Olympic Observations

Olympic Observations (Original image from Unsplash.com)

February is almost over. I spent a good chunk of this month concentrating on three things: video games (specifically Bravely Default and Bravely Second), practising and testing for my driver’s license (that alone is quite a tale), and the PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympic Games. I’ve been sucked hard with this Winter Olympic — most likely due to it being held in South Korea. I had zero motivation to attend the actual events, but I was determined to watch certain events on my computer or my mum’s TV. Read on to read my commentary on this Olympic!

Opening Ceremony

– I made sure to make time to watch the opening ceremony, but I still think the London 2012 Olympics opening ceremony was the best.
– I was quite pleased to see the Korean drummers beating out on the janggus!
– I also grinned when I saw the four symbolic animals that are featured in Chinese, Japanese, and Korean mythology.
– That creepy birdman is something I will always see in my nightmare.
– I groaned out loud when they played “Gangnam Style” during the Parade of Nations.
– I give major kudos to Pita Taufatofua, the Tongan man who marched in the opening ceremony (and appeared at the closing ceremony) without a shirt in the freezing weather.
– Kim Yu-na was the perfect person to be the final torch bearer!

Triple “S” Sports

– I am not big on snowboarding, skeleton, or speed skating, but I followed some of it.
– Chloe Kim was a phenomenom in snowboarding, and I felt a huge amount of Korean-American pride at seeing her performance.
– Yun Sung-bin winning the gold in skeleton and being dubbed as Iron Man is quite brilliant, haha!
– I learned that speed skating is full of drama!
– Choi Min-jeong losing her speed skating gold over the penalty really sucked, but she made up for it in the 1500m race. I even noticed her skating around the others to avoid getting another penalty.
– Holy hell, that ladies relay race was a hot mess! I was happy to see the Koreans winning it, but the penalisations China and Canada received was a mess.
– Let’s not forget that crazy “bullying” scandal amongst the Korean women speed skaters — that’s another hot mess.
– The Korean men losing their place on the podium due to a fall in the team pursuit, and then the two Korean girls falling in the finals for speed skating race? That’s gotta hurt, especially on home turf!

Figure Skating

– I’m a big fan of figure skating, so I have a lot to say about this sport!
– Mirai Nagasu landed the triple axel, the first for any American women in the Olympics!
– Aliona Savchenko and Bruno Massot winning the gold was divine justice since this was Savchenko’s fifth Olympics.
– Michael Christian Martinez made it to the Olympic! He only found out he’d go near the end of January, but I was really happy to see him make another appearance.
– Denis Ten’s performance surprised me, but I was still happy to see him there.
– Misha Ge is always a joy to watch. I can’t wait to see more of his choreograph with future skaters.
– Adam Rippon is an awesome glamazaon, and his performances were exquisite.
– Vincent Zhou landed the first quad lutz in the Olympics — that boy has a lot of potential. I look forward to seeing more of him!
– Nathan Chen did a huge rebound in his free skate (with six attempted quads, landing five of them!), and he did the same thing Asada Mao did in 2014 Winter Olympics by going from 17th to 5th place.
– Patrick Chan’s final Olympic appearance was quite bittersweet. I credit him for really making me love the sport back in 2009, so he will be missed!
– Jin Boyang finished fourth, and he put on a good show. I can’t wait to see him on the podium in Beijing.
– Javier Fernandez finally won a medal for Spain in his third Olympic appearance!
– Hanyu Yuzuru — my favourite skater — won a second consecutive gold medal after his amazing short programme and his powerful free skate! He became the first back-to-back gold medalist in this sport since 1952! I was rooting for him all the way.
– Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir are really great at ice dancing. The chemistry between the two are wonderful.
– I was rooting for Evgenia Medvedeva, Carolina Kostner, and Mirai Nagasu, but only Evegenia made it onto the podium. I do wished she’d had won the gold, though!
– Miyahara Satoko has become a new favourite of mine. Her skating is so elegant!
– Javier Fernandez, Misha Ge, Miyahara Satoko, and Hanyu Yuzuru’s exhibition gala skate were awesome. It was such a good way to end the figure skating event.


And that’s my Olympic adventure. The last two weeks have been a whirlwind for me, so I’ll be happy to have my life back, haha! Now to focus on my final driving test!


  1. Ahhhh admittedly I haven’t watched the Olympics because I’ve been so busy, but I have followed it on the news! I love how there are more Asian American women to represent the US now!

    I really love figure skating too, and remember when Kim Yuna got the gold, which seems like so long! Did you watch the sibling duo skaters this time? I forgot their names but they are Japanese American.

    It sounded kind of dangerous for Pita Taufatofua to be out there shirtless. He definitely deserves a medal! They can’t really have the Olympics anywhere warmer tho right? I think the Vancouver year there were puddles of melted snow, which is also dangerous.

  2. I imagine it must’ve been a lot going on, hosting the Olympics is a huge deal for a country! :D Sadly I missed both the opening and the closing ceremony, but I heard it was great overall!

