Moving Madness

Moving Madness

I have survived the nightmare known as the move from hell. I honestly have nothing good to say about this move, but I can say that the place and the neighbourhood is okay . . . once I overcame a major hurdle in regards to room choices. But first, let me say that moving from a big apartment to a much smaller house was really difficult. Read on about my wild experiences!

Packing Pandemonium

The movers came and packed up our stuff, but they fell behind schedule because we had far too many things. We also had to trash a lot of our possessions — I had to say farewell to my bed, desk, and armchair. When it was time for them to break for lunch, Daddy and I stayed behind to watch our stuff that wasn’t loaded on the truck, and I helped scrubbed down our stove we had rented. When the movers came to pick up the rest of our things, Daddy and I finally had a bit of respite. We had our first meal of the day at 4:00pm, and then we went to our new place.

Bedroom Battle

Prior to the move, I’d not seen the inside of our new place. I was only told that the place was smaller, with three bedrooms all varying in size. Naturally, Daddy claimed the largest bedroom, and then there was the medium-sized room and the smallest room. I found out that Mum had given me the smallest room and claimed the larger room to store her refrigerator, freezer, kimchi refrigerator, wardrobe, and glassware cabinet. Oh, let me make it clear that there is also a refrigerator in the kitchen. Anyway, the room I was given was so small that I had no room for my computer or piano after I were to put a bed in the room.

Suffice to say, I was upset. It made no sense for the larger room to be used as a huge storage room, a room nobody was going to even use as a bedroom. It made more sense to give me the larger room, and I honestly felt like Mum cherished her darn refrigerators and freezer over me. When I brought all of this up, Mum claimed that the smaller room wouldn’t fit all of her stuff, while I argued it would.

A couple of days later, my maternal aunt came by, and she was shocked by how small my room turned out to be after I’d tried my best to organise it a bit. She decided that I had to have the larger room, so she teamed up with me to convince Mum to do so. In the end, Mum agreed to switch. I am now happier with my larger room!

Organising and Observations

Now it was time to organise my room, which was not an easy task! I was able to organise my mangas, films, and games onto the bookcases I have. I set up my TV and game station on my large dresser. We bought a new couch/futon for my bed, and a secondhand desk that I found at a secondhand store. As of writing this right now, I am still waiting on the bed, but once that is in, I can finally organise everything. So far, I am quite satisfied with what I’ve done in a room that is about half the size of my old one.

But the house as a whole is quite old and junky. There are ants in the shower room and the storage room. The shower room has a shower and a sink, the master bedroom bathroom just has a toilet and nothing else, and the laundry room has the washer, dryer, toilet, and sink — all of which boggles my mind. The kitchen cabinet doors are malfunctioning, and all the lightswitch panels are taped to the walls. Lastly, we’re not allowed to put anything on our walls, so we’re not able to personalise this place. Thank goodness, my parents are renting only for a year.

Our place aside, I like this neighbourhood, and I’ve been wandering around checking what it offers. I am happy that there is a supermarket one minute away and a coffee shop two minutes away. There are plenty of buses I can take to nearby areas, including my old neighbourhood. There are a plethora of restaurants, and I happen to be near the “chicken street”. The house and I had a horrible start, but the area has won me over.

Anyway, that’s enough from me about this moving madness. I’ll be heading to Guam soon, and when I return, I’ll resume my normal blogging activities. Until next time!


  1. I was following your journey on Twitter, I was so glad to see you and your Aunt managed to persuade your mum to give you a bigger room! You did such a good job of organising your bookcases too!

    The way the toilets/sinks are laid out seems a little odd, hopefully you can get used to that within the year! Not being able to put things on the wall is a shame though! Technically I’m not meant to either, but I’ll just paint over the tack marks when I move out =p

    I’m glad to hear the area has won you over though – that will make a huge difference! I hope your new home can win you over too, despite its little flaws, and you make lots of happy memories in your year there!

  2. Even though there were a lot of drama involved with the whole moving process, at least you’re settled now for the most part. I still can’t believe your mother would choose her fridges and appliances as a priority for the bigger room than you. They’re just stationary objects!!! I am so glad your aunt stepped in to change things up for the better.

    Glad to hear that you could organize your things to your new place. I still like your desk so it’s all good! Ok, ants are a no go for me. Is there a way you can use ant killer or spray around the area and wipe it down after?? At least you’ll only be here for a year and the area makes the whole situation a bit better.

    Have fun in Guam!!!

  3. “to store her refrigerator, freezer, kimchi refrigerator, wardrobe, and glassware cabinet” < I had to reread that again because, you what? If you have a refrigerator in the kitchen then why do you need another one? I'm so confused. Thank goodness you got to team up with your aunt!

    I remember you tweeting about the bathroom situation and it was very confusing? Makes no sense whatsoever and also, ew to the ants in the shower room and storage room :( It's only for a year, so hopefully your next place is much better! I'm glad to hear the actual neighbourhood is nice though!

