Should I Cheer or Should I Scream?

Thanks to my wonderful Korean cousin who can speak and read Korean much better than I ever will, he bought two tickets to this bloody awesome, fantastic, marvellous, cool, spectacular concert — Distant Worlds, Music from Final Fantasy.

I received this news way back in September, where a friend emailed me this information. Since then, I’ve been looking forward to the ticket sale. I almost forgot about it, though, until a friend mentioned something about “concert”. I checked that website, and I saw that the tickets were on sale. Well, sort of. I called up my cousin, who came all the way to my house, and he tried to buy them through one of the ticket sites, but it wasn’t appearing there. So he ended up calling them, and they said it wouldn’t be on sale for another week. That was last week. This week, my cousin called to tell me that he was going to buy them for me (with me sending him the money, of course!). I asked him to purchase two of them — one for me and one for a friend. I asked him to get the 99,000 won ($98) ones.

As of right now, he confirmed with me that the tickets are on their way to his house. About half an hour ago, I read one of my friend’s Facebook status thread about this special tickets. I checked the website and saw that they were advertising a new special seat ticket. It’s 110,000 won ($108), and you get to meet Uematsu Nobuo prior to the show. !@#$!@#$!@#$!@#$!!!!!!! That message was NOT there last week! AUGH!

Therefore, I am HAPPY that I can go to this concert, but at the same time, I want to throw a bloody axe at these concert organisers for misleading me! Sure, this notice might be last minute and all, but it still makes me go into the BLARGHARONI mode!

Ah well. At least I can finally hear Final Fantasy music at a live concert. I can cross one thing off my never-ending list of “Things I Want to See/Experience/Hear Before I Die”!

My Dream “Wedding”

Long time ago, when I was into Barbie dolls, I dreamt what practically every little girls dreamed at one point in their lives: their wedding day. Up to about high school, I started to picture my dress, the flowers I wanted, the hairdo, the shoes, and the entire works. I imagined myself being escorted down the aisle with my daddy, meeting my dream man at the end of the altar. After the vows, I would happily walk out with rice and seeds flying all over me, and we’d go to the reception where we’d share the top tier of the wedding cake.

Now, as an adult, here’s my dream wedding:

  1. Dress normally . . . okay, fine. Wear nice clothes, but nothing too fancy or formal.
  2. Have husband to be pick me up.
  3. Go to the Justice of Peace and do the whole anti-climatic procedure.
  4. Meet a small group of friends and relatives and have a nice dinner at a good restaurant.
  5. Hurry along to the airport to our honeymoon destination!

The end.

Seriously, when I found out how much those dream weddings cost, I freaked out. I’d rather spend a good chunk of that wedding funds on an awesome honeymoon. I’d rather buy souvenirs and special mementos than spend $20,000+ on a single day event. On a last note, I’d rather keel over than wear a bloody dress that would most likely be drenched in kimchi sauce due to my horrible eating habits!

Isn’t my current adult’s mindset so different from my younger self? The difference is quite drastic, I think. XD I may be materialistic, but I’m also pragmatic. Actually, my materialism is focused towards my hobbies more than anything else, and a wedding is NOT a hobby. Therefore, that’s my dream wedding, and whoever ends up being the unlucky man as my husband better respect it. :D

Anybody else feel this way about wedding? From the people I’ve talked with, it seems like I’m the only one who thinks this way! Oh well! That just makes me more unique, I suppose?

P.S. – This entry was inspired when I was chatting with Caity, and since she posted about her own wedding a couple of months ago, I think of wedding when I think of her.

If I Were a Rich Man Woman . . .

LiveJournal’s writer’s block question pertained to something about what you would do if you won the lottery. That got me to think. What do I want to do with a huge sum of money that would set me well for the rest of my life? Here are some ideas on what I would do!

* Donate some to my favourite charities. Only problem is I have to figure out what my favourites are.

* Give some funds away to my parents. After all, they have put up with me for many years, so I think some payback is necessary. That and my mother would give me HELL if I didn’t share some with her. She’s already giving me grief about not giving half of my income tax refund to her after I told her I wanted to off to Japan again later this year. !@#$!@#$

* Invest some funds wisely. That is sort of optional. See, I know nothing about investment, so I’d need to find a trustworthy financial expert to help me with that.

* Start up an anime/manga/video game cafe I’ve dreamed about. But first, I need to find me a business partner, one who can handle all the financial crap. And two, I need to figure out where I want to start the business. Seoul’s one. Tokyo’s another. And hell, why not London?

* Purchase a nice hi-tech apartment in Seoul. Heck, if I have the money, I’ll even buy a place in expensive Gangnam-gu area, south of the river!

