HPV & Video Game Meme

I had my final HPV vaccination shot today. OW.

Am still playing Persona 3 Portable like crazed fangirl. I still drool over Akihiko. I’m getting close to the end. Hopefully, this mojo of mine doesn’t disappear, and I beat it soon!

I normally don’t do this, but this video game meme’s calling my name . . . so here it is LOL.

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Ask Me a Question – Part II

A week or so ago, Caity did the Ask a Question meme on her blog. And I decided that since it’s almost been a year since I did the first set, I want to do it again!

So go head. :D Ask me questions! Ask me more than one question! Just don’t ask me a question I answered in the first set XD. Seriously, feel free to ask. I’ll answer them to the best of my abilities in the next post!

Five Personalised Words

A few days ago, Caity wrote an entry about how she received five words from a fellow blogger, and she had to write what these words mean to her. She offered to give five words to whoever was interested, and I decided to give it a try, and here are my take on the five words!

Now I am not sure which “dreams” I’m exactly supposed to talk about here. Is it the goal kind of dreams, daydreaming, or the dreams you get when you sleep? In a situation like this, I’ll do the simplest thing: talk about all of them!

As a kid, I always had dreams to become something. While I dreamed about becoming many occupations, the ones that stayed with me consistently were to be a writer or a teacher, and in a way, I achieved both. Sort of. I subbed at secondary schools, worked as a preschool teacher, and am sort of still in a mentor occupation. And while I haven’t achieved my goals of becoming the next J.K. Rowling, I write in many forms. I write as a blogger, I write fanfictions, and once in a blue moon, I write poetry and original stories. So I suppose in a way, I have achieved my occupational dreams and goals to an extent.

As for daydreaming? Oh, man, I do it a lot! I find it’s easiest for me to daydream when i walk, though. I am not sure why that’s the case . . . but usually I daydream by putting myself into a fantasy world I am currently addicted to. And for that matter, it’s been Harry Potter for the last . . . five years. Either I am overly loyal to that series or I am just mentally insane. I haven’t quite decided which is the case.

Lastly, dreams I get when I sleep. I know I dream a lot when I sleep, but 99% of the time, when I wake up, I do not remember what I dreamed about. I mean, I remember bits and pieces, but not the full thing, so it leaves me rather disoriented when I try to remember. The few dreams I do remember fully to the point I could make stories out of are usually really bizarre and nonsensical. Honestly, there are dreams I call the Seoul Land (an amusement park in Seoul) Homicidal Killer dream, the Korean War Meets Medieval Europe, Modern Korea, Pirates with Korean Decapitators, and Egyptians Sex Master dream, and the Korean War Soldiers Appearing in My School dream to showcase just what I dream sometimes.

And upon typing this, sometimes, I do question my brain’s wavelengths and its chemistry balances.

It’s strange. When I was younger, I actually didn’t care much for music. It wasn’t until sixth grade, when I started to immerse myself into the teenybopper world that I started to really pay attention to music. Also in sixth grade, I resumed my piano lessons for a year, and in seventh grade, I finally defied my mother’s wishes and joined band to learn how to play the alto saxophone. Throughout seventh to tenth grades, I went back and forth between teenybopper music and the punk/grunge/pop music both in English and Korean. Then I started to get into animes, so add in Japanese music as well. However, after tenth grade, I started to shun most of the pop, mainstream music, and only focused on Japanese music. It was after high school, though, that I finally found decided that I like many different genres of music — though I preferred classical, oldies, New Age, and soundtracks genres the best. And being in band for six years influenced my tastes as well. Now, I cannot live without music. I still play the piano from time to time, sing in the wrong key, still can never memorise lyrics, and just have a fun jolly time belting out nursery songs with the preschoolers on occasion.

Blogging. Man. When I stop and think about how long I’ve done this, I feel . . . ridiculously old. When I first started blogging, I did it because it was the newest and coolest thing to do on the net, and I liked the idea of keeping an online journal instead of manually writing one down. I also liked the idea of meeting new people with similar interests through blogging, so I started to do it. And until this day, I do not regret doing it. I enjoy blogging. It gives me an outlet of some sort, a place to share stuff with those interested, and it allows me to practically use this place as a place to do “stream-of-consciousness” writings, even if I don’t really do it as I should, since I don’t think my entries would be coherent if I did.