    Hope you enjoy your trip to Guam! :D

  4. Moving is already tough, and that sounds even more rough to have to get rid of so many things and move into a smaller place :( I’m glad you and your aunt were able to convince your mom to give up the larger room though! I totally agree that it doesn’t make sense to use it for her refrigerators, freezer, and other furniture.

    I remember reading about your bathroom set-up on Twitter, and it’s still weird and confusing to me. Who thought that that’d be a logical set-up for the toilets, sinks, and showers…?? That’s good that you’re liking the neighborhood though. I hope that your next place will be better, and have fun in Guam!

  5. While it is good that you finally settled in, the fact you had to overcome such hurdles must’ve really added unnecessary frustration. Sorry you had to endure that. Good thing the neighborhood is nice. It’s not always about the unit. It’s about the surrounding as well. :)

  6. Moving is seriously one of the hardest things to do! When I moved from the Philippines to California, I probably only had a suitcase of things we brought over. But having lived here for so long, I’ve accumulated so much junk – I’m gonna need two trucks to get everything if/when I move out.

    Anyways, glad to hear you’ve settled in fine and that you got the larger room. Yay for a supportive aunt :D

  7. I’ve always been wondering how it felt to move out, since I’ve always been living at the same place all my life so far haha! I’m happy that you’ve managed to get the bigger room, I found it funny that your mother has a refregirator just for kimchi haha is it because she makes it ?

    I hope you’ll enjoy being in this new house :D

  8. Wowww, I think I missed some of your posts because last time I remember you had moved to your own place closer to your work. I have a vague memory about you moving back.

    I read your previous post about preparing for this move, and I hope you are getting settled though change is always hard. It’s not far away, but still new I’m sure! I’ve never lived in one house for more than 5 years except for my current one, so I can’t imagine leaving somewhere you’ve known for most of your life. I know I moved across the country, but my parents are still living in the city I’ve known.

    I used to live in small apartments with my parents, and they always gave me the bigger bedroom because I had a lot more stuff than them. They only needed a bed in theirs because their stuff was in the living room. The amount of hate I got from people for that I can’t even list hahahaha – they said I was spoiled rotten but to my parents honestly it was the logical decision. When we moved into our current house of course I got the smaller two rooms (because we had more rooms than people), and when I moved to my own apartment my mom put all my stuff into one room. I’m glad your aunt got you the bigger room!

    I’m glad you are enjoying your new neighborhood! I hope you get to explore all the great places to eat and share photos of delicious Korean food. :P

  9. I’m sorry to hear that you had a bit of a bad start to your moving process. The last time I had to go through the moving out process was when I was about 10? I don’t remember much but seeing my parents stress out about all the things they needed to pack away and drive to the other side of the city. I recently helped Matt move out to his new place which was a whole different experience because he’s quite minimalist so it was a lot easier!

    When I was reading about the bedroom battle part I was ROOTING FOR YOU LIKE NO OTHER haha! I’m so glad that in the end you managed to get the bigger room. ^_^

    Reading about you exploring your area has really made me think about when I move out in a year and what I’d like to live around! Currently I live in quite a calm neighbourhood with nothing much going on – shops are far away but it’s so peaceful!

  10. The moving process is a pain, so I’m glad to hear that part is over for you. I read about your bedroom battle on Twitter. I’m glad that your aunt was there to take your side and that you were able to get the bedroom you wanted!

    I’m also sorry to hear that your house isn’t the best :/ That always sucks, especially moving into a new place. But also great that you guys are only staying there for a limited time!

    Excited to hear about your trip to Guam. Judging from Twitter, sounds like you had lots of fun with your best friend!

  11. Ah that’s so odd that your mom made you take the smaller room initially. I remember your old place being pretty large, especially the living room. Fortunately this is only a year, but it sounds like there are plenty of positives about the neighborhood that you can enjoy while you’re here. Here’s to new hidden gems! And have great trip to Guam!

  12. Awww. I could relate. It sucks when moving becomes a drag, glad all is well now.

  13. I am glad to hear that you survived even though it was a considerable challenge. I saw a number of your tweets during the process, and it did not look great.

    Eh. It is always so annoying when certain people fall behind what they are doing. It happens so often. :( It would have been such a busy time.

    It was great that your aunt could help to persuade your mum into giving you the bigger room. It doesn’t make much sense that you would have such a small space. :S

    That’s good it could only be for a year. It doesn’t sound like the type of place you would want as a long-term home. It’s cool that the neighbourhood has some bonuses. :D

  14. The moving process sounds really stressful! I’m glad your aunt stepped in and helped you convince your mom to give you the larger bedroom; at least you’re now more comfortable!

    Sorry to hear that there’s lots of problems with your new house, but on the plus side, the neighborhood sounds nice and sounds like it has everything you need :D

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