Contemplating Changes

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Changes are a happening all the time. Some changes are expected, some are not. Some changes are good, some are not. We all encounter changes, and we can either make the best or the worst of it. Personally, I like things to be routine as a whole. Changes can provoke me negatively, especially when they are unexpected. However, give me time to think about a potential change, then I can accept them better. Just in the past couple of weeks, I’ve been told about some changes that will occur in the future. Some of these changes are ones I’ve initiated and planned for myself; others are changes I have no choice but to accept and take them as they come.

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Charitable Contributions

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Before I start — last call to ask me some questions! Feel free to ask me anything! Moving on — after January 20, there had been a lot of events and happenings in the United States. Usually, I don’t pay attention to the political fiasco in the US, but the new administration in the capital awoke something in me. The changes have upset me and went against what I believe in. From human rights to immigration issues, I’d been very unhappy at some of the new stances the US politicians are taking. One particular issue had riled me up, and that led me to donate to its cause. From that moment on, I’d decided on a new goal for 2017.

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The Importance of Bum Days

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Last year I blogged about being an introvert. For those curious about my MBTI type, I fluctuate between an INTJ or ISTJ. What doesn’t fluctuate is that I’m an introvert. I’ve also come to realise that I am also a social or an outgoing introvert. As an introvert, I gain energy by being alone with my hobbies, but when I am with the right people, I’ll be super outgoing and actually gain energy by being around others just like an extrovert. But I can’t do that all the time. My job alone drains me because I’m dealing with what feels like ten thousand people on a daily basis that requires me to be quite talkative. On Saturdays, I usually designate that day to meet with friends, but Sunday is what I call my “bum day”.

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Supporting Steptember

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I have a disability — more specifically, I have cerebral palsy, which leads me to having multiple disabilities. This is not something I mention to very many people, especially online. Most people don’t ever question me about it, which is fine by me since I don’t really like going into full details about my CP. However, I decided to write about my disability because a friend is doing something to raise awareness and money for those who have CP. As Tidus said in Final Fantasy X, this is my story.

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Siblings I’ll Never Meet

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Yesterday was National Sibling Day, a day which has no bearing on me. I don’t have siblings. I grew up as an only child, and I admit I was a very spoilt only child. Being an only child meant I had all my parents’ love and attention, so I never had to fight a brother or a sister for all of that. Instead of siblings, I had cousins on my mum’s side. I had three older cousins, and then I was the oldest in our “generation” amongst the six of us. I was the 언니 (Unni) or 누나 (nuna), which is what Koreans call their older siblings or cousins, and being the oldest wasn’t a task I enjoyed. Nonetheless, my cousins were the closest I had to a sibling. Realistically speaking though, I have siblings who share my blood 100%, but I’ll never meet them.

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