Aigoo Adventures: Guam 2018

Aigoo Adventures

I have went on another adventure! I made a return trip to Guam because I wanted to see my bestie again and to see if the rain would leave me alone this time. End verdict: it was a great trip. I had a wonderful time in Guam, and my only regret was leaving my best friend. This trip gave me the relaxation I had sought for. It was nice escaping work and Korea for a bit. This is was a muchly needed vacation!

Day 1

Room at Westin Guam View from Hotel Room View from Hotel Room View from Hotel Room

I flew with Jeju Air again because they allow two check-in luggages. My flight was filled with many Korean families, and I didn’t enjoy the cramped seats. I can’t even imagine how people survive flights anything longer than 4.5 hours . . . but anyway! I reached Guam with no issues and no rain! Bestie met me at the airport, and we went to Westin Resort Guam for me to check in. I loved my room and I had a great view of the ocean — much better than my previous room!

Yakisoba at Fuji Ichiban

My first meal at Guam was at Fuji Ichiban. I had their yakisoba, a favourite of mine since 2004! It was delicious as usual. Afterwards, we walked around Tumon strip — the main tourist area — and then we chilled in my room because Bestie and I love the Heavenly Bed at Westin.

Day 2

View from Hotel Room View of Westin's Beach

I woke up the next morning to see this beautiful tropical view! It rained later for five minutes, but that was it. I was quite mesmerised by the blue sky and ocean. And palm trees. Those really made me feel like I was on a tropical paradise. And the heat and humidity. Thank goodness for air con!

Garnet the Kia Forte

With me finally obtaining a new driver’s licence, I decided to rent a car for the next three days! I went with a local car rental company — Blake’s Car Rental — and I was super happy with their service. They gave me a Kia Forte, and I named it “Garnet”.

Sumay Cove Marina

Bestie drove us to the Naval Base on Guam, and we had lunch at Popeyes because Bestie loves it and there aren’t any outside the base. Then we did a major shopping spree in the Exchange. Here, I bought an inverted umbrella because I’d not seen one in Korea yet. After, I drove for the first time on Guam. I drove around the base and came upon Sumay Cove Marina. Then I drove off-base and went back towards Tumon.

Shrimp Tacos at Carmen's Cha Cha Cha Vegetarian Mango Wrap at Carmen's Cha Cha Cha Tres Leches at Carmen's Cha Cha Cha Choco Flan at Carmen's Cha Cha Cha

We had dinner at Carmen’s Cha Cha Cha, a restaurant I’d visited before. This time I met the owner’s partner, who is the sister of a former colleague. We had the shrimp tacos (it came with the best rice, ever!!!), vegetarian mango wrap, tres leches, and choco flan. The desserts were given to us on the house. Everything was super delicious! This is definitely one of my favourite Mexican restaurants. We ended our evening in my hotel room, relaxing and drinking wine.

Day 3

Japanese Breakfast Room Service American Breakfast Room Service

This was to be a day of indulgences. We started off with room service breakfast. Bestie had the American breakfast, and I had the Japanese one. We were super impressed by the presentation. Also, I was expecting the food to come on trays, but it came on a table with wheels. That made me for a nice touch!

We went to a coffee shop later and then we had our spa day! We went with a full package consisting of:

* Deep-cleansing facial
* Lip waxing or eyebrow waxing or facial cupping
* Rosemary oil scalp massage
* Sugar scrub arm and hand massage
* Application of eye cream, moisturiser, and SPF lotion
* 60-minute Swedish massage
* Back, leg, and foot scrub

I enjoyed it, but I learned my back is super ticklish! I’ll stick to getting massages that are not on my back . . .

Japanese Dinner at Isshin

We ended our evening with dinner at Isshin, a Japanese restaurant in Westin. Bestie ordered the seafood combo teppanyaki, and I had the tempura set. I also tried sake for the first time. The food was subpar, but we enjoyed the ambience, service, and presentation.

Day 4

Marinated Tofu Banh Mi and Chamorro Fried Rice at Pika's Cafe

After our subpar meal from the night before, we made up for it at Pika’s Cafe, a very popular and beloved local restaurant that is also #1 on Tripadvisor. There we had the marinated tofu banh mi and Chamorro sausage fried rice. We both loved the food!

Afterwards, we went to the airport for me to do my Global Entry interview. I was so lucky that the conditional approval on my application came through for me to be interviewed on my trip! The interviewer was super nice, and it was a piece of cake.

Macy's Stash

We went to Macy’s and I shopped my heart out. I bought a new Kate Spade watch on sale for $98 and a wallet from Radley London. Bestie gifted me a matching passport cover to go with my wallet. I also bought a bath robe here, haha!

Sunset at Westin

I watched a gorgeous sunset from my room, the last one I watched on my trip.

Budae Jjigae at Chung Gi Wa Banchan at Chung Gi Wa

For dinner, we went to Chung Gi Wa, a Korean restaurant to try their budae jjigae! It was okay — the jjigae had a weird taste — but it was edible. I can now see what Bestie means about Korean food not tasting the same on Guam.

Souvenir Stash Packing Accomplished

We then went souvenir shopping. This is what I ended up getting — which includes mostly gifts for other people — and I was worried I wouldn’t be able to fit them in my big luggage. But I made it work!

Day 5

Room Service Breakfast Westin Lifestyle Breakfast Room Service American Breakfast Room Service

Because I was so impressed with room service, I decided to do it one last time. This time I had the American breakfast and Bestie had the Westin Lifestyle Breakfast. We made a return trip to Macy’s for me to buy a Radley London bag. I chose the Liverpool Street bag.

