I travelled with two friends for an overnight trip.
January 2015: Osaka and Kyoto, Japan — I travelled with a friend.

In between all of these travels, I’d also visited Uijeongbu, Incheon, and Cheongju several times as day trips to see friends or to see the area with a friend. As you can see, I’ve never technically travelled “alone”. Next week, however, I will be completely travelling alone to a new part of South Korea — in Sokcho area. I wanted to go back to Japan, but that plan was way out of my budget. Besides, I really wanted to see the East Sea again, and Sokcho is a place I haven’t been to yet in South Korea. I’m super excited about this trip. It will be a short trip — four nights, five days — and it will be my own personal getaway. I’m going alone, and I made zero plans to meet anybody there. Why am I going alone? Because of several reasons.

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The Assets of Diversification

The Assets of Diversification

In seventh grade, I befriended a group of boys who introduced me to Japanese RPGs and rekindled my love for animes. Because of them, I learned how awesome Final Fantasy, Chrono Trigger, and Suikoden are. Because of them, I changed my mind about animes and realised that they weren’t for little kids. I’m thankful for them because they opened up my mind to many things. In fact, I’m thankful for the environment I grew up in — an extremely diverse environment.

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Misconceptions on Language and Location

Misconceptions on Language and Location ~ Original image from Unsplash.com

Are you a native English speaker?

Yes, I am!

Great! Where are you from?

Seoul, South Korea!

But you’re a native English speaker?

Yes, I am. I went to a US school on the US military base! I am a US citizen.

But you haven’t lived in the United States, Great Britain, South Africa, Canada, or Australia?

I lived in the US for one year as a baby.

Then you’re not a native English speaker.

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