Aigoo Adventures: Sokcho 2018

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I mentioned in my previous post that I’d return to Sokcho during Labour Day weekend with a friend. Here is my post summarising my trip. It was a much-needed getaway after my hellish summer. This is my third trip to Sokcho, and it is a fabulous place to return to relax and have yummy food.

Day 1

View from the Rest Stop

Our trip started with us having to wait over two hours at the bus terminal for the next available bus. To be honest, that wasn’t fun, and I’d anticipated we’d get to Sokcho by one. But wait we did, and we eventually left after noon. Our bus stopped at a rest stop, and we were treated to this gorgeous view.

Dakgangjeong & Shrimp Twigim from Sokcho Market

When we arrived in Sokcho, we decided to go to the market near the terminal to buy some food before heading to our hotel. I also wanted to buy these speciality chips that originated in this market. We lugged our suitcases through the crowded market and bought some deep-fried shrimps and chicken gangjeong (sweet and spicy deep-fried chicken) for early dinner.

Hotel Room at Ramada Sokcho Hotel Room at Ramada Sokcho View from Hotel Room

We checked into our hotel at Ramada Sokcho. My friend was able to get a steal for this room at $200 for the two nights we were there. It’s a bit out of the city, but I liked that it was by the sea. The view from the room made me happy, and I was even more thrilled to see the East Sea again!

Sea Walk around Ramada Sokcho & Lotte Sokcho Sea Walk around Ramada Sokcho & Lotte Sokcho Sea Walk around Ramada Sokcho & Lotte Sokcho Sea Walk around Ramada Sokcho & Lotte Sokcho Sea Walk around Ramada Sokcho & Lotte Sokcho Sea Walk around Ramada Sokcho & Lotte Sokcho

We walked around the area between Ramada Sokcho and Lotte Sokcho Resort Hotel, which was nice. My friend and I enjoyed the sea air and breeze. This cooler weather was what we needed after that heatwave hell. The scenery was also gorgeous. We ended our night by watching the Korea versus Japan championship match for the Asian Games. We had a blast yelling and cheering on this soccer game.

Day 2

View of Ulsanbawi at Seoraksan Sundubu Meal

I really wanted to visit Sundubu Village (sundubu is super soft tofu) that is around Seoraksan, and after asking around we found the place! The meal we had was delicious, and we also had a great view of Ulsanbawi.

View from Uisangdae Pavilion in Naksansa View from Uisangdae Pavilion in Naksansa View of Naksansa from Habour Pumpkin Tea & Treat in Naksansa

Our next stop was to visit Naksansa, which is one of my favourite places in Sokcho. My friend hadn’t been, so it was fun to show her this place. We hit the pavilion I love, saw a temple, and had tea at the tea house in the compound. I had the pumpkin tea. After walking around there, we returned to our hotel to take a break.

View of Daepo Harbour View of Daepo Harbour

Ramada Sokcho is located next to Daepo Harbour, which is a famous area in Sokcho for people who want to eat seafood. We wandered around there that night, and my friend wanted to eat some raw seafood. We picked out a restaurant and she picked her fish, and she had a feast while I just ate the spicy stew with cooked fish. We ended our night like that.


The next day, we returned home. I brought back a whole box of crab for my mum, which made her happy. I was super content with this trip, and I had a fantastic time with my friend. Sokcho is always a wonderful place for me, and I cannot wait to return there the next time I need some relaxation! Hope you all enjoyed this post. I’ll be off to Tokyo over Thanksgiving break, and I’ll definitely share that adventure when I return!


  1. My god, your photos are amazing. Sokcho looks so beautiful! Sounds like you had a wonderful, relaxing time – something I’m sure you’ve needed. Would definitely love to visit Sokcho, one day :D

  2. It’s great that you got to take a trip out to Sokcho, especially with summer being hectic and all. The view looks gorgeous – big plus when you get to see a ton of greenery around. The deep fried shrimp looks delicious! Your friend got the room for a great deal. I love that you always find great views and EAT WELL. Glad you enjoyed the little trip!

  3. Sounds like a nice and much needed weekend getaway. :) The photos are beautiful, I like the walkway along the shore and the mountains. The food looks nice too. I can’t say I know what most of it is, but it definitely looks good :D

  4. Oh my, Sokcho looks amazing! I’ve never even heard of this place before but the lovely views and the delicious food make me want to visit! <3

  5. Oh man, the views are STUNNING. So cool you can take weekend trips to gorgeous places like this! I guess you were in Tokyo over Thanksgiving too. I am always so jealous of your food photos on Twitter from your trips!! XD

  6. Wow, these photos are beautiful! What a pretty place. It’s amazing how different but yet so similar two places on two opposite sides of the world can be! I love the ocean and have only seen the Atlantic Ocean I would love to see more of the world and travel to Asia.

  7. I am happy to hear that you had a good time. The pictures look, and that water looks so calming. There is something so relaxing about being near water. I only just got back from a mini trip, and you are already making me itch to have another adventure haha.

    I hope you had a great time in Tokyo!

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