Fitness Files: The First Month

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I survived my first month of my new fitness regime. I blogged before my plans of hiring a personal trainer, signing up at Body & Seoul to take FightFit, and taking things slowly. Some of my plans didn’t fall through, but I am satisfied with what I’ve accomplished so far. In fact, my dad was so impressed with what I’ve been doing that he offered to pay my trainer for next month. Yay! Thank you, Daddy! That aside, here is a summary of my first month.

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Fitness Files: The Beginning

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I’ve mentioned before that I have plans this year to improve my health by exercising, eating right, and quitting smoking. Well, I haven’t been doing well on those three things at all. That big photography contest I organised in February kept me busy starting in January, and then in March I was just exhausted from that project, so I had to put my health plans on the backburner. I hadn’t really thought about getting in shape for a long time, but then I saw one of my acquaintances share her experiences with her personal trainer a few weeks ago, and that started to turn some wheels in my head. Seeing her working out with good results encouraged me to start a new fitness plan.

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