PSA: RSS Feed Change

PSA: RSS Feed Change (Original image from

This is just a quick post to tell my fellow bloggers and loyal readers to double-check their RSS URL for my blog. Last year, I transferred my blog from to, and I set to redirect to That means if you were following my RSS Feed via, it still works and shows my new posts on Unfortunately, will expire soon, so please double-check the RSS URL that you’re following. If you see you’re following, please follow and delete the one.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me or leave a comment on this post. Thanks for your understanding!


  1. Hey dropping by here!

  2. Hey Tara!

    Thanks for being so wonderful and informing everyone as usual! You rock!

    Looking forward to your next blog post. I hope you’re doing OK!

    Lots of love <3

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