TC’s Treasures: August 2017

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I am alive, and I’ve returned with a new TC’s Treasures post. Since the last time I wrote this column, I decided to do an overhaul with the way I do this post by creating sub-categories of my favourites I encounter. I’ve broken them down based on type by animes, beauty products, books, food, films, games, mangas, music, and technology — all with alliterative names. This will help keep these columns organised, and if I happen to not have a favourite in that sub-category, then it won’t be on that post. So here are my recent favourites in the new format!

Beauty Buys

Too Cool For School Dinoplatz Dear Brachiosaurus Blotting Paper

Rezina recommended the Too Cool For School’s Dinoplatz Dear Brachiosaurus Blotting Paper several weeks ago, and I had recently visited Time Squares Mall and bought them here. These blotting paper are so cool, and I love how it’s infused with green tea, which just makes it better than regular blotting paper. Also, I agree with Rezina that the case is really functional. It’s like a small make-up case, made of plastic, so it’s sturdier than the cases made of cardboard.

Brilliant Books

The Radium Girls by Kate Moore

The Radium Girls by Kate Moore is about the women who suffered from on-the-job radiation poisoning in the early 1900s in the United States. These women came down with many radiation-induced diseases, and they found out that their employers had withheld the information about the poisonous material, so several of them came together to sue and receive compensations. These brave ladies paved the road for the worker’s rights, and I was completely blown away by their stories. This was a super easy read. The scientific and legal part of this story never went over my head, but the book rather focused on the human-interest side of things. I had no idea about this event in history, so this book really opened my eyes. By far, this is the best non-fiction book I’ve read this year.

One of Us Is Lying by Karen McManus

One of Us Is Lying by Karen McManus is the best young-adult fiction book I’ve read this year so far. This is basically The Breakfast Club meets murder mystery — a group of five archetypal teens have detention together, but one of them ends up dead. This whodunnit novel really made an effect on me to where I read it twice back-to-back. Quite a few of the characters develop well in the novel’s progression, and the mystery of whodunnit did keep me on my toes.

Glorious Games

Gyakuten Kenji 2

I finally got around to playing Gyakuten Kenji 2, and I thoroughly enjoyed the game. The third case is definitely my favourite, and I did like how all the cases were connected. Playing this game reminded me why I love this franchise for their wacky and lovable characters, intriguing court and investigative cases, and the zaniness that works well!

Hakuouki: Kyoto Winds

Even though I had already played the original release, I still bought and played Hakuouki: Kyoto Winds because I wanted to basically “re-play” the game with the new character routes. Plus, the additional characters and plot points that made it into the game make it feel more definite. Of the new characters, Iba Hachirou is my favourite, and I am really glad to see Nagakura Shinpachi and Yamazaki Susumu have their own routes! I can’t say I enjoyed the fact that this was only half a game, though. I hope the second half gets released soon in English.

Monumental Movies


Back in February or March time-frame, an article about Dunkirk caught my eyes. Being a huge World War II history buff, I was very interested in this film, and I saw it last month in the theatre. This film was a good showcase of what had happened during the Dunkirk evacuation. Despite the battles and the evacuation scenes, this was a very subdued movie showcasing how humans react in crazy events. The cinematography of this film was also top-notch, and I was thrilled to see that Hans Zimmer was the composer!


  1. One of Us Is Lying sounds fantastic! I’ll have to see if I can find it at my local library.

  2. I like this new format! 😊

    I love getting recommendations from other bloggers! That blotting paper looks really useful, I have never used blotting sheets before but I’ve been told that it’s really good for oily skin. I am really bad because during the day, I get SO oily and suffer from a shiny forehead. I think these sheets would be really useful! Not sure if they do that exact brand here in the UK (we don’t have cute things!) but you’ve definitely inspired me to look into blotting sheets!!

    Those two books you recommended sound amazing! I’ve just come back from vacation and realised that I was reading a lot of self-development books – I actually miss reading stories!! xD These sound really interesting, I’ll add them to the list.

    Thanks for sharing your favourites, T! <3

  3. The Too Cool For School blotting paper sounds great, I love that it contains green tea too! Also, is that a sponge in the case? :D

  4. It’s always good to change things up a bit! Blotting papers work some nice magic! Glad that Rezina’s recommendation worked out :). I love reading about how people in the past paved a path for a better future. Who knows where we would be today if those women didn’t band together for worker’s rights!

    The characters often make a big difference for me when it comes to playing games. Hope the second half of the game is just as great (or better)! I haven’t watched Dunkirk but glad to hear that you’ve enjoyed the movie. History-based movies kind of opens our eyes because we get to see what happens in the war zone vs what we read and imagine.