View from TuRe Cafe View from TuRe Cafe

We drove around and then stopped by TuRe Cafe, perhaps my favourite cafe in Guam because they have decent drinks, food, and view — they are right by the beach, so the views are amazing.

Grumpy Bear

We had a buffet dinner at World Cafe in Fiesta Resort (their grilled vegetable station was awesome), and we killed time at Kmart. There, I found my favourite souvenir — a Grumpy Bear plushie! I grew up with Care Bears, and Grumpy Bear is my favourite, so I had to bring him home with me!

We spent the last few hours at Westin for me to pack up Grumpy Bear and couple other items. We had some tea and snacks at ABC Stores, and then I was off to the airport. I waited in the airport with no Wi-Fi and struggled to stay awake for my 0305 flight. I made it home without any major issues. But now I miss my bestie and some of the food we had! I hope to return to Guam again soon!


  1. Guam looks gorgeous! Glad you got to take another trip there and didn’t have to deal with the weather like last time! You didn’t even mess around and already jumped to the rental XD. Popeyes is so good! The food that you had there looks delicious! The bento got me hungry!

    That spa package sounds so relaxing! I like how classy your watch looks! The dogs on the wallet and passport are cute! You don’t mess around with the snacks either! Glad you got to pack a bunch to go home with! Glad you enjoyed your time there!

  2. That view from your hotel room is beautiful! Such lovely ocean and tropical views! That’s also great that the weather was much better this time around.

    Yum, Carmen’s Cha Cha Cha looks delicious, and that room service breakfast really is indulgent, haha. I’m amazed at how much food they give you. That sounds so relaxing to have a spa day. I’ve never done one before, and I’ve actually wondered if it’d trigger my ticklishness!

    Oh, that’s nice that you have Global Entry now. I had it done before my last Japan trip, and it was so handy to have! The Kate Space wallet and passport cover you got are so cute!

    Wahhh, that’s so many souvenirs. I’m amazed you were able to fit them all in your luggage. That’s some expert packing right there, haha. The Grumpy Bear plushie you got is cute too!

    I’m glad you had a good trip! It sounds like it was really fun and relaxing!

  3. I was sooo FOMOing about your scenery pics when you were posting them on Twitter (especially because it was freaking SNOWING in NYC), but omg alll the fooodddddd :O So much Japanese food in Guam, for a few minutes I thought they were Hawaii photos. XD
    Love your shopping spree and the spa package… Must’ve been so rejuvenating!! :D

  4. Wow Guam looks so beautiful! The food looks so good especially the breakfast. I love a huge heart breakfast and would have brunch rather then breakfast and lunch everyday of the week if I could! I so badly want to travel somewhere and stay in a hotel it seems like forever since i last did even though its only been a few years. Grumpy was always my favorite care bear too growing up :)

  5. OMG. SO MUCH GOOD-LOOKING FOOD. I’m glad your trip to Guam was enjoyable, Tara, and that you were able to spend some quality time with your bestie :) And wow, the view from your hotel looks absolutely gorgeous – glad it was better this time around than the other time. The yakisoba is really calling my name – definitely going to have to buy some of the microwavable ones tomorrow for my craving… darn you :P

  6. Really enjoyed reading your post cause I’ve never heard of Guam before! A flight there would be a long one for me coming from Spain! I still don’t know how I’ve manage to survive all these long flights in my life – it´s always such a problem to sleep! Food and Spa looks amazing! My back is also super ticklish, even when someone simply blows lol so I know what you mean…

  7. Oh man, Guam looks gorgeous and I absolutely love the view from your room <3 All the food looks so delicious too! It’s funny that you mentioned how Korean food tastes different in Guam, because I have the exact complaint about Filipino food in Taiwan. It’s *okay* and it’s edible, but something just seems off. Haha I guess it’s really like that when we’re used to the authentic thing!

  8. All these pictures of the beach are making me jealous, Cat had the same kind of thing. haha! It looks lovely! The food looks really yummy too. Thank goodness it didn’t rain a lot on you this time.

  9. Wow, it looks like you had a lovely trip! The views are beautiful and the food looks really good – especially the room service, both the American and Japanese breakfasts. 🤤 I can see why you did it again! The serving sizes look huge.

    I hope you enjoyed driving, I’m sure it was a new experience. 🙂 The car is cute – I have a red car myself, and I think red cars always look good! “Garnet” is a fitting name.

    I like the look of the Mexican food – it looks really fresh. Unlike a lot of Mexican food I’ve seen, it also looks like it’s less greasy and more healthy.

    The passport and matching wallet are cute. It was nice of your bestie to gift you the passport holder. 😄

    Also, I feel like most of the flights I have been on have been more than 4.5 hours 😂 In my opinion, anything more than about 5 hours gets boring and I always feel like sleeping or being “lazy” and watching a movie. Anything less than 5 hours feels like “not enough time” to properly watch a movie (especially if you get food service on the plane) or do anything, whereas with 5 hours I almost actually feel like getting my laptop out and being productive, or doing various things like reading a book or writing.

  10. I did not expect to get hungry reading about your Guam adventure! That’s a LOT of souvenirs to bring home, too! :)

  11. Guam always looks so amazing – you really make the most of your time there! Day 3 sounds like a wonderful day of pampering! The food looks delicious – those breakfasts are incredible, that’s some impressive room service!

    I’m glad you got a well earned trip away, and you had such a good time, and you came away with so many treats! Grumpy bear is so cute, and the Kate Spade watch is stunning!
    When will you hear back from your interview?

  12. What a beautiful view! And that spa package sounds divine. You sure know how to treat yourself to a relaxing vacation! That beach is just so stunning. I can imagine sitting there with a book underneath a tree.

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