* Travel to many places. I would love to visit Tokyo (again), Kyoto, Osaka, England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Australia, Hong Kong, Beijing (just to see the Great Wall of China), all over Canada, parts of United States, Peru, Egypt, and all over Europe! Oh and I’ll go to Guam, even though it’s not a place I want to visit again, but only because my best friend is there.

* Visit friends. Along with my best friend in Guam, I want to visit friends and family members in Tennessee, Texas, California, Washington, New York, New Jersey, United Kingdom, Australia, Minnesota, Wisconsin, North Carolina, and . . . too many effing places!

* Buy all the books, animes, movies, mangas, and video games I do not have in my collection! That also includes investing in some nice bookshelves with glass covers to showcase my gems.

* Get a region-free DVD player and a surround sound system. I already have a nice TV (albeit a second-hand one), so now I just need a nice sound system to go with it.

* Spoil my rabbit. Yes, I’d get her a bigger cage and a nice room for her to run around and chew in. Actually, never mind the chewing. I’d be afraid of her chewing down the entire place.

* Enhance my musical skills. I will invest in the best digital piano in the world along with an awesome soprano and alto saxophone. Oh and maybe add in a cheap trumpet to blast on when I’m bored. Or when I get pissed off at someone, I can honk their eardrums out.

* Become a freelancer. If I’m set in my life and not have to work, I’d still want to work as a freelancer of some sort. Some kind of job I can do at home, whether it’s writing, editing, or designing a flyer or something.

Well that covers my list, I think! I would be a happy, happy person if that ever happened. But I can only dream right now. *sighs*

A Business Dream

I’ve discovered something I’d love to do with my life in the future. After I accumulate a huge sum of money…

I may not know jack about business and economic, but I still wouldn’t mind going after this dream. Provided I get a co-owner who knows more about business.

As a lover of cafes, video games, and animes, I so would want to own and open a video game/anime-themed cafe. I can already envision it in my head. Nice open area with a lot of windows. Comfortable couches, big tables, and chairs. Wallscrolls and posters everywhere. A manga library. Several game systems in the area for gamers to play with… Even like a monthly contest or anime marathon or something of that sort.

Anime and video game soundtracks would be playing in the background. Heck, why not even have a piano for people to perform live music? Even install a karaoke system for those who want to sing animes and video games song.

That. Would. Be. Awesome.

Anyway, this upcoming week will be filled with activities. Tomorrow I’m going to revisit DLI 63 building with Sarah and her father. On Tuesday, I shall go to Seoul Grand Park Zoo, another place to revisit. Must re-live my field trip days from Elementary school! Then on Thursday, we will hit the rotating sushi bar place in Myeong-dong and hit couple bars in Itaewon. In between all that, I have to really crack down on my school work. Yuck. Bunch of homework and papers to do. I’m glad I decided to only take one extra class this term. The workload for that Advanced Composition class is already too much!

Shoot ‘Em!

Lately, I’ve been having bizarre dreams. Fortunately for my sake, I don’t remember them, but the one I had this morning, I still can remember most of it.

I have no idea what the situation was, but I do know that I had a those automatic machine gun thing, and then a regular pistol gun. Oddly enough, I knew how to operate those guns, especially the machine gun one where the bullet thing goes in somewhere. x_x;;

Anyways, it was set place at the SAHS’ Gym of all places. I had found a stray white kitty, and I was hiding it in the women’s locker room. Don’t ask.

Next thing I know, there were these people after me, hence the guns. I kept playing cat and mouse game with them. And then apparently the kitty I was raising had ran away, and one of the enemy was carrying it back to the gym. Well, I shot the dude… who looked like a Korean soldier.

Then I killed the vice boss and by then my machine gun was running out of ammo, so I found some more from the enemy, and then refilled it. Next thing I know, I was in my old neighbourhood of Hannam-dong, and … was going after the boss. I can’t remember if I shot him or not. All I know is that I got rid of the machine gun, and took out the small, fat pistol.

Somewhere along the dream, I was also at Osan, where SAHS’ school librarian had a small secondhand book store there, and I found that he had a bunch of Animorphs books. Well, that must have been from my subconscious since, I am still expecting couple of those books from the mail, and I do have an Osan class this term.

I know there was more to the damn dream, but this is the fuzzy stuff I remember. I do recall that I was on the bus with a bunch of people, as if we were going to a field trip…maybe it was a field trip to Osan? And then it combined with the gun dream somehow, like we were on our way back, and that’s when the enemy started shooting at us or something, and then I acquired some guns to get back at them…?

I don’t know. My dreams never makes sense. At least no one I know died in the dream this time.