  5. I saw those blotting sheets on Rezina’s blog too! I was thinking of looking into them because of the green tea and the cute case.

    Both of those books sound interesting! I didn’t know about the whole radiation poisoning thing either, and it’s sad that it happened to them. I love that they fought back, and now I want to look into that more.

    Aahh, I’m so behind on the Ace Attorney games. I haven’t played that Edgeworth one yet nor the latest Phoenix Wright one. Playing Professor Layton vs Phoenix Wright made me realize I miss those type of games. I need to catch up on that series!

    I’ve heard a lot of good things about Dunkirk. I haven’t gone out to see it because I’m not sure if it’s my type of movie. I’m glad you liked it though!

  6. That blotting paper is THE CUTEST thing.

  7. that dinoplatz blotting sheets though??? so cute!! i don’t really see too cool for school in where i live (i think there’s only like one store, followed by some of their products in sephora which i hate going to) but i’ll probably try checking them out. how are they different from normal blotting sheets though?

    ‘one of us is lying’ is in my TBR list! idk when i’ll read that but hopefully soon? i’ll have to find my mood for YA contemporary sometime soon lol

    i personally enjoyed dunkirk. it’s quickly becoming one of the best movies i’ve watched this year (not because i’m biased for christopher nolan *coughcoughlol*)

  8. Oooh, I really want to pick up The Radium Girls. They were mentioned in The Emperor of All Maladies (a history of cancer I would highly recommend) and I’ve been intrigued. Christopher Nolan + Hans Zimmer? I need to see Dunkirk!

  9. Whooo! It’s great getting feedback, haha. I’m glad you liked the blotting paper. The case and sponge are the best part I feel like xD

    Gyakuten Kenji 2 sounds really interesting. I haven’t bought any new games because I haven’t actually finished any of the games I currently own. I’ll have to look into that one once I’m ready!

    And I heard of Dunkirk. The cinematography does look really amazing!

  10. I love seeing other people’s book recommendations, and both those books sound really interesting!

    I really wanted to see Dunkirk but never got around to it. I’ve heard great things about it though, so maybe I’ll have to pick it up once it hits DVD or something. (Or Netflix, more likely, haha.)

  11. Those blotting papers sound amazing. I’ve really tired of the ones I’ve been using because they’re cheap but they really suck!

    I still have to see Dunkirk, and have been super antsy to see it. My hubby isn’t much of a “war” movie type, but it even caught his eye, just no time to see it yet. I’m a WWII history buff, and read some reviews for it, and it seems like it’ll be well worth the wait I’ve had to endure for it!

  12. Blotting paper is my life saviour! I have really oily skin, so lets just say blotting paper gets a lot of use from me! I love the case that yours comes in – it’s super cute.

    I remember you mentioned that i should read One of Us Is lying! It definitely sounds super interesting and i’ve already ordered it on Amazon – reading the first couple of pages already ;)

    I need to watch Dunkirk! I’ve heard so many good things about it – there are so many films I need to watch, I just don’t have the time (or I’m just lazy, you pick).

  13. Wow, the blotting paper looks really cool (indeed too cool for school!)

    I watch Dunkirk as well and whoa, I didn’t realised that it was a war movie. It was my bad but I am not exactly a war movie kind of person. I watched it with my colleagues (as part of company movie event) because I heard the soundtrack is by Hans Zimmer and it was pretty cool with its use of shepard tones.

    By the way, would you like to exchange links?

  14. You got good tastes in video games. I love the Gyakuten Kenji series, but I’ll hold off on playing it until the English version comes out. Same with Hakuoki, but this time it’s due to compatibility issues with consoles, as I have only 3DS. They both sound pretty fun to play!

  15. I’ve never actually heard of blotting papers, but I’m terrible when it comes to beauty products. Plus I have dry skin so I’m more in need of the opposite! I love the case they come in too. That’s so cute!

    Those books sound fantastic, especially the first one. I love that it’s from more of a human interest point, as I’m sure it’d make it a much more interesting read.

    I’m way too scared to see Dunkirk. I’m not into war movies, and the trailers alone terrified me. I love Christopher Nolan though, and it sounds like a fantastic film, so glad you enjoyed it (and kind of wish I wasn’t too scared to watch it).

  16. Ok, first of all, when people mention books in there blogs I don’t usually get interested. However, those two you mentioned looked really interesting and now I really want to read them so I’m adding them to my list. I hope they don’t disappoint me or we will have words, lol jk XP

  17. The case for the blotting paper looks so nice and really cool the fact it’s infused with green tea! :D

    The books you mentioned sound so interesting, I will be adding them to my reading list! :D

    I haven’t seen that movie yet, but I imagine it would be intense.

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