Aigoo Adventures: Guam 2017

Aigoo Adventures

Well, I’m back from visiting my best friend of 26 years in Guam! This was my second time visiting Guam, the first being back in 2004. With a more mature mindset, I was able to appreciate Guam this time, and I enjoyed every single minute with my bestie. Unfortunately, tropical Guam decided to give me rain every single day of my trip, and Typhoon Lan also started nearby, and it gave me an idea of what a true tropical storm/typhoon felt like! Weather aside, I had a wonderful time with my bestie, where we both ate fantastic food, went on a super shopping spree, and relaxed with a fabulous facial!

Day 1

Days Inn

My flight to Guam went well without any issues, but I was super impatient to arrive there! Bestie and I reunited in the airport, and we checked into my first hotel at Days Inn. It was a decent budget hotel, and it would be my home for the next few days.

Calamari Rings at Proa Hibachi Chicken and Red Rice at Proa Taro Cheesecake at Proa

For dinner, we went to Proa, where I had their calamari rings, hibachi chicken with red rice, and their amazing taro cheesecake. After dinner, we checked out The Galleria by DFS, where I visited my first Kate Spade store! We also checked out the Plaza for these two soap stores. We ended my first night at Dusit Gourmet, a coffee shop in Dusit Thani Hotel.

Day 2

Yakisoba at Fuji Ichiban

Bestie and I had brunch at Fuji Ichiban, which has the best yakisoba ever. We stopped by this coffee shop in Acanta Mall, where I saw a bunch of boys playing Super Smash Bros., and the gaming nerd in me squealed in delight. Our next stop was Agana Shopping Center, and I checked out their GameStop. I also met my bestie’s two dogs and kitty at her place! We did more retail therapy by visiting Micronesia Mall. I found some decent clothes at Macy’s at a great discount.

Beef Tinaktak at King's Restaurant Acai Bowl at King's Restaurant

We ate at King’s Restaurant, a local diner, and I was introduced to tinaktak. It is a meat dish cooked in coconut milk or cream, and it was delicious, but too meat heavy. I had my first acai bowl there!

Tiki Latte at Top of the Reef

To end our night, we went to Top of the Reef, a bar in Guam Reef & Olive Spa Resort. There, I had a tiki latte cocktail.

Day 3

Lumpia, Corned Beef Fried Rice, Portuguese Sausage Fried Rice, and Hash Brown at Linda's Coffee Shop

I checked out of Days Inn, and we went to Linda’s Coffee Shop, another local diner, for brunch. Bestie recommended their corned beef fried rice (OMG, it was sinfully delicious), and we also had the Portuguese sausage fried rice, lumpia, and hash brown.

Guam's Beach Guam's Beach

We checked out Ture Cafe for some coffee, and I took advantage of the small reprieve in the nasty weather to get some photos of the beach outside there.

War in the Pacific National Historical Park War in the Pacific National Historical Park

I managed to check out one place on my list for sightseeing — War in the Pacific National Historical Park — also known as the “One Missile Park”. We actually discovered another smaller missile with the one missile, so we dubbed this park as the “One-and-a-Half Missile Park”, haha! Anyway, I came here to satisfy the WWII history buff in me.

Rocky Beach Near the Historical Park Rocky Beach Near the Historical Park TC and Bestie Crazy Bestie and TC

We checked out the “rocky” beach. In the second beach photo, that misty area in the background is the Tumon Bay Hotel District getting rained on. Here, we took a normal selfie, and a crazy selfie. Unfortunately, it started to rain again, so we left before we could see more of this place.

Westin Resort Guam View from My Room in Westin Resort Guam

Our next stop took us to Westin Resort, my second hotel. My room was a lot better, and I am glad I splurged on this place!

Vegan Pizza at Pieology

For dinner, Bestie introduced me to Pieology, and I had a really great vegan pizza! Love that I could request wheat crust! I requested vegan cheese, red sauce, basil, mushroom, olive, corn, onion, and spinach. It was super good! For dessert, we went to Cold Stone Yogurt Bar, and I had the Thai tea soft serve with a bunch of cookie dough. Then I checked out Ross at Guam Premier Outles. Our night ended with us having some wine at On the Rocks in Westin Resort.

Day 4

Hansik Buffet at Taste Hansik Buffet at Taste

I treated us to a special Hansik buffet at Taste in Westin. I had some decent Korean food that I didn’t know I’d been missing, haha! I fell in love with their walnut shrimp. We bought some pastries at Patisserie PariSco, and then we spent a good chunk of our time at the Naval Base. We visited the Navy Exchange and did some shopping.

Bottega Petalo Moscato Vino Dell' Amore

I checked out the coffee at Mix@ChaChaCha in my hotel. Then, because we were still full from the buffet earlier, we spent a quiet evening in my hotel room with this wonderful wine that Bestie introduced to me, along with some munchies.

Day 5

Strawberry Mimosa, Marinated Tofu Bowl, and Salmon Tinaktak Sandwich at Pika's Cafe

We went to Pika’s Cafe for brunch and ordered the marinated tofu bowl and this fabulous salmon tinaktak sandwich.

