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Welp, after an unplanned hiatus that went on far longer than it should have, I have — more or less — returned to blogging! So much has happened to me in the past . . . *counts on fingers* five months. My work commute had finally caught up with me (it’s amazing how exhausting bus rides can be), and then work had just exploded in my face starting in June, so my mental and physical energy had been depleted. Oh, then a massive heatwave known as “hot hell” came to Korea in mid-July to August and that just made me not want to go on my computer at home. Amidst all that, I focussed on having a social life with so many different people and event . . . and then another big change threw my life into chaos . . . but for the better in the long run. Instead of rambling on in cryptic tones about the past five months, let me give you all the condensed version of my disappearance.


My friend and I went to The Phantom of the Opera concert. It wasn’t a full musical, but there were still people singing on stage and acting out the story. It was actually really good!

I reunited with Shayne and we met up twice! Once was to hang out in Itaewon and the other was to visit Asan. We had a blast, and I am so glad to have seen her again.


Work hell entered my life. Our summer programme started and the clerk at the other centre resigned, so my workload had tripled at the end of the month because I had to take over her duties as well.


Work hell worsened because another programme started in my centre, on top of the previous events from last month. I was utterly swamped, but then . . .

. . . Entered the heatwave hell. Korea’s monsoon season was shorter than usual, so that horrible heat that we have towards the end of July to end of August started two weeks earlier. Needless to say, I was absolutely miserable from multiple fronts.

Thankfully, at the end of the month, I reunited with my friend C.! I got to visit Suwon Station area for the first time and stayed at a decent motel.


I stayed at a hotel near my work twice — once with a friend, and once by myself. I enjoyed blasting my AC during the heatwave.

Work was the same. Combined with my commute and the heat, I was utterly exhausted.


With the heatwave finally ending, I made a return trip to Sokcho for the third time. This time, I travelled there with a friend, and we went during Labour Day weekend to see the sea and the mountain. I had a lot of good food on this trip, and my friend and I enjoyed the scenery there.

Next, there was a huge all-class high school reunion in Seoul. I attended the icebreaker event, the hail banquet, and the farewell banquet. It was a reunion full of alumni from the 70s, 80s, and 90s. I’m a 00s alumni, and we were the smallest group there, and we were known as the “babies”, haha! It was wonderful to attend this gathering and to see several people I know. It was impressive considering how 98% of the alumni who attended came from the US.

I attended my third Final Fantasy Distant Worlds Concert with a friend! After eight years, they returned to Seoul. Nothing beats a live orchestra and choir concert!

And the big change that threw my life into chaos? My parents bought a flat in Songtan, and we moved there in mid-September. After living in Seoul for thirty-one years, it was bittersweet to leave the city of my heart and soul. The move went a lot better than the move from last year, and our new place is a lot bigger and better. I like the fact that it’s close to my work, but Songtan itself is . . . a piece of work. Suffice to say, Seoul will always be better than Songtan!


And we are in October. I attended another concert in Seoul with two friends, and it was the Kingdom Hearts World Tour Orchestra Concert! Two video game concerts in one year — don’t know how that happened, but this made me a happy Tara! This concert was amazing, and Shimomura Yoko was present and performed in the finale!

To conclude, I finally feel settled in our new flat, and I feel like my equilibrium has stabilised. No more waking up early to commute to work and return home late because of said commute. I can easily walk home in about 30 minutes, so that also allows me to get my exercise. Songtan is not winning any points for me, but I am far happier than I was in the past two years. And with me being happy, it’s time to return to the blogging world. I’ve missed you all, and I cannot wait to read what you all have been up to! <3


  1. Welcome back! What an eventful few months! The heat wave here has been pretty bad too. My electricity bill has been $$$ for months because of the 24/7 AC 😭😭😭 It seems like it’s finally getting cooler, so fingers crossed…

    Glad you got through your chaos months and now can walk to work! That’s freaking awesome. 1 hour walk to get to and from work every day is such good exercise and also such a great use of the time!! I have no idea where your new city is, but I hope it’s close enough to Seoul to still enjoy the city!! I often feel like NYC is a lot more exciting to be in and enjoy when you DON’T live in NYC and don’t have to deal with the daily annoyances of living in a huge and crowded city 😂

  2. Poo. I am sorry to hear that many things were going on that made it difficult. I am glad that things are looking better now and I hope they will continue to improve. Even if you had to leave your beloved Seoul, being closer to work would be so great. I had a bit of a hiatus from blogging as well, and I have missed reading about everyone’s lives and seeing what is happening.

  3. I’m so glad you’ve been able to settle into Songtan, I’m sure it was nowhere near as bad as your heatwave but the UK had a massive heatwave too this summer, and doing my dissertation was absolutely awful on my ancient Mac. I hope you continue to have happy vibes!

  4. Yay Tara! I’ve missed your blog so much! And wow time flies by so fast! I’ve heard about the heat wave in S. Korea. Didn’t sound pleasant! But I’m glad it’s over now!

    Excited to hear about Songtan and it’s good that it’s a lot closer to your work!

  5. Welcome back from your extended break! Wow, has it been half a year already? Sometimes, life gets a bit crazy and it’s fine to take a little break. Work sounds crazy! At least you’re not as busy anymore with the commute being cut.

    The high school reunion sounds like a blast! I like that you were considered a baby there. Even though you’re not in Seoul anymore, at least you live in a bigger place. Sometimes, we need some big change in life to get things rolling. Glad you’re happier now!

  6. Welcome back from your blogging break! The past few months sound crazy, but hey, you made it through and that’s what matters! High-five for that!

    The heatwave sounds terrible though. I hate the heat so much, and I always attempt to escape it whenever I can. No wonder you felt so exhausted, combined with the increased workload you got!

    It’s nice to hear that you’ve settled into your new home. It can be very difficult to leave your home, but it’s awesome that you no longer have to wake up early just to commute to work :) Best wishes to you and I hope you make nice memories in your new place!

  7. Welcome back, sis!

    The Phantom of the Opera is one of my favourite musicals. I remember seeing it when I was younger and become obsessed. The soundtrack will always be my favourite go to. It’s s good you got to meet up with Shayne again, I’d love to meet her one day!

    Sorry to hear that work wasn’t great! I totally relate with you on that level. I had a breakdown at my work one day and it was a slap in the face that I need to get out of there ASAP!

    The heatwave over here wasn’t great, either. It made my eczema so made because it doesn’t mix well with heat – I’m glad that we’re now in the cooler months.

    Glad to hear that you’re now settles into your new flat! I know it hasn’t been easy but at least it’s closer to work and you don’t have to work up early anymore!

  8. I’m glad you’re back. :) I haven’t been on a break, but I’ve been avoiding my blog more and more lately. I need to stop being lazy.

    I sympathize with you on the heatwave. I live in Florida. Every day I feel like I’m melting. And it’s November. :p


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