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August will always be a special month for me, for it was in August 2001, I registered my first domain with DreamHost. That first domain of mine was a collective, and its name is one I’d like to forget — just what was I thinking?! Then in September 2001, I started up my first blog, which also had a horrible name . . . Eventually, I wisened up and bought Aigoo-Chamna.net for a separate blog in August 2002, and that became my main domain and blog until I transferred my blog to Aigoo.me. I cannot believe it has been sixteen years since I became a domain owner! Boy, do I feel ancient . . .

Ancient or not, my actual webpage-making history began even earlier than that. Thanks to my friends, I re-discovered animes as a freshman in high school. Slayers became one of my favourite series, and I had the biggest anime crush on one of its characters, Zelgadiss Greywords. My love for him was so huge that it encouraged me to make my first website dedicated in his honour, and it eventually became a general anime website. Prior to that, my dad had bought me Microsoft Front Page, an absolute horrible website building programme from the dinosaur days, but it pushed me to try making websites. From there, I transitioned into using Geocities and other free website hosts — only to discover so many limitations with space and bandwidth along with the inability to install scripts and other coding languages that were used back then.

The limitations encouraged me to beg my dad to buy me a paid host. I’d craved that freedom and wanted an escape from the free hosts. It took me a couple of weeks of begging my dad until he gave in. When he did, I decided to be hosted on DreamHost and I chose my first domain on August 15, 2001. I turned that into a collective, and I migrated that Zelgadiss/general anime site to my collective, started a blog, and opened up so many sites to include cliques and fanlistings. It was incredibly freeing to be on a paid host that allowed me to do anything with my websites.

Though I can’t help but wince at my past self and wonder about my sanity back then, I will not deny the fact that I had enjoyed my earlier forays into making websites. Sixteen years later, I’ve simplified my bazillion websites and domains to three. I am no longer that teen who wanted to make a bunch of websites and own a bunch of domains; instead I am an adult who knows what she wants in terms of webpages. I do miss those days of never-ending websites, but those memories — as fond as I am — can stay in the past, and I’ll just look towards the future.

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  1. Oh I remember geocities and freewebs and the days of scrolling text and embedded music… i’m so glad we’ve moved on from those days

    I forgotten nearly all the coding I used to know but already starting to think about getting a domain and a paid wordpress layout so I can play more with the customisation etc

  2. Hi TC! I love this Timeless Thoughts link-up idea and I might just participate in it ^^” I’m still so stunned how you have started blogging since the early 2000s- that’s literally right after the WWW was launched. Pretty incredible if you asked me. ^^ I remember the days when I made a ton of tumblr, twitter, and other social media accounts and posted crazy personal things out there! Lol… definitely cringy looking back but those were the nice memories! X

  3. Hi, Tara! Really happy to see a post up 😊

    It’s so funny because when I met Amy and Holly last weekend, we spoke about our history online too. It’s really interesting learning about how everyone got really into the blogging world.

    I didn’t know you owned so many websites! Looking back, I always only had one or two because I liked everything in one place. I think that’s why my blog/website was super random and had a mixture of visitors from anime lovers, High School Musical fans, Vanessa Hudgens fans, and of course – other bloggers!! xD

    August is also a month dear to me. August 19th is the day I relaunched my blog and came back to the blogging world in 2015 after taking a 2-3(?) long break. I’m glad I came back and never have looked back since!

    I never got my own domain until I won one from the Namecheap contest they used to run! When I finally got a job and earned my own money, I bought my current domain. 🤗 I’ve actually only owned three domains in my life! Mortal-beauty.info, Pawlean.com and paulinenarvas.com. Ahhh!

  4. Wow, nostalgia at it’s finest. XD That is an awesome idea though. I will try to do this if I can get the energy to do it after work, haha.

    Those days when we use to make one new website after another… man I don’t know how I did it. I hardly maintain what I have now. haha You are right though, it was fun and I don’t regret any of it.

  5. I can’t believe how long you’ve been with DreamHost for! Glad they’re treating you well enough that you’ve been staying with them :). Haha, I had my fair share of bad blog names too… Aigoo-Chamna has been going strong for a super long time! Nothing wrong with changing things up as always! Let’s see where I end up in 16 years XD.

    It’s so cool to hear people learning how to make websites so they can dedicate it to someone/something! I know mine was for Neopets XD. Your dad is great for supporting you back then with your web-making needs. I think a lot of us cringe at ourselves in the past. That’s ok because we grow from it somehow XD.

    Glad that you’re still going strong with blogging! Love reading up about the experiences you share with us~

    I used to have a ton of domain a few years ago but realized that it’s better to stick to one for a while… Hey, that’s a way to save some money! XD. I mean I have no regrets with that because I now know what it feels like to have a bunch of domains XD.

