Recent Realities Vol. 8

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Quite a few things have happened to me recently. I returned from my Busan trip, but I wanted to write about my other happenings before I share all the full details of my trip. Work has kept me busy for the most part, but I still have found time to try and do new things. Also, an awesome blogger gifted me a special pillow. So read all about it :)

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Captivating Canvas

Captivating Canvas

Back in September, one of my favourite restaurants in my neighbourhood hosted an art show. I am not big on traditional art, but I was intrigued by this event. I stopped by there on the first day of the show. There wasn’t a lot of artworks, maybe about ten or so. Some were paintings, some were drawings, and some were sculptures. The artists had gathered at the restaurant for the opening, and they were all having a jolly time as they ate delicious food. Behind their table was a painting that had completely captivated me.

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Custom Geek Bag

Custom Geek Bag Header

Back in July 2015, I blogged about getting these custom bags made. Since then, I’ve used the grey “tree” cross-body bag more than anything. That bag is almost perfect for carrying my essentials. I adore the bag a lot, but one of my problems with the bag is the fact that it’s actually too tall and narrow! I always feel like I have to really dig to get my wallet out, and when I want to add in extra stuff, it feels too cramped. Those two issues became annoying for me. Because of that, I decided to request another bag from Janet, a bag that’s not as deep but that’s still wide enough to accommodate what I need to carry, with all the pocket customisations I want.

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Photo Potpourri: Monsoon Fun

Photo Potpourri is a precursor to Recent Realities. Starting in July 2016, all Photo Potpourri posts will be known as Recent Realities.

Photo Potpourri

Monsoon season has finally come to Korea, and this mean non-stop, on-and-off raining with 100% humidity. Normally, this occurs at the end of June and early July. This year, I suppose thanks to global warming or something, it came about a month late. We needed the rain, so I don’t mind it too much, but going outside in it can be bothersome. Luckily, I’ve always prepared myself with an umbrella, so I haven’t been caught in a downpour. Rain or not, I’ve still managed to have some fun, and here are the photos that showcase my fun :)

Card, Note, and Stickers from Nancy!

Nancy sent me a card, note, and stickers! I was so surprised when I received them because I’d no idea she sent them. The card is so pretty and the stickers are fun! Thanks, again, Nancy! ♥

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Custom Bag Adventure

Custom Bag Adventure

Several months ago, I stumbled upon JH Fabrics Creations, an Etsy shop run by Janet Howard who creates purses and bags. Her style and fabric choices really grabbed my attention, so I’d been eyeing some of the bags since then. Last month, I made the decisions to get a bag from her, but I wanted a fabric that was more business casual, and I wanted to make some pockets modifications. Janet and I corresponded the next three weeks about what I wanted. She guided me on choosing a fabric from I found three fabrics I liked, but I was stumped on which one to get, which led me to asking friends on Twitter for their advice! The fabrics I fiddled over were:

In the end, I went with the blue stripes one. Janet then asked me for some other specifications. My final list of specs looked like this:

Size & Taper Specifications

  • Size: 13.5″ wide by 9.5″ tall by 4″ deep
  • Undivided outer pocket
  • 2 inner pockets behind the front pocket
  • 1.5″ wide strap padded
  • Taper the top to prevent floppiness

Main Fabric Specifications

  • Flap: stripe fabric
  • Body: black twill fabric
  • Inner lining: navy blue fabric
  • Strap: black twill fabric

Pocket Fabric Specifications

  • Outer pocket lining/trimming: stripe fabric
  • Inner pockets: stripe fabric
  • Inner pockets trimming: navy blue

I also requested to get a smaller bag like this, except to change the lining colour to blue and to move the inside pockets around :) My plan is to use the stripe bag when I need to carry my Chromebook and other larger items. The smaller bag will be used when I don’t need to carry larger objects around with me. When Janet finally posted the listing, I nearly screamed in happiness :D See below for more pics of the bag, all taken by Janet!

Custom Bag Custom Bag Custom Bag Custom Bag Custom Bag

Well, those are my new bags. I got them today, and I am super impressed by the quality of the bags. Janet even threw in two spectacle cases to match my bags! Janet was a pleasure to work with — super patient and nice! I highly recommend her service and her bags! :) Anyway, be on the lookout for a new “What’s in My Bag” post sometime soon!