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It’s September! Holy cow. Last I checked, I was suffering from the humidity in July, and then I was swamped with work in August . . . it’s really amazing how fast time go by as we get older. Now, I hope time will slow down a bit for the next six months because it’s time for all the US holidays to start! I’ve been waiting for this. I get a four-day weekend for Labour Day, and then another long weekend in October along with my ten-days vacation, and in November . . . yes. I’m ready for the days off! In the meantime, check out what I’ve been up to for the last two months, which involved eating a lot of good food, going on a de-cluttering spree, finding old money, and buying a new tech gadget.

Fabulous Food

Chicken and Steak Tacos

I visited Cali Kitchen after work on a Friday for some tacos — their deluxe chicken and steak tacos were amazeballs. I am never disappointed at this gastropub!

Shrimp Risotto and Bacon Carbonara Pasta Set

I met a friend and visited Times Square Mall in Seoul for the first time. There, we went to Seoga & Cook to have their Pasta Hansang set, where we can choose a risotto and a pasta. We decided on the shrimp risotto and the bacon carbonara pasta, and it came with some pickles, corn salad, fries, and deep-fried lotus roots. For 30,000 won ($28 bucks) between the two of us, it was a delicious deal!

Shrimp Tteokguk

I made this shrimp tteokguk (rice cake soup) using a ramen base, and it came out great. A bit watery, but still tasty, haha! This is definitely healthier than using ramen noodles!

Grilled Satay Squid and Chardonnay

I visited Noxa Oriental one Friday after work and had their grilled satay squid and chardonnay. I’m not a big squid fan, but I really like this one!

Cider Tasting and Chili Fries

Again, on a Friday after work (yes, I seem to have this tradition, haha!), I returned to Cali Kitchen to try some new cider with chilli fries. I had their apple cider, hop cider, and raspberry cider. Oh, man, the hop and the raspberry ones were great! I liked it so much that I returned the next day to have more of their hop cider :D

Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Oat Bar

For something decadent, I tried this dark chocolate peanut butter oat bars at Fat Cat. This bar was amazing — so rich and chocolatey! I could consume a whole pan of this, but I dare not, haha!

Comic Cleaning

TC's Bookcase De-Cluttered Mangas

I went through my entire manga collection and sorted out which ones I no longer wanted to keep. I have about 400+ mangas on my bookcase and stashed away in boxes. After going through them, I set aside 80 mangas to give away. My bookcase looks cleaner, and I am happy with this de-cluttering project.

Past Pesos

Filipino Pesos

Daddy was going through his own things to de-clutter, and he found these old Filipino bills. I’m always fascinated at seeing foreign currencies, and I love seeing the older, obsolete monies. I guess now I will be keeping these, haha!

Mithril the MacBook Air

Mithril the MacBook Air

Lastly, after deliberating on this since February, I finally succumbed to buying a MacBook Air. I had to do a lot of thinking on this to where I chose to go to Guam over this in the spring, but I realise that I can buy a MacBook Air with my budget. I really wanted the MacBook Retina or Pro, but those were way out of my budget, and I really just needed a basic Internet machine, so the MacBook Air won out. Oh, and the MacBook Air has USB 3 ports, so that also helped me decide. After work yesterday, I took the plunge and bought this. With my one-year work anniversary coming and going a couple of weeks ago, I rationalised that this is the perfect anniversary present to myself. I look forward to getting acquainted with Mithril, named after the precious metal in Tolkien universe, and may blog about my experience!


  1. How are we already in September??? I am already excited for the holidays because of $$$ $$$ $$$, haha. Hope you’ll enjoy your four day weekend! You’re racking it up with all of those vacations!

    Looks like you’ve been enjoying all of the good foods lately. I’ve never eaten deep fried lotus roots before. I am intrigued after looking at this picture. $28 for two is really good! The rice cake soup looks delish as well. Hurray for picking a healthier alternative!

    Glad you enjoyed your grilled satay squid. I’ve had it deep fried so many times lately that I kind of want… it just grilled for the sizzling kick. I noticed you have a tradition of treating yourself after work on Fridays! Haha, Ok glad there is a trend going on! Great way to kick off the weekend. You have all of the good drinks!

