Recent Realities Vol. 6

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The past two months have been full of so many interesting things, but most of them were pretty minor, so I decided to wait until I had more materials to share. I picked out the best happenings and compiled it into this Recent Realities post. It’s amazing how much has happened to me in a span of two months. Hope you will enjoy reading some of my unique experiences :)

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My Favourite Things: October 2015

My Favourite Things is a precursor to TC’s Treasures. Starting in November 2016, all My Favourite Things posts will be known as TC’s Treasures.

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It’s the first Tuesday of a new month! It’s time to do Raisa and Eirene’s wonderful link-up, My Favourite Things. My post for this month is kind of random since I jumped around with my interests this month. Enjoy my favourites for October!

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My Favourite Things: July 2015

My Favourite Things is a precursor to TC’s Treasures. Starting in November 2016, all My Favourite Things posts will be known as TC’s Treasures.

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Happy July, everyone! June felt like a super long month, so I’m glad July just rolled around. That means summer is almost halfway done. I am so ready for autumn and winter, but I’m not here to go on about my weather woes. Here’s the July edition of “My Favourite Things“, an amazing blog link-up hosted by Raisa and Eirene. My favourites this month have no theme and they are all completely random. As Raisa would say, “It’s a hot mess!” XD

Subscription Boxes

Georgie introduced me to the concepts of subscription boxes. In the last couple of months, I’d been eyeing a few of the accessory ones, and I finally took the plunge to try out these three boxes:

I can’t wait to see what bracelets and watches I’ll get :D I’m an arm candy girl, and I’ve specifically mentioned that to Sparkle Box, while Helene Jewels is all about arm candy. Wantable’s questionnaire also allowed me to specify to only receive bracelets and watches, so woot! I’ll be reviewing the boxes when I get them, so look forward to them!

Glittery Gel Manicure

Glittery Gel Manicure

I never liked glitter manicures because I hated the texture, so I assumed glittery gel manicures would leave behind the same rough texture. Nope. I was proven wrong. Chibi Toaster and I went to get gel manis done at White Nail, a salon in my neighbourhood, and she mentioned that fact to me, so I decided to give it a try. Oh, man, I absolutely adore how they came out :D Smooth and glittery — just the way I like it! I think, from now on, whenever I go for a gel mani, I’ll pick the glittery shades for the shinies and sparklies!

Weeny Beeny

Weeny Beeny, from what I can see, is some imported gourmet sweets distributor. Their shops are in malls, amusement parks, and touristy areas. My workplace has been going on field trips every Wednesday, and I’ve encountered a Weeny Beeny in Coex Mall Aquarium gift shop, Everland, and N Seoul Tower. Let’s just say I cannot walk away from them, and it’s mostly because of these two particular sweets . . .

These sour strawberry Rip Rolls are addicting. This is the only flavour I like; I’ve tried another flavour, but I didn’t like it as much as the strawberry one.

The aforementioned Rip Rolls are amazing, but it’s these sour coke gummies I live for. I mean, yes, I can get the non-sour Haribo ones, but these are just BETTER. I know Haribo’s have the sour version, too, but I rarely ever see those in the shoppette, so Weeny Beeny it is!

Terra Chips’ Sweet Potato Chips

Oh, my word. I’ve finally found chips that are not salted. YES. YES. YES. My tastebuds are more Korean in that I can’t do the overly salty food that American snacks and food are known for, but these I can do :D I love sweet potato chips, and these are just amazing. The lack of salt really makes me happy. I only hope that the shoppette continues to bring these often!

Brownie Brittle

I recently discovered these, too, but I’ve tried the chocolate chips one, and I wasn’t enamoured by them. However, the salted caramels are just super good! I know I don’t do salt well, but salted caramels are a different story. This is one of my favourite new snack food, haha. Perfect for when I get the chocolate craving!

Bomi the Puppy

Bomi the Cute Maltese

As a bonus, here’s another photo of Bomi the adorable Maltese! I’m in love with this furball. How can anyone not fall in love with her adorable puppy face? :D With that said, I’ll see you all next month for August’s favourites!

My Newest Cousin

Bomi Header

My cousin’s girlfriend owns a dog, and she’s brought her little dog over to my cousin’s house. The girlfriend, after seeing how my aunt and uncle treated her dog, decided to get them a puppy of their own, thus acquiring a brand new “cousin” :D

Bomi the Puppy

Meet Bomi, everyone! This adorable fluffball and I’d missed each other on her first visit to my flat, but I was home when she visited the second time. My aunt and uncle had errands to run, and my mum was busy in the kitchen, so I was left to puppy-sit this cutie. My time with this bundle of fluff had me try and capture a good photo of her, and it took me about thirty tries. Not a natural on camera, the furball! XD

Bomi the Puppy

Anyway, Bomi is too adorable. Real friendly, too. Wasn’t shy or scared of me at all. I adore her, and now I can see why my aunt and uncle are in love with her. With two of their kids already grown up, Bomi is their new baby, and that automatically makes her my cousin. I can’t wait to see her again!

Timeless Thoughts: Grumpy the Rabbit

Timeless Thoughts

Five years ago, on May 25, 2010, my beloved bunny, Grumpy, passed onto the Happy, Hoppity Bunnyland. With her death anniversary approaching, I decided to write a Timeless Thoughts post in her honour.

Grumpy was my first real pet I’d really cared for. We’d had dogs and fishes in the past, but I never grew attached to them, especially with the fishes. Grumpy, though, came into my life because of my actions. It was September 2003, I was at Myeong-dong with a friend, and we encountered someone selling about thirty bunnies on the street, and Grumpy stood out for being the only grey-coloured one. That was the moment when I decided I had to get her, and I did without asking permission from my parents (woops!), but luckily for us, my parents allowed me to keep her. Thus, I named her Grumpy because I wanted a gender-neutral name, and she did look quite grumpy upon getting her . . . so that name stuck.

But she was never a Grumpy bunny. If anything, she was the sweetest bunny ever. She never once bit me, though she bit my parents several times (favouritism, perhaps?). She was my pride and joy, and she was my steadfast companion all throughout my college years. Though she was never the most cuddliest bunny, she still loved getting petted. And oh, man, the way she’d begged for treats . . . that always made me smile. The day she passed proved to be one of the worst days of my life, and it still haunts me until this day. I miss her a lot, and she’ll never be forgotten.

Grumpy the Rabbit Grumpy the Rabbit Grumpy the Rabbit Grumpy the Rabbit

If you’d like to see more of Grumpy’s photos, I’ve linked the Flickr albums below:

Grumpy in June 2008
Grumpy in October and November 2009
Grumpy in January 2010

I hope you all enjoyed meeting my silly, little rabbit! ♥