Recent Realities Vol. 7

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It has been a while since my last Recent Realities post. I’ve blogged about my major happenings, but now I am here to share with the other events in my life. Read on to see my food highlights, reunion with a childhood friend, moment with a hilarious sign, experience with a new event, and future travel plans. I’ve been quite busy!

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Amusing Field Day

I had an amusing, but long day at work today. The schools are out for summer vacation now, so today my workplace kicked off summer vacation with a field day for the kids. I started my day by being the 5:30am opening person, and field day started when I came back from lunch at 10:30am. It was amusing in the sense of the tasks I had to do today. Aside from watching the kids, the tasks I did were:

Table and Chair Assistant: A bunch of the kids, staff, and I helped set up the tables, put tablecloths on them, and arranged the chairs. That didn’t take too long, and then my next task was to be the . . .

Head Water Balloon Honcho: The water hose was outside of the field, so the kids and I went to it to make water balloons. Well, correction, they made it, and I monitored them since balloons are one of my worst nemesis. It was hilarious watching them lose control of the balloon and the water started squirting out. Then we all helped lug four loads of water balloons to the field. It was only girls carrying those heavy bins, so huzzah for girl power! After that, I was the . . .

Sno-Cone Scooper: This was supposed to be my original task. My boss and I were to serve sno-cones, but we only had enough ice for the first half of the field day. I was the scooper and she and another staff put Hawaiian punch and Kool-aid powder on it. After we ran out of ice, my next task was to be a . . .

Dunk Tank Monitor: I watched and made sure the kids played safe with the dunk tank and the balls. It was fun watching my boss’ teenage son get dunked by a bunch of elementary school kids! After doing this, my boss reminded us on the walkie to take plenty of pictures, so I grabbed the camera and became the . . .

Field Day Photographer: I walked around to get photos of the various activities. I got hit by bubbles, fell while coming off the inflatable boxing ring, snapped the poor bloke on the dunk tank, and witnessed a three-legged race. After a while, I went back to monitoring the dunk tank, and then I became the . . .

Rainbow Punch Server: My boss gave me permission to mix the remaining Hawaiian punches (grape, orange, and fruit punch) into one “Rainbow Punch”, and I served them to the kid. I tried a bit and discovered it was super sweet for me. Which meant that the kids would love it, haha!

And that was my day. All of us staff had a crazy time, and the kids all seemed to have fun. I laughed my arse off when towards the end, the kids did the water balloon toss, and the balloons weren’t breaking. I watched balloons being thrown, and they wouldn’t explode! So the kids and staff were chasing after the balloons more than water ballooning each other. All in all, it was fun. This was our first time hosting field day, so there were a lot of minor issues, but we persevered and made it happen. If we ever do it again, we’ll have today to learn from and make the next one better. And now, I’m done for the day. I’m home and ready to recuperate!

Mummy and the Christmas Conversation

Mum: How do you say “Christmas Eve” (said with a Korean accent) in English?
Me: *deadpan* Christmas Eve.
Mum: *bursts out laughing from embarrassment* Okay, so Christmas Eve is on the 23rd . . .
Me: *deadpan again* 24!
Mum: *bursts out laughing again and falls over on her bed*
Me: . . . *sweatdrops*

That’s my mother, hahaha XD Ah, gotta love how forgetful we get when we age. I am not looking forward to all that.

Things I’ve Learned About Packing

My room is still a junkyard, but it’s slowly turning into Boxland. I swear, I feel like I’ve been packing for the last six months instead of the last week or so. During all my packing adventure, I’ve learned the following:

  1. Packing tapes and permanent markers are your best friends!
  2. Those medium or large-sized USPS priority flat-rate boxes are the perfect size to pack mangas, DVDs, and games because of their sizes. Because it’s rather “small”, I can stuff them to the max and they won’t be too heavy for me to carry. Whereas if I stuff a big box of those stuff . . . well, I’ll end up breaking a back or two while I lift them.
  3. Putting fragile, breakable items into clean, old socks is pretty much win.
  4. Being anal and packing do not go hand-in-hand at all ~_~;; I’ve given up trying to stuff only one particular thing (ie: PS2 video games only) into each boxes.
  5. Simply put, packing is an adventure . . . to hell and back again times a billion.

You know what’s sad about all this? I think I packed about twenty boxes, but I’ve a feeling I need about thirty more . . .

I am so sick of packing! Where’s Harry Potter when I need him?! I could really use him to cast Reducio and Engorgio when I bring them to the new place. And I’m the idiot who decided to move these stuff myself because I don’t trust the movers. Luckily, I can lug most of them on my own, but there are three things I need to figure out how to move by myself. Those three things are: my 32″ TV, my 24″ computer monitor, and Provo the computer. Of all the things to move, those three are something I will be physically incapable of carrying, and those three things are NOT to be touched by the movers . . . so how will I solve this dilemma?

. . . Anybody got a husband/boyfriend I can borrow for this? It’s only going to take about twenty minutes (or less!) since we’re moving right next door!

Double Chocolate Dream Cookies

My friend made these double chocolate dream cookies and shared the recipe with me. Here’s a copy of the recipe online. Anyway, I was inspired into a baking mood, and I was in a mood for chocolate cookies, so I decided to give this a try.

I conned Daddy to go to the commissary after work today. That in itself was an adventure. Boy I had a hard time finding that stupid baking soda! Then I pondered on what “packed brown sugar” was before deciding to just buy a pack of brown sugar that looked . . . packed. Finally, I had no idea which baking chocolate I had to use! I didn’t know if I had to get the Nestle baking chocolate bars or Hershey’s Cocoa (I would have gotten the Nestle Tollhouse baking cocoa, but the commissary didn’t have any.). I ended up choosing the latter, and luckily some random customer heard me asking Daddy which is the baking cocoa, and he confirmed it for me.

After dinner, I prepared my dough . . . with some problems. The flour mixture and the sugars kept flying everywhere, I didn’t have any idea how many minutes to soften that butter in the microwave (ended up doing 40 secs), and mixing the dough became very problematic since I was doing everything manually. I was wishing for an electronic mixer! Luckily, Mummy helped me mix it until it was nice and creamy looking. I tweaked the ingredients a bit — I only used half a bag of the chocolate chips and I added a bit of vegetable oil since it looked like the dough was getting rather dry and a pain to mix as I added the flour mixture!

Then came my favourite part — rolling the dough up into little balls :D I know many people just spoon it onto the baking pan, but I don’t like how it comes out fugly. Years ago, I discovered that the little balls made the cookies come out nice and round, so I rolled those buggers and ta-dah! It came out pretty! ^_^

After finishing the first batch, I took the plate to Mummy, told her to to take one, and she did. Then I took the plate to Daddy, and thus the funniest incident happened.

Me: Daddy, take one.
Daddy: ONE?! *gives a dirty look and takes one*
Me: Yes . . . ?
Daddy: *takes two more*
Me: *bursts out laughing for a good five minutes*
Daddy: Shut up! Don’t mention this to your mother!
Me: *walks out of the room like a hyena*

Well, that’s my cookies adventure for the night! Am real pleased it came out nice! Woot!