  6. I registered my first domain in 2001 too! It’s crazy how long it’s been, isn’t it?

    I love that your first site was an Anime one. It was the same for me, and I was obsessed with making more and more of them. I really, really cringe when I think about my very first Anime site. It was so horrible! Like you, I really enjoyed it back then, so they’re still good memories. I just wish… they weren’t so cringe-worthy… lol

    I can’t believe how many sites we tried to own back then though! I definitely can’t deal with that many now!

  7. 16 years is a loooong time, T!

    Haha, I remember trying to use Microsoft Front Page and I just got SO frustrated – it was absolute terrible.

    Your journey is similar to mine, except I started out on Piczo and Matmice rather than Geocities. I think I’ve owned 5 domains altogether including my current one and chynnawebley.com. Kind of miss those days where owning domains was the trend. The Internet has changed so much since then, especially the blogosphere!

  8. I loved reading this post. It’s so interesting to find out how people got started in blogging. I can’t believe you’ve been on the Internet so long! That’s crazy!

    I remember asking my dad for my first domain. Luckily, he didn’t take much persuading, under the condition that I worked out how to set one up for him too! I remember the struggle of learning how to set up a website, I spent ages trying to work out how to upload stuff!

    I started on Piczo in 2005/6 because all my high school friends had a Piczo page. That turned into a “graphics” site for me, where I made the most horrible animated glitters in the world. I have no idea how I went from that to here!

  9. Ahh those Geocities days! Neopets and Geocities were definitely how I learned HTML and CSS as a kid since they made it so easy to practice and learn how to make websites. But I definitely agree that you get so much more freedom with private hosting and that allowed me to dive into PHP. Which reminds me that I’m super grateful for those years that you hosted after my previous host closed down her site.

  10. Haha I feel we had similar beginnings! Except my first websites were not about anime, but boybands! When I was 16 back in 2008 I tried so hard to convince my mom to let me buy a domain but she said not until I graduate from high school since I was supposed to study instead of spend all my time online. Instead a few ladies hosted me for free on subdomains. When I purchased my first domain it was also a network! Because I could only have one domain.

    I eventually had a domain hoarding phase until I calmed down and realized buying a domain wasn’t going to motivate me to finish a project. So now I only have 3 domains (I think). I’ve been on paid hosting ever since finishing college. Though I pay for it myself now, back then my mom paid for it so I can become a web developer, which I no longer am.

    Time flies. :P

  11. It seems like 2001 was the year of early domains. I also registered my first domain (balamb-epitaph.net) in late 2000-early 2001 and it was a collective of character shrines from Final Fantasy VIII, my favorite FF game from the entire series (well, until Final Fantasy XV came along). And then, I had a huge list of domains too, all dedicated to fandom.

    My first site altogether was back in 1997 with a Dragonball Z/GT fanfic collection, hosted on Geocities. CSS didn’t exist in my life yet until 1999 haha! I cheated in a way too because I was learning Photoshop and Illustrator back in college. I used ImageReady with a bit of tweaking for all my layouts then.

    It’s been awhile since I’ve been here, so, hello again Tara! :D

  12. Lol, I owned a lot of websites too! I started when I was 10, and I don’t know how many websites I had because it seems like I made websites for all my fandoms XD

    I also started with FrontPage and it was an absolutely frustrating experience. I agree that it was a terrible program, but looks like a lot of us started with that or Geocities :P

    But unlike you, I was quite late to the game of owning domains. Haha! My parents absolutely wouldn’t allow me to buy a domain (maybe they knew how many websites I owned! LOL) so I really had to save up for that T_T

  13. I think I also registered my first domain in 2001… It was for my birthday in 6th grade, I think. Icy-Dreams.net or something like that???? I think??? Man. We were such domain/website hoarders!! I swear at one point all of us had a dozen up and running!!!

    I keep on coming back to blogging, but I honestly feel like that’s the only thing I can keep on going these days… I have a static portfolio that I can’t get myself to really update, and a few other websites/projects that I can’t really get myself to keep track of… But a blog, you get to write about things you want to, so it’s easier to update.

    I’ve no idea how I had so much motivation and drive to maintain so many websites back in the days!

  14. It’s amazing that is has been 16 years since you purchased your first domain! It can be so weird as time goes on how things change. So many of the small things that meant so much in the early days (like owning a domain, having a host) are a lot easier now. The price still varies though haha.

    OMG. I completely forgot about Frontpage! I used that many times. I can remember it used to insert all of this custom code into pages, which was annoying. It’s really interesting that you started through fandom. My love of websites started from Harry Potter and wanting to make sites based around it. :D

    Only having a few domains would certainly be a lot easier!

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