TC’s Treasures: August 2017

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I am alive, and I’ve returned with a new TC’s Treasures post. Since the last time I wrote this column, I decided to do an overhaul with the way I do this post by creating sub-categories of my favourites I encounter. I’ve broken them down based on type by animes, beauty products, books, food, films, games, mangas, music, and technology — all with alliterative names. This will help keep these columns organised, and if I happen to not have a favourite in that sub-category, then it won’t be on that post. So here are my recent favourites in the new format!

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2016 Reading Review

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When I did the book meme the last three years, I only kept track of reading new books and mangas in my Goodreads account. This year, though, I decided to keep track of everything I read. From new books, mangas, and fanfics to re-reading books, mangas, and fanfics, I logged what I read to see just how much I read in a single year. With books and mangas, I went by the number of volumes, but with fanfics, I documented what I read based on word count. I’ve decided against doing the book meme from previous years, and instead compile a new (and short) format to show what I’ve read and enjoyed in 2016.

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Recent Realities Vol. 1

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I’ve decided to start up a new column called Recent Realities. This will be a dump post of all my “Life Lately” occurrences. There are times when I want to summarise all my happenings, and I figure this new column will help me. This column will not be as regular compared to my other ones; I’ll just post this when I have a lot to cover. Like right now. Life’s been really kicking my butt lately, and I’m so tired. My summer work schedule is easier than the other seasons, but it’s just way more exhausting. The heat and humidity doesn’t help, either. I am so ready for winter. Aside from work, these are some of my major happenings since I do have a life outside of blogging, haha!

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My Favourite Things: June 2016

My Favourite Things is a precursor to TC’s Treasures. Starting in November 2016, all My Favourite Things posts will be known as TC’s Treasures.

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First Tuesday of the month means it’s time to do Raisa and Eirene’s wonderful link-up, My Favourite Things. May’s been a crazy busy month, but I still found time to discover new favourites. From books to skincare products to films and music, I’ve been exposed to a variety of new things. I hope to discover more in June! With that said, here are my favourites!

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Significant Books

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I ❤ reading. I read books, mangas, and fanfics, and I re-read things I haven’t read in awhile. To give you an idea, since this January, I’ve read or re-read 111 books and mangas — this doesn’t even include the fanfics I read. Becca asked me to teach her my ways, but I don’t really have a “way”, haha! ^^; I simply read before I sleep, on the weekend, and in coffee shops. I make the time to read because it is something I really love to do, and there’s nothing better than reading a book that significantly impacts me in life-changing ways. And this post compiles my top significant books that have affected me deeply.

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