Turning Thirty-Three

Turning Thirty-Three

I am now thirty-three. I don’t feel any different from turning thirty-two. Like last year, I requested my birthday off, which gave me a three-day weekend and a three-day work week! Nothing beats a day off, a long weekend, and a short work week for a birthday, honestly. On top of that, I treated myself to a facial, met up with my old high school teacher, bought myself some wine and chocolates, and ate delicious food. This is self-love to the fullest, and I’m totally living it up, haha! That said, I’ve also thought about what I would like to do and accomplish in my thirty-third year of living after some of my events in 2017. I’ve listed below my major goals.

Financial Goals

– Better understand 401K and TSP.
– Open a Roth IRA.
– Open a new credit card.
– Save $XXX amount of money.
– Donate to my seven charities of choice.

I have both a 401K and a TSP, but I have no idea how it works, so I need to remedy that. Also, I’ve been meaning to open a Roth IRA last year, but I didn’t get around to it, but I will this year. I’m also eyeing a couple of new credit cards, the luxurious ones, so I can utilise the benefits on them. Also, I met my savings goals last year, and I would like to meet it again this year. Same thing with my donation goals!

Lifestyle Goals

– Get a new driver’s license and drive more.
– Learn how to operate a washer and a dryer.
– Eat healthier and exercise more.
– Quit smoking sooner than later.
– Look for MA diploma and replace it if not found.
– Apply for jobs and land a new position.

I’ve decided to up my game with my driving situation and get a new license. I had one, but long story short (and this issue still makes me mad as hell), I wasn’t grandfathered in with the new regulations, so I lost my license. I’m still not happy to get a new one and fork over $$$ for it, but I need to do it. I also need to learn how to do laundry. That’s the only chore I’ve never mastered, so this is the year I will learn. And of course, I have the usual health goals from previous years. My MA diploma one, though, that’s new. I couldn’t find it when I moved last year, so I need to look carefully one more time and order a replacement one if needed. Finally, I’ll keep up with my job applications and hope for a better job of my liking.

Travel Goals

– Travel to two new places in Korea.
– Travel to Guam to see bestie.
– Travel to Japan once choosing from Matsue, Sapporo, Sendai, or Yokohama.

I’ve travelled a lot last year, with many of my trips being spontaneous. This year, I’ll cut back on travel, but I’ll still visit a couple of places to satisfy my wanderlust. I’d like to also see more of Korea while I’m living here, so here’s to more domestic travelling!

Hobbies Goals

– Read fifteen new books and mangas.
– Play three new games.
– Watch five new films or anime series.
– Practise piano more.
– Learn more Japanese.

Lastly, my hobbies are set at a reasonable number. I’ve a tendency to re-read/re-play/re-watch things, but I also want to consume new things, too. I also have to remember that I have a piano and Japanese learning apps, so I should improve those two hobbies of mine, too! I look forward to seeing what I can do this year.


  1. Chantelle on

    Happy Birthday! :) I hope the day was wonderful and that the rest of the weekend is great too. I hope the year is wonderful and that you meet every single one of your goals as well.

    For your travel goals, I would like to suggest that you visit Yokohama during the summer (not really, but given my plans…). I’ll be studying Japanese too.

  2. Happy 33rd birthday! Sounds like you’ve enjoyed your celebration with the things you love and caught up with your teacher from high school! Good luck with all of your goals for the year! I’m still trying to wrap my head around saving up for retirement as well, so share your secrets! Haha.

    It’s great that you want to improve your health, job, and do more with getting a new driver’s license. I like how a lot of these goals can be paired up or doing something can lead to other results. Sending you all of the warm vibes you need to knock down all of those goals!

    I really respect that you’re trying to go hard with the donations as well! Hope the charities won’t overly loiter you for more $$$ @___@.

  3. Happy (belated) Birthday! That’s a great idea to request your birthday off, and it sounds like you were able to have a very relaxing long weekend :) That’s a nice way to celebrate!

    That’s also a good mix of goals. I have a Roth IRA and 401k, but I’m honestly terrible at figuring out my investments and retirement stuff. I’m hoping to understand those better too! I also hope you’ll be able to find a job that you like and fits what you want. Good luck on the search!

    Aahh, Sapporo is on my wishlist for travels. Sendai and Yokohama are both neat cities though! That’s also good that you set really reasonable numbers for your hobbies. I always go overboard on those, haha.

    Good luck on all of your goals!