In the past, I blogged a lot more, but when I entered college, my entries output had cut down drastically, and I decided that writing about your day-to-day thing is a bit redundant and not interesting. Now, I blog when something comes into my mind. It’s not as often as I like it to be, but I’ll take what I can get!

Even though I’m all for keeping the environment clean and preserving the world, I am not a huge fan of nature. If I had a choice of camping out in a wood or sleeping inside a nice building . . . I’ll choose the latter. I think I’d be more in tune with the outdoors if it weren’t for my hatred towards insects, especially the ones who likes to bite and make me miserable! This sort of makes me a bit sad since I know Romantic-era writers prided on their nature walks . . . but I hate bugs too much to make that into a habit! I’d rather walk through a crowded city than through a vast, green forest. ~_~;;

I’m the type who likes one-on-one RPs, through email or through instant messengers. I love it when my partner and I find a good plot that takes us hours to RP. All the RPs I’ve done are all slash/yaoi related, so it’s even more fun to pretend to be a gay man :D. Whether it’s original RP or fandom-based RP, I’m happy when we get the ball rolling. And since I save my RP logs, I read through them every once in a while. Some may find it as a waste of time, but I just consider it another way to practice and improve my writings. Although, I do see how I could use the times I spend RPing into writing real stories and fictions, but for some reason it’s more fun to collaborate with a friend than it is writing by yourself at times!

All done! That took longer than I thought . . . oh well!

Narcissistic Ramblings

I was evilly (just kidding :D) tagged by Ongaku to do this meme. I am supposed to list ten random facts about me that nobody else knows the general public does not know. It is time for me to dig into my subconscious and find all the inner most glorified secrets about me. Whoo hoo! Time for a struggle to come up with stuff! Good thing I don’t have to find a hundred of these. ~_~;; Oh and here’s the other similar meme where I had to list 25 facts . . . must not repeat myself!

1. I can memorise piano pieces, but instead of remembering the notes, guess what I memorise instead? My hand movements. Therefore, if I screw up while playing, I get lost since my flow’s been interrupted!

2. I cannot stand eating the same thing for more than two days. That’s why leftovers are a bad thing with me. Actually, I hate leftovers period. Reheating the meal the next day never tastes the same when it’s freshly made.

3. When I get a new game, I like to read the manual. I am utterly disappointed when the manual is crap and void of information.

4. I recently discovered that my body naturally prefers to sleep around 2am and wake up by 11am with no problems compared to sleeping at 10pm and waking up by 6am. This doesn’t bode well when and if I ever get a real full-time job that operates from 8 to 5 or 9 to 6. I am going to be one cranky worker.

5. I think I have speech dyslexia. When I talk, I switch the letters around. An example is “roat bacing”. I meant to say “boat racing”, and it came out wrong. I do that quite often!

6. The only thing I liked about Geometry was SOHCAHTOA and the Pythagorean theorem. Otherwise, this subject made me want to throw my protractor at someone. In other words, I’ll take Algebra over “Gee I’m a tree”.

7. Actually, scratch the last sentence. I’ll take Algebra minus imaginary numbers. See, I never covered it in high school Algebra. College Algebra was where I learned about the bloody thing. My take on those imaginary numbers was this: If they are imaginary then why the hell do I have to calculate them?! For what purpose? Do I even use these on a daily basis?!

8. I respect other animals (well, minus mosquitoes and other bugs that are a pest) so much to the point that I could become vegetarian. Only problem is that I love spam, hot dogs, chicken, and ground beef a lot to give it up entirely. Spam and hot dogs with rice and kimchi is heaven. :D Chicken tenders are my second love, and ground beef is just . . . nom, nom, nom!

9. Of all the accents in the world, I can imitate the United States’ southern accent the best. I actually am proud and not so proud of that feat! I’d rather be able to successfully imitate any of the United Kingdom accents instead!

10. When I’m doing stuff on the computer, and if I remember to have music on, I usually just choose one song at a time and have that loop on forever. Sometimes, I just have the same song on loop for two hours before I remember I should change a song. Maintaining a playlist is a bit of a chore for me. Then again, with almost 9000 music files . . . yeah. Going through my collections to choose the songs I want to listen to at the moment is not fun.

There. Done. That took about forty minutes to do. :D