    You have a lot of mangas! I love how neat everything looks XD. Make sure you frame the pesos! Just kidding XD.

    Congrats on buying a MacBook Air! All of that fermenting and you actually went for it! Haha, I would love to buy a new pro but $$$$$$… Hope you will enjoy using Mithril! Congratulations on your one year work anniversary as well. Can’t believe how fast time flies!

  2. Time is FLYING. It’s insane how we’re almost at the end of the year, to me it still feels like it was just yesterday when I was commenting on our blog congratulating you for your new job! I remember it was the time I started my placement and Nancy got her job too I think. Hahaha! Crazy!! 😂

    So I took your advice on Twitter and ate before reading this but guess what? I’M STILL HUNGRRRRAAAAY!! XD The Cali Kitchen sounds really great! It actually reminds me of a local food place in Sheffield called the Great Gatsby! 😊 I love me some Apple Cider and Chili fries!

    I have to admit I’ve never really seen pesos LOL despite being filipino! I just haven’t gone home in years and when I did my mom handled money – but I guess it’ll be a lot different now that I’m older. It’s really cool though! Hahha, gotta keep it for memories, right?

    EEEEK I love buying new apple products. Love that new apple product smell LOL YAY congrats on getting the Air! I have a retina pro and it’s still running, 3 years later! My previous laptops always broke after 6 months LOL Definitely worth the investment!

    Have an awesome month ahead!

  3. Goodness time does fly, next thing you know it’s Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas…and then 2018! It’s a good thing I did eat before reading your post, because those are so delicious food pics :P I was never great at taking food pics, but yours all look so appetizing…yum!

    Congrats on the new Macbook Air! I first got my Macbook Pro in 2009 and while I’ve had to upgrade the hard drive and add additional memory (both really easy actually), it still runs like new!

  4. Ugh. I’m always jealous of the delicious food. The best I can have is Chinese takeout. Heh.

  5. Wooo, holiday season. :D It’s too bizarre how quickly time goes. I do hope that when the holidays arrive you will have a great time. :)

    Mmmm that food looks awesome. My stomach is rumbling!

    Great work on organising your manga collection! That is such a large number to go through, but so much better to have the ones that matter most. :D

    Congrats on getting the MacBook Air. I hope that you enjoy using it. I use an iMac for most things, but also have an old MacBook Pro that keeps on going! :D

  6. It’s been more or less a decade since I last saw a 10 peso bill. The current PHP kinda looks like play money but it is what it is.

    The food looks delicious! I kinda want to have grilled squid today.

    Your manga collection’s amazing. My whole life, I’ve only had one book (Bloody Monday) because it’s quite pricey here so I decided to read them online instead.

    Macbook Air’s great. I got mine last month and I love it to bits. I was contemplating on getting the new pro or not but then the thunderbolt usbs killed it for me.

  7. HOW is it already september!? :’O

    Living in Texas, I’ve seen quite a few different currencies, and mexican pesos are common, but I’ve never seen these bills, so it was very interesting to see!

    That food though, ugh. You made me supah hungry lol

    I hate most seafood, but that looks like I might be willing to try it. o.O

    Man, your manga collection looks amazing, I’ve only got about 30 volumes between my series, lol. It’s been a long time since getting to go to a bookstore. I need to find one and go again soon!

    Macbook Air is actually a good computer, from what I’ve seen. I know a few people who solely use Mac OS systems, and say there’s a lot they have over Windows. Personally the only thing apple I’ve ever owned was an iTouch and 2 other iPod nanos throughout my life. Never have had a macbook of any form. They’re pretty pricey, but seem worth it if you can drop the $$ on them.

    I currently have an HP Envy x360 and it’s not terrible. I bought it back in February, and so far it’s still great. The only issue I have with it is the lack of disk drive, and the fact most stylus’s don’t work for it, so I rarely use the tablet function.