The View from Sheraton Laguna Resort's Coffee Shop Back of Sheraton Laguna Resort Back of Sheraton Laguna Resort Back of Sheraton Laguna Resort

Next, we had coffee at the coffee shop in the Sheraton Laguna Resort, and I discovered it had great view with a neat place to walk around. Their “beach”, though, wasn’t exactly what I’d call a beach. It looked more like a cross between a muddy-rocky beach. Afterwards, we relaxed at Island Skin Spa with a facial, and it’s so far the best facial I’ve experienced!

Lobster Salad at Prego Arrabbiata Pasta at Prego Margherita Pizza at Prego

For dinner, we checked out Prego in my hotel. Their lobster salad was amazeball, but their pasta and pizza weren’t that great. We then hit Kmart, JP Superstore, and Payless Supermarket for me to buy gifts for people back home.

Day 6

Afternoon Tea at Prego Afternoon Tea at Prego

After I checked out of Westin, we killed time by doing some errands Bestie needed to do. Then we experienced Prego’s afternoon tea. This was Bestie’s first time experiencing it, and she loved it! This was a pretty decent set! After, we returned to Micronesia Mall to kill more time.

Coffee Break at Infusion Coffee & Tea

Later, I chilled at Infusion Coffee & Tea for a bit while Bestie returned home to check on her dogs.

Grilled Vegetables Quesadilla at Carmen's Cha Cha Cha Shrimp Taco at Carmen's Cha Cha Cha

For dinner, we went to Carmen’s Cha Cha Cha, one of my friend’s sister’s partner’s restaurant. There we had the grilled vegetable quesidilla and shrimp taco. I was impressed with their taco!

Coconut Man at Chamorro Village

We also wandered around Chamorro Village and saw its night market, which wasn’t as active as usual due to the crappy weather. I did see the coconut bloke, who acted so serious, but later showed us his silly side.

Strawberry & Mango Mojitos at Tree Bar

We stopped by the Tree Bar in the Hilton Guam Resort & Spa for some mojitos. We had our final meal together at Fuji Ichiban. I had their fried rice this time, which sucked unfortunately!

Day 7

L'Occitane Stash Heavenly Bath Stash

Finally, Bestie and I had to go to the airport. My leaving was quite bittersweet. I wasn’t ready to leave her yet! To distract myself, I did one last bit of shopping at the duty free shops in the airport. As a Visa Signature Card holder, I qualified for a 15% discount for anything I buy in there! I took advantage of that and bought me some L’Occitane products. Along with my Westin’s Heavenly Bath products, I accumulated a decent stash!

And that was the summary of my trip. Hope you all enjoyed my adventure!


  1. Gosh the food all looks so delicious! The afternoon tea stands out for me, I’m glad you enjoyed it! It looks like it made up for the bad weather. The view around Sheraton Laguna Resort looks wonderful – very lush and green. I know nothing of Guam so this was such an interesting post for me – and I’m glad you got to spend so much time with your best friend!

  2. Fantastic that you were able to see your best friend again! :D Even if the weather was a bit tricky.

    The food looked so good, and it was great you were able to see and do many things with your friend. Having that time to spend with the people you care about can be so wonderful. :D

  3. Welcome back from your trip to Guam! So cool that you have a friend that you still keep in touch with after 26 years! That’s the type of friendship I need XD. YESSSS I love Kate Spade stores! They’re so chic and hip! All of the food you had looks delicious! Hahaha, you’re suddenly making me crave for some yakisoba.

    You’re definitely getting your shopping game on! The views you had at San Beach looked great! You two looked adorable with the selfie pics XD. Your resort looks amazing. Shoot, forget AirBnb’s; this is the place to be! How did you like Ross? Didn’t know that Ross extends all the way to Guam.

    YAS @ YOUR MOSCATO!!! My type of wine XD. All of the food you had looks super delicious. I like how you’re trying out different things every day. Your cocktail looks super lit! Glad to hear that you enjoyed the trip overall. Love how you took advantage and bought a lot of L’Occitane products ;). Haha, I am notorious for taking hotel toiletries!

  4. I’m glad you were able to take a trip to see your best friend and spend time with her! Aahh, all these photos of food. Looks like you guys ate a lot of tasty things! I’m especially drooling at the desserts, like the afternoon tea set. Everything looks so cute and pretty.

    That’s too bad the weather didn’t cooperate the whole time you were there. I’m glad there were breaks here and there for you to take photos at least. The beaches there look pretty, and I like the look of the one at the Sheraton Laguna Resort. I find that rocky beaches are nice for photos, though not great for actual swimming and walking, haha.

    Sounds like it was a fun trip overall!

  5. Wow. These food photos are amazing! You really have a knack for finding delicious food on all your travels – maybe it’s because you already do that every day. :P I always have a hard time finding the right food when I travel – except in Singapore, where all food was the right food. ;)

    Your pictures of Guam make me so homesick for the overcast weather – it’s always sunny and dry here, so I shouldn’t be complaining, but it actually has taken a lot getting used to. XD Traveling in the rain doesn’t sound fun though. We also have a lot of rocky beaches here in California – it’s mostly not glorious white sand like in the pictures.

    I think it’s so great that you got to see your bestie and it’s amazing you’ve been friends most of your life! The longest friendship I have was from when I was 8 – so 17 years. :O

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