Timeless Thoughts: Memorable Meetups

Timeless Thoughts

I am back safe and sound from Osaka, and I present Timeless Thoughts, a link-up Georgie and I co-host. She and I have decided to make this our final link-up post, after running this for over two years. All good things must come to an end, and we hope you will all join this last link-up. If you would like to participate, you’re more than welcome to join our link-up by submitting your entry with the link-up widget located at the end of this entry. This link-up is opened for two weeks, and your entry can be about anything you find unforgettable from your past or present! It can be an object, an event, a person — anything goes — and you can have more than one thing you miss or find unforgettable.

Memorable Meetups

For my last TT entry, I want to write about my online friend meetups this year. Last year, I blogged about my many meetups. I didn’t think I’d meet any online friends this year, but I did! I met up with three friends, one being a re-meetup of another from years ago, and I had a wonderful time. It was great finally meeting couple of them in person, and they are experiences I will not forget.

Meeting Georgie

Georgie & TC

Georgie and I met when she came to Seoul for her honeymoon! After knowing her for over six years, it really was great seeing her in person, along with Nick! We met and I showed her around my old hood. We had kombucha at Fat Cat, visited Namsan Park, and had dinner at Noxa Oriental. I had a lovely time with them, and I hope to see them again in the future!

Meeting Tokki

Gifts from Tokki

Tokki is a friend I’ve known since 2001 timeframe. We actually met up once around 2003, but we kept in touch online all these years until she finally revisited Seoul. For this meetup, we ventured out to Hongdae and checked out the One Piece Cafe, a Cartoon Network Shop, and a Studio Ghibli shop. We had dinner at Noxa Oriental, and then we wandered around Itaewon a bit before we returned to her hotel. There I spent the night, and the next day we had brunch at Cali Kitchen and explored Insa-dong. It was fun hanging out with her, and we were able to geek out on so many things. The photo above shows her gifts to me!

Meeting Sydney

Sydney & TC

My last meetup was with Sydney! We met up when I travelled to Osaka! We went to Osaka Castle and Umeda area. I had a relaxing time in Osaka Castle with her, and we had quite an adventure in Umeda getting lost in the humongous train station. Eventually we found our way to Ichiran Ramen, and I enjoyed their ramen. Afterwards, we went to Animate Umeda, and we parted at Umeda Station. I’m glad to have met Sydney, and I hope she’ll make her way to Seoul soon *hint hint hint* XD

This concludes my post. Below are the rules, banner, and the widget for you to submit your entry; you will have two weeks to submit! I look forward to seeing all your posts. Georgie and I thank you again for participating in our final link-up!


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  1. I’m not sure if my last comment went through because I lost internet connection (boo), but I basically said that I’m glad you had fun and I loved getting to meet you! It was so nice just sitting and relaxing near Osaka Castle and enjoying the chilly afternoon. :) I didn’t get to do that last time so it was really lovely!

    Also, I’m glad you found things at Animate! I might go back when I’m ready to read some manga in Japanese. :)

  2. This was such a lovely post to read. It’s great that you got to meet up with so many online friends. I met-up with a few people this year, and it’s so nice getting to talk in person. I’d definitely love to do more!

    I’m glad you enjoyed all your meet-ups and I love the gifts you got, especially the pork cutlet bowl sticky notes. That’s the best quote from the entire series! I definitely need to re-watch it all soon!

  3. AHH YOU MET GEORGIE! That’s so awesome!!! I met 3 friends in NYC last year, and Hiro this year when she was in San Francisco. It’s always so nice to meet someone who you only know through their online presence and see how they are in life! :)

  4. Where did the time go??? I thought this linkup has been around for less than two years, aha. Well, you kept it going strong and at giving TT a nice farewell :). It’s always cool to meet online friends in person! Even though you didn’t meet up with as many people this year, three is still better than none!

    Ugh, kombucha is delicious. It’d be my everyday drink if I bothered buying cases of it XD. Glad you got a chance to meet up with Georgie, Tokki, and Sydney this year! The gifts Tokki gave you is perfect with your love for Yuri on Ice :). Ramen sounds delicious any day of the week XD.

  5. So fantastic that you were able to meet friends online! :D It would be exciting meeting blog friends for the first time and reconnecting with older ones. Hopefully, you will be able to meet more in 2018! :D

  6. I think that’s great that you’re still able to meet up with bloggers, especially ones that you’ve known for so long! That’s exciting that you met up with Georgie and Sydney, and I love the gifts that Tokki gave you. Aahh, I want YOI socks too!

    That’s sad to hear that Timeless Thoughts is coming to end. It’s been a good run! Good job on running a link-up for so long!

  7. Those socks are so cute!! Hope you and your friends had a great time :)

  8. Welcome back from your trip Tara! 🤗

    Eeek, it’s awesome that you got to meet so many blogger friends!

    Ahh, I remember being super excited when I saw that photo of you and Georgie! It’s so lovely to see that you had an awesome time with her and Nick! I hope that I can meet both of you some day in the future 💖

    THOSE SOCKS ARE ADORABLE. It’s awesome that you got to meet up with Tokki after knowing her for so long! 2001 omg! 😱

    Have an awesome week T!

  9. Hope you had a fun time in Osaka! Aw, Timeless Thoughts is ending but I hear you about all good things must come to an end <3

    I love meeting online friends and hopefully soon, soon I will be added to your list of people you've met!

  10. Welcome back from you trip, Tara! I can’t wait to hear about it here in your blog soon :)

    Meeting up with online friends is always so fun! I’m glad you were able to meet Georgie, Tokki & Sydney. I recently started reading Sydney’s blog and her adventures and new life in Japan are very interesting to read. And mmm, ramen sounds so good right now.

    Have a great week ahead of you, Tara!

  11. They actually have a Studio Ghibli shop in Seoul? I would have been glad to go there. But I didn’t know. Maybe next time. Nice post, it’s always nice to meet with your online friends. :)

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