  8. I totally feel you, I have no idea how it is already september! All that food looks soo delicious!

  9. The fact that it’s September is pretty terrifying. This year went by so fast and there’s so much to do before it’s over.

    That squid looks delicious – I love fried or grilled calamari. Didn’t know you were such a huge manga fan. Have you ever read Blade of the Immortal?

    The Macbook Air is a good investment. I’ve had mine for 4+ years and it’s still going strong!

  10. Yum, looks like you got some good food recently! The Pasta Hansang set looks like such a good deal. That’s a lot of food! I’m actually a fan of squid, but the preparation definitely makes a big difference. The grilled squid looks good!

    I really should do some manga cleaning, but I’m such a hoarder when it comes to them. I’m sad to let any of them go, even if they were ones I didn’t like! That’s good that you were able to pick out 80 to give away. Seeing Legal Drug in the stash makes me a bit sad because I like that one, haha. I recently found out it was somewhat continued too! It’s called Drug & Drop now.

    That’s nice that you got the MacBook Air! I’ve never had an Air, but I’ve had two MacBook Pros now. I switch between Mac and PC depending on what I’m doing, but I do love using my Mac for coding projects. I hope you get the hang of it!

  11. I love looking at pictures of delicious food. The only thing better would be to actually eat more delicious food!

    I think the only reason I didn’t get that into manga or comics is because I couldn’t keep up with all the books that were coming out monthly. Especially since I moved around so much that I wouldn’t have wanted to lug around all those comics every other year. But it’s always nice to be able to go back and pick up old loves and reread them.

    Congrats on your new MacBook Air! We recently got a MacBook Pro, and the only reason I could afford it was because we decided to buy it as our “family laptop” that we could both use. (We don’t… I hog it most of the time…) It was the first time I used a Mac though, so there was some adjusting, but I love it so much and I can’t even imagine going back now.

  12. I saw your tweet about the dangers of entering the post being hungry and now I’m even hungrier than I was before LOL So crazy that it’s already September. Although, I’m honestly ready for summer to be over, haha. I miss the fall!

    Also wow! Congrats on decluttering your bookshelves. I want to do that too! I have so many books I don’t read, it feels like a waste to leave them there unread.

    And double congrats on the Macbook Air. They look soooo nice. And they seem really travel friendly!

  13. I just realized all the holidays are packed into this side of the year in the USA. That’s why autumn seems like such a joyous season!

    The shrimp tteokguk looks so good! I’ve always been a fan of rice cake with or without soup. Now I really crave Korean food. San Francisco has good food, but not a lot of good Korean food. We do have a soon tofu place, if you know what that is / if I’m saying it right. :P

    That’s great you cleaned up your shelf and collection! It looks so neat which makes me happy. My bookshelf back in New York is so cluttered. I didn’t bring those books over but once I get my own place I might start collecting mental health / spiritual books (since that’s the only thing I read now).

    Lastly, congrats on the Macbook Air! I didn’t know it had 3 USB ports! Where do they even go? My Macbook Pro only has two and that’s a problem for me when I want to use both my SD card reader and my external hard drive. XD Also, I think it’s so funny I know what Mithril is, though I don’t consider myself a hardcore LOTR fan since I’ve only watched the movies. Love the name!

    • That’s why I love September – February, for there are at least one holiday each month!

      We spell it sundubu! :D But yes, I love sundubu jjigae so, so much! One of my favourite tofu dishes ^^

      And the MacBook Air have 2 USB 3.0 ports ^^;; I guess I wasn’t clear when I wrote the post, haha!

  14. I can’t believe it’s September already! How fast has this year gone! Doesn’t seem two minutes since I was making all my resolutions and now it’s the final part of the year.

    Seems like you’ve been having lots of great food recently! It all looks amazing, especially the tacos. Would definitely love to try them!

    Congrats on getting rid of some manga. I struggle to get rid of books/comics/manga because I always think I’ll end up reading them again, even though I rarely have the time to. I also need to have a sort out soon because my shelves are so full!

    Hope you’re enjoying the MacBook Air! It looks fantastic!

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