  4. Belated many happy returns – and good luck with your goals

  5. Happy Birthday! It sounds like it was so relaxing and you got a chance to pamper yourself.

    I feel like you have a good list of goals for the coming year. It all sounds very fulfilling and productive. I hope you have plenty of luck on the job front and I look forward to more of your travels!

  6. Happy birthday, Tara! These are really great goals you’ve set for yourself and I hope you’re able to achieve them before your next birthday!

    Good luck with saving for retirement and opening up your ROTH IRA. I recently opened up mine last year and I still don’t fully understand how it works… hopefully the company doesn’t steal what little money I have!

  7. Happy belated birthday Tara! Your treat day sounds so relaxing and pleasant.

    For the Roth IRA, it also depends on how good your 401k and TSP plans are and what investment options are available for you. If you have great investment options with your 401k and TSP, you may not need the Roth IRA until you max out your 401k for the year. But it’s hard to tell without looking at the numbers and costs of each plan. I’m only bringing this up because my 401k plans were much better than getting a Roth IRA, even though the simple internet answer was to open a Roth IRA. Ahh good luck.

    And your New Years goals all sound fantastic. Quit smoking sounds like the toughest one on the list, but I’m sure the benefits will be worth it in the long run. Best of luck to you, my friend!

  8. Happy birthday! These are such awesome goals. I don’t know the story behind the driver’s license but it sounds very annoying and bureaucratic.

    Can’t wait to see the pictures from all the places you travel this year. I like that you make goals on your birthday – what a nice “new year” tradition!

  9. I already said it but HAPPY BIRTHDAY~

    I’m glad you had an amazing day. It sounds so relaxing ~ need me a relaxing day like that soon.

    Your goals sounds good – proper adulting but with jus the right amount of goals for your hobbies, as well. I know you’re well on your way to smashing your book goals, anyway ;)Fighting! 😝

    Wishing you all the best for this new year of life, girl! It’s gonna be a good one ❤️

  10. Belated happy birthday, Tara! Your birthday sounds like a lovely treat. Glad you had a great time!

    I don’t know much about Roth IRA and 401Ks even if I do have both, but from what I was told, invest about 10% or close to 10% into 401Ks as early as possible.

  11. Belated happy birthday! Your day off sounds like a dream! It’s nice to take time to yourself, especially away from work!

    I remember sitting with you in that bar in Itaewon where we talked about your driver’s license. Here’s hoping that goes smoothly and you’ll be back on the road! You can do it! Wishing you all the best and hopefully I’ll be back in Korea soon!

  12. Happy birthday Tara! Gosh, long breaks are the best, and taking a break on your birthday is one of the best things you can do for yourself, honestly <3 Sounds like you had a wonderful and relaxing day! You totally deserve it :D

    The goals you have set for yourself are pretty good goals! I know a lot of people who had difficulty quitting smoking, but setting a goal and actually taking the first step to quit are good ways to start! I hope you fulfill all your goals for this year :)

  13. So many wonderful goals. I wish you all the luck with them. The smoking one is going to be hard from what I’ve seen of other people but I really hope you can go it. ♥
    I feel like once you get over 30 birthdays feel the same, haha. orz

  14. I just got back from Seoul and I wish I can live there too! :) Congratulations on achieving your saving goals for last year, I hope you exceed your goals this year too!

  15. Are you also January 19th? If so, we the same! HAHAHA!
    Belated happy 33rd birthday! That’s good you have these planned goals already, on the other hand, I’m kinda struggling XD anyways, good luck on your future endeavors! :)

    Btw– are you accepting for link exchage? :)

  16. Hey Tara! Happy belated birthday! It’s good to catch up on what you’re up to with a list of things you want to accomplish this year! I wish you good luck to land a new position that you’d enjoy working at!

    Doing laundry is actually easier than it looks. I didn’t know how to until I was 23, so no worries! You just gotta press the right buttons and know what each cycle stands for. Some machines may be more complex than others, but you’ll nail it!

    I hope you get to travel more – I love your travel posts because they are so deep – they are always gorgeous place that I haven’t heard of before.

    I hope you have a great year!

  17. I’m really liking these goals, especially the ones related to your hobbies. :) I think it’s important to make little goals related to things we enjoy doing. When we grow in things we enjoy it often feels really rewarding. I would say that your hobbies-related goals would feel more rewarding than the lifestyle goals – which might feel like something you have “got to do”.

    I like your travel goals and that you are planning to see more of Korea. I spend a lot of time and money going overseas, but I know taking a short plane trip elsewhere in Australia is something I should do more of too!

    Also, self-love is friggin amazing. I approve of you taking time out for it. 💖

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