    I haven’t been following the competitions that closely, mostly I’ve watched the recaps on tv every evening to get the highlights. The only sports I’ve payed attention to are ice-hockey and skiing, especially cross-country. Sweden did very well in skiing, so I’m happy :)

  3. You’ve been hustling with practicing your driving lately! It takes a while but hopefully worth the practices!

    Even though you didn’t attend the events, at least you gave support with watching the competitions! I swear, Gangnam Style is kind of overkill with everyone playing it @___@. It’s pretty cool that there’s snow everywhere and athletes are killing it! I don’t really keep up with the Olympics but sounds like a lot of great things happened! Those athletes are SO TALENTED!!! I tried ice skating and snowboarding once each and it’s so hard! Glad you enjoyed watching the Winter Olympics :)

  4. I really got into the Olympics too! I tried to watch all of the snowboarding and skiing trick ones, speed skating, and figure skating. I also watched a bit of the slide ones. Luge and skeleton are so crazy! I was so impressed with Chloe Kim too. She really set the bar high for snowboarding half pipe.

    I was really happy to see Nathan Chen rebound on his free skate. I was getting really annoyed at all the people who kept commenting on his disappointing skates. It’s a lot of pressure, you know?? And Yuzuru’s programs are so smooth and beautiful! I was sad about Evegenia not getting gold too. I was really rooting for her, and I know she wanted it so bad. On the ice dancing, I was rooting for the ShibSibs. I think they are adorable and have potential XD

    I feel kind of weird not having Olympics to watch anymore, but it does mean I can be productive again, haha.

  5. It can be a lot of fun to get involved in certain events, especially those that affect everyone all over the world. Plus, some of the athletes do amazing things, that make you go ‘wow’, especially the figure skating.

    Good luck with your driving! Some questions that are in driving tests are so weird. -_-

  6. Good luck with your driving, Tara! Hope everything goes well. Sending you positive vibes.

    And wow, you really kept up with the Winter Olympics! I basically just read highlights but it was definitely nice to hear about athletes breaking records. I think the only time I ever really got into the Olympics was the 2008 Summer Olympics when Michael Phelps won a crap ton of gold medals! Good times :’)

  7. I’ve been so exhausted these last few months because I’ve been OBSESSED with the Olympics. I’ve been staying up so late to watch them that I’ve been so tired at work! I’m not even normally that into sports, but I LOVE the Olympics. Figure Skating is definitely my favorite, and even though the USA didn’t do quite as well as I’d hoped, I was still so happy for all the athletes. What they can do on the ice is absolutely breathtaking. I squealed when Mirai Nagasu landed the triple axel!

  8. This was the first year I’ve ever really followed the Olympics but i got completely sucked in. I still don’t understand Curling but I swear I watched every game. I am now a little obsessed with both Skeleton and Luge and want to have a go because it looks so much fun!

  9. Initially I didn’t think I would get caught up with the Winter Olympics and so I didn’t watch the opening ceremony. But then I got caught up with ice skating and realized I had forgotten how much I enjoy watching ice skating. I was super invested in following the Shibutanis since I watched a few of their YouTube videos a couple of months ago.

    Hanyu Yuzuru gave such a legendary performance. I had turned on the TV at the beginning of his short form and thought it was he was the last person for that event, but then realized Nathan Chen and a bunch of other people had to skate after him. I totally felt that same anxious and nervous feeling for Nathan too. And having done competition in high school, I totally empathize with what he must have been feeling as he kept falling over jumps that we all know he can do. It’s like aahhh I’ve been there, done that.

    And watching Alina Zagitova and Evgenia Medvedeva go against each other for gold was so exciting because they were both worthy of the gold.

    And what’s up with the bullying scandal? Maybe I’m just overly competitive or don’t know the full story, but I didn’t think it was bullying. Maybe the girl hadn’t been putting in the practice hours or didn’t deserve the spot if she couldn’t keep up? Maybe it wasn’t in good sportsmanship to call her out, but I don’t think it deserve the backlash that it did.

  10. I haven’t seen the recent Olympics because I’ve been living in isolation these past few months… Lol but reading your hghlights post makes me feel quite bad that I didn’t even tune in, sounds like a lot of athletes made huge waves! D:

    Good luck on your driving test! You’re gonna be awesome!

  11. Since I moved house, I have to watch television online because we didn’t set up free-to-air television. So the only times I watched the Olympics was at my in-laws one afternoon! However, I heard about all the highlights and jumped onto the internet to find the video recordings after all that. Chloe Kim was a huge favourite and I loved reading about her and seeing her.

    However, THIS:

    The Korean men losing their place on the podium due to a fall in the team pursuit, and then the two Korean girls falling in the finals for speed skating race?

    It was incredible watching over those events! And Choi Min-jeong as well.

    Traditionally I have always enjoyed watching figure skating though I know some people hate it with a passion. Just not their thing I guess! I enjoy the speed skating and the skiing. Just watching the skiing makes me think of how hard that is on their knees. But watching skiing keeps me on the edge of my seat too haha.

  12. Winter Olympics are my jam! I love looooooooove all of the events. I always get really sad after the winter games end. We had them playing all day at work. I am also a huge Chole Kim fan now, she was so cool to watch!

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