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I’m alive, everyone, haha! I’ve just been busy with work. I’ve had to play catch-up after my spring holidays, and just as I was about to be caught up, I was told to go support a different programme for three weeks . . . so that has been crazy on my end. Amidst work, I’ve been keeping myself busy with my hobbies (video games and fanfics) and keeping up with my social life. Blogging has clearly taken a back seat, but I’m fine with it. I will blog when I want to, and I am here to write a new Recent Realities post. The last time I wrote for this column was back in September, so I’ve actually had a lot of happenings since, but I’ve chosen the best highlights in for this overdue post. Warning — there’s a lot of good food in this post!

Enjoyable Eats

Ethiopian Cuisine

Sometime last autumn, I was introduced to Ethiopian food for the first time. I fell in love with the vegetarian platter of injera and curried veggies. I never knew injera could be this good! I am so glad one of my friends found a place to try Ethiopian food nearby. Injera (think of it as a spongy, moist, flattened sourdough) is bloody awesome! This is only served in Club Zion on the weekend in Itaewon.

Vegan Cuisine

Plant is a vegan bakery and cafe that opened up several years ago in Itaewon. Recently, they opened up a larger place, and it has become one of my regular restaurants. I’m a big fan of their lentil veggie burrito bowl!

Hawaiian BBQ

Cali Kitchen, one of my favourite gastropubs in Gyeongridan, did a Hawaiian BBQ event a couple of months ago, and I decided to try their platter out! I enjoyed their barbecued beef and their ramen coleslaw! Their spam musubi also made me happy.

Dim Sum

My friend who introduced me to Ethiopian food also introduced me to dim sum at Western China in Hannam-dong! I made a return visit with another friend, and we had a great feast. I’m a big fan of this place’s spicy shrimp dumplings and their lotus leaf-wrapped chicken and glutinous rice.

Indian Buffet

After years or not visiting an Indian buffet, I went to one at a restaurant I’ve never been, and it was delicious! Chakraa in Hannam-dong has been around for years, but it took me forever to give them a try. I’m now a big fan of their butter chicken and paneer (great sauces!), and this buffet came with unlimited naan. Indian food is definitely a favourite of mine! I need to return to this buffet.

Curious Creations

Home-made Pickles

A couple of months ago, I decided to try my hands at pickle-making. I discovered it was really easy and all you need to do is chop the cucumbers, boil equal parts of water and vinegar, and pour the vinegar mixture over the cucumbers in a jar with whatever seasonings you prefer. For me, I just kept it simple and used garlic. It turned out quite well. It’s less salty than the commercial brands, and it makes for a good side dish or snack. I will do more pickling in the future, for sure!

Curried Udon & Bulgogi

My mum saw this Korean show of Korean celebrities cooking up meals in their homes, and one of them made this unusual concoction of bulgogi with curried udon. Mum was so intrigued by it that she tried making it. It was an interesting combination, but I think I’d rather have them separated! I do like curried udon now!

Terrific Toys

PS Vita & Memory Card

Last year, I bought a Kindle Voyage for a good price. This year, I bought a new second generation PlayStation Vita with a 64gb memory card for $8.43 — a $290.54 savings. I applied my gift card balance and some of my reward points to get this gadget at this price. I already have the first generation Vita, but I wanted another one as a back-up!

Soohorang the Tiger

I didn’t make it to the Winter Olympics, but a friend did, and I asked her to bring me back a Soohorang! :D This white tiger plushie is too cute!

TC & Grumpy

Finally, here’s a super rare selfie of Grumpy Bear and me! Grumpy Bear and Soohorang are getting along fabulously :3 As for me, I was carded in Guam (again) and was mistaken to be a high school student . . . and this selfie showed me why, haha! Guess it’s a good thing I am mistaken to be under 21 when I’m over 30!


  1. I’ve never had Ethiopian food! Maybe I should give it a shot one day.

    Although I’m not vegan I appreciate vegan food a lot. I would really enjoy Plant! The lentil bowl looks really tasty, and I love lentils. I used to just eat them with a bit of salt and pepper bevause I liked the taste that much. 😆 And I usually don’t mind vegetables with minimal sauce and seasoning.

