Alcove Arrangement

Alcove Arrangement

Can’t believe it’s already past mid-November! Upon my return to work after my Guam trip, I had to deal with some stressful situations that took up a lot of my energy. I was so drained that I spent Veterans Day Weekend, a three-day weekend, in my bedroom, doing nothing but playing video games. Thankfully, things have got better at work and that weekend of nothing healed me. With me spending my free time in my bedroom, I figured it’d make sense to show you all my new bedroom. It’s smaller than my previous bedroom, but it’s cosier than my old one, and the fact that my computer is no longer in a separate room makes things easier. Enjoy my room tour!


This is my bookcase full of mangas (70%), comic books (25%), and regular books (5%). In the past, I needed one other small bookcase to cram my books in, but not anymore. I’ve managed to tone down my collection.

Entertainment Dresser Entertainment Case Entertainment Case

Here is my “entertainment centre dresser”. I have my PlayStation 2 and 3 hooked up to my TV, but I primarily use them to watch movies. I hardly ever game on the console, for I much prefer handhelds for my gaming needs. Along with my appliances, I’ve snapped my film and game collections crammed into two small bookcases.

Rachi the Piano

I put Rachi the Piano beneath the window due to the close proximity of the power source.

Computer Desk Top Shelf Personalisation Computer Desk in Action

I had to trash my old desk and hunt down one that would fit in my room. I found this perfect-sized desk at a secondhand furniture store for about $47. It fits my monitor perfectly! I love that this comes with a keyboard holder, and the top shelf is perfect for putting trinkets and other things to personalise my room. Even better, this desk is big enough that I can also use my laptop together if needed. I am so glad I found this desk!

Convertible Bed

Daddy bought me this new convertible couch/bed. I’ve not used this as a couch, but it works well for a bed with a mattress topper. It is shorter than I’d like, but luckily I am a short person, haha!

The View from the Top

And to end this post, enjoy this view from our rooftop! I hope you guys liked seeing my room. I’ll be off to Osaka next week, so I may be a bit MIA again, but I’ll be around!


  1. How are we already past the middle of November???? Last I remember, it was barely the beginning of the month! It’s great that you got to spend some time unwinding from all of the work stress. I’m so happy that you got all of your belongings settled after that big move! I like how everything fits and you didn’t have to throw away major things! A bonus that you can leave your piano out :).

    Hope you’ll have fun in Osaka!!!!

  2. That collection is awesome! My boyfriend would be jealous. Haha.

  3. I still really wish I had more decorations in my dorm room, but considering I spend less and less time here, it’s fine that it isn’t extremely decorated to suit my tastes. I have plenty of time for that in the future, I think!

    I love how you’ve decorated your room! I absolutely love the bookshelf arrangements, too. I’m a fan of being able to fit everything in one tidy place without having to spill onto other surfaces, so it’s great fitting all of your books in one case and all of your other stuff (movies, etc) into another place.

    Oooh, the laptop/computer desk looks nice. I could never have a desk so small (I need something with lots of space because I’m usually writing and on my laptop at the same time), but I think it’s great you can fit both your laptop and your computer! That definitely makes the desk bigger than it looks.

    Yay for new places, and here’s to no more crazy stress while at work!

  4. Isn’t it crazy how this year is literally almost over??? I’m still in denial that it’s already mid-November. I’m sorry things at work got a little crazy but at least you got some relaxation during the three-day weekend.

    Your entertainment center is so cute and arranged well! I’m a neat freak but as I’ve piled things up over the years, I find that having adequate Tetris skills makes for arranging things so much easier!

    Have fun a ton of fun in Osaka! Eat some good food & take loads of photos! :)

  5. I loved this post!! Watching Youtube videos on room tours is one of my guilty pleasures haha! I’m currently renovating my room too, I may post about it.

    What a lovely book collection you have — those mangas and comic books… WOW. I used to collect comic books way back then but gave them all to my cousin. I only have paperbacks in my collection right now, I haven’t read most of them yet. LOL.

    And that computer desk is indeed handy and a good find!

    I could relate to you about being short haha!

    Oh and enjoy Japan! Have a safe trip!

  6. Good that you’ve settled into your new room, it does look cosy. :) I like your computer desk, the glass makes it look sleek and modern. Nice find! And wow, the view from your roof is amazing! Thanks for sharing, I love seeing how other people live :)

  7. Is that an optical illusion / phone camera-stretched or is your bookcase curved and top-heavy?

  8. Wow, what an impressive collection!

  9. All of your collections are arranged so neatly! After seeing you bring down your manga/book collection, it motivated me to do the same, so I’m trying to get mine down too. I also really like your computer desk! It really does look like the perfect size for your monitor, and that’s nice that it has a shelf above for you to decorate and place other things.

    That’s too bad your new bedroom is smaller, but I’m glad you made it work! That’s also a lovely view from your rooftop!

  10. I loved the book shelf! what are those Cardcaptor boxes? You have an amazing manga collection! Also, I loved the view from your place!

  11. I honestly can’t believe we’ve almost reached the end of the year 😅 I’ve missed reading your blogs – I hope it all calms down for you soon and that you have a great time in Osaka!

    I love your room tour – thanks for sharing! 😁 From reading your blog for a while, I really get a sense that this is Tara’s room 😆 I like your collections, it reminds me a lot of my sister, she has a similar collection with a similar percentage of books (mostly manga!) Aww, I love your collection of PS2 games. I still have my around but in a box kept away because I don’t play much anymore. 😅

    I like how your bedroom is set out even though it’s a bit smaller 💖 TBH, I like smaller rooms because it lets me make use of the space a lot more :)

  12. I am glad to hear that things have improved at work and having the weekend to chill helped. :) The bookcase looks very visually pleasing. It’s cool you can store so many in there. :D Excellent you were able to find a better desk. Sometimes you can find great pieces at secondhand stores. :)

    Even though your room is smaller, it is a functional space. :D

  13. I love the picture you have with your trinkets. Very nice ♥ Also Yuri and Victor!!! XD lol

    I’m glad you enjoy your room and was able to recharge your batteries spending time in it for the weekend. I think I need to do that with my home and take some good time off from work, just being with myself playing games, watching TV and so on so forth.

    That is a very nice view!

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