    When I still lived with my parents, my mum made her own pickles all the time. It was usually mostly vinegar and salt, and she would cut cucumbers into much smaller, thin, pieces, shaped like the letter C. A bit like the shape of celery. My mum would remove the seeds from the middle. Oh I loved them so much!! I love pickles. I know a lot of people who hate them though 😆 I prefer the homemade fresh taste compared to the ones you buy in supermarkets.

    I’m actually not that big on Indian food but some cuties and curried foods are nice. That curried udon and bulgogi sounds like a flavour blast! I can see why you’d prefer them separate though, haha.

    I usually still get carded everywhere I go, the drinking age is 18 in Australia. But when I went to Melbourne, Australia, they didn’t bat an eyelid. Nick said it’s because Sydney is so much more strict than Melbourne. I’m still used to people thinking I’m in my early twenties, but when I was a bit younger they’d think I was still a teenager haha! Ah well, as they say, you’ll be thankful for your youthful appearance when you’re older! You look very young in your photo and I do love the selfie hehe.

  2. I rubbed my hands in glee when I saw you tweet about this post and mentioned there was lots of food included 😬 I’m only getting round to reading the post now, though!

    Blogging has definitely been put a back burner for me as well. Sometimes real life just overtakes and that’s okay, you know?

    I’ve never tried Ethiopian food but that platter sure looks tasty. I love how colourful it looks as well. I thought the injera was a plate at first! That is so cool. SPAM MUSUBI IS MY FAVOURITE. Also, what an interesting concept – ramen coleslaw? Oooooh. That whole plate from Cali Kitchen has my belly rumbling. Hmmm, could definitely do with some dim sum right now. My friend at work hasn’t tried dim sum, so that’s an excuse for me to go tbh 😬 I’m not a big fan of Indian food, but I love all the different flavours and spices they have. They have some very tasty dishes, I must admit.

    The guy I’m currently seeing loves to pickle the shit out of everything 😆

    I saw the bulgogi and curried udon you posted on FB and does look really tasty. I will definitely need to try this out someday!

    Damn, girl! You seriously know how to get them good deals. I can’t believe that you got a PS Vita for $8.43. That is AMAZING.

    The selfie of you and Grumpy Bear is cuteeeee 💕

  3. It’s great that you had other things occupying your time. Never need to justify other priorities. I’ve never had Ethiopian food before but it looks tasty! Glad you were introduced to something new and glad you enjoyed it. The Hawaiian BBQ looks delish! I know I’d appreciate that XD.

    Boyfriend and I love eating dim sum! I like how we can eat a bit of everything and not get tired of the choices. I really like their glutinous rice.

    It’s great that it is easy to make pickles. It would make sense that it is less salty because it’s not packed with preservatives. Oh wow, look at the deals you got with the PS! It’s good to look young :)!

  4. I never imagined that Ethiopian food would have been a cuisine available in SoKor! Also, I’ve been meaning to try Plant but never really got the chance to visit Itaewon while I was there. I’ll make it a priority next time. :) the bulgogi and curried udon together sounds weird and I can’t imagine how it tastes like lol

  5. Sounds like you’ve been very busy lately! And yum, this post reminds me that I haven’t had Ethiopian food in such a long time. I really do like how they serve it on top of the injera. I’m glad you’ve found other tasty restaurants too! That Hawaiian BBQ platter looks so good and just makes me want some now. I’m also glad you were able to try dim sum! It’s something I’ve grown up with, so it’s very much a comfort food for me. I especially love the dumplings, steamed buns, and turnip cake :)

    I think it’s funny how you don’t realize how easy something can be until you try it. Like, I made jam recently and just never realized how fast and easy it is to make. It wasn’t until we started using Blue Apron that we realized how easy pickling is because the recipes often made us pickle vegetables like radishes and onions. That’s nice that you can make your own pickles now and seasoning it to your liking!

    Wow, getting a Vita down to $8.43 is a good deal! The Olympics plushie is cute too! haha, that’s awesome that you were mistaken for a high school student recently. Every time I’m mistaken for a college student or get carded, it makes me feel a lot better about my looks!


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