Aigoo Adventures: Busan 2017

Aigoo Adventures

Whew! I’m finally here to share my Busan trip. I’d been occupied by my other hobbies, so I fell behind on my blogging schedule, of which I am absolutely fine with. I’ve also been exhausted from work, my commute, and the more-than-usual travelling I’ve done. I can’t say I’ll be returning to my regular blogging schedule that I’ve kept up for the past 2.5 years. I’m just tired. Going to Busan taught me that regular travels and summer travelling doesn’t suit me. Despite those little bits of life lessons, I did have fun in Busan to the best of my ability. Read on to see what I did :)

Bagging to Busan

New Carry-On Toiletries Packing

In preparation for my Busan trip, I decided to buy a cheap hard-case luggage to use as a carry-on since I was going to fly back on Air Busan. Thanks to the Bus Ticket Lady, she helped me negotiate with the guy to sell the luggage to me for 40,000 ($37 USD). And then I discovered some masking tapes on the insides of the case, and she finagled another 5,000 won discount. This luggage is cheap, but it has held up quite well in my Busan travels. I also tried my best to pack light with my toiletries, with great success!

Train Treats

SRT Goodies Busan Station

I left work early to catch the SRT train to Busan. I rode first-class and they gave me a bottle of water and a box full of goodies — coffee, cookie, mixed nuts, mouthwash, and wet tissues. Two hours later, I arrived at Busan Station. There, I almost decided to catch a cab to my hotel, but I chose to save money by taking the subway . . . but I’d forgotten about rush hour. Being squashed in the crowded car made me regret not taking a cab.

Hotel Haven

Queens Hotel Standard Room Standard Room

I survived that horrible subway ride and arrived at Seomeyon Station. It was hot and humid, and the last thing I wanted to do was to walk around in circles looking for my hotel. Thankfully, I guessed correctly and went down the right streets to my hotel. Checking in was interesting, for I watched a bunch of Chinese ladies claiming their bags without their baggage receipts, and when the hotel owners asked for the receipts, they kept saying they didn’t have it — until one girl finally dug through her wallet and found it. Eventually, I was given the keys to my room, and I happily settled in there. The transparent partition around the bathroom is odd, but since I was by myself, it didn’t bother me. The bed turned out to be super comfortable, and the AC unit proved to be a godsend.

Seeking Seomyeon

Seomyeon French Gel Nails

I wandered around western part of Seomyeon, looking for a reasonably priced nail salon. I desired French gel nails, but I wasn’t going to pay more than 60,000 won for the deed. I asked three nail salons before finding a place that charged 55,000 won. I was quite pleased with the end results!

Barley Bibimbap

Barley Bibimbap Barley Bibimbap

For dinner, I had barley bibimbap. It was okay — not great or bad. If anything, I liked that it came with barley rice instead of the regular white rice. It may not have been the best meal, but it was a healthy one.

Him N Her

June Bug and Snacks June Bug

I found a super tiny bar a minute from my hotel, but the size didn’t bother me. They had a relaxing atmosphere, a cute and friendly bartender (who spoke with the Busan dialect!), fantastic drinks, and unique bar munchies. The round “styrofoam snacks” and the peanuts weren’t anything new, but providing gim (seaweed laver) struck me as brilliant. Why that never come to me as a drinks munchies is beyond me since gims are low in calories and healthy!

Horrible Heat and Humidity

Mul Naengmyeon Busan Citizens Park Busan Citizens Park Busan Citizens Park

I slept until noon the next day. I realise that travelling at the end of a work week caused my exhaustion. I did feel refreshed from the sleep, though. Breakfast for me was mul naegnmyeon (cold noodles in broth), and then I valiantly walked to Busan Citizens Park, which used to be the site for Camp Hialeah, a US Army Base. I reached the park, but the 1.5-kilometre walk there gave me another form of exhaustion — heat exhaustion. I stayed only long enough to take the photos, and I walked back to the nearest subway station to return to my hotel. At this point, I realised that summer travelling is not for me.

Seomyeon Slowness

Seomyeon Seomyeon

After I recovered in my room, with the AC on full blast, I ventured out to do a slow exploration of the eastern side of Seomyeon. Honestly, Seomyeon is like a less crowded version of Myeong-dong. I just felt like I was back in Seoul, haha!

Cafe Cheer

Jeonpo Cafe Street Jeonpo Cafe Street Avocado and Hummus Toast

I cut across East Seomyeon to visit Jeonpo Cafe Street. I saw a neat wall with flowers on them. I also saw a lot of cafes that were on the main drag, with many of them tucked away in the side streets and alleyways. I even found an anime store in the area! I didn’t buy anything, though, because the merchandises were overpriced, even the Yuri!!! On Ice ones. Instead, I splurged myself at a health-food restaurant that sold these amazing avocado and hummus toast. The toast was nutty and crunchy, and the chilli flakes sprinkled on the avocados gave them a nice kick! I was impressed by this meal! Then I unwinded and cooled off in another cafe with some bubble tea.

Final Fancies

East Sea Passport

For dinner I had mul naengmyeon again. After, I ended my night by returning to Him N Her and had three cocktails. One of them was this beautiful blue drink called the “East Sea”, which was recommended to me by the bartender. I have no clue what went in that drink, but it was so fruity and sweet. The next day, I didn’t oversleep. I had breakfast in the hotel and went for some iced latte from across the street. I packed my luggage and puttered around on my Chromebook until my checkout time. By then it was raining, so the cab I’d requested for pickup was much welcomed. The cab driver took me to Gimhae Airport, and there I waited for my Air Busan flight, which was delayed by an hour. The flight itself was uneventful. Compared to Jeju Air only offering complimentary water on their flight, I did like how Air Busan provided water, tea, coffee, and juice.

When I made it home, I told my parents that Busan was okay, but I didn’t see much because it was just too hot to sightsee. It was a disappointing trip, but I didn’t feel as let down as with Fukuoka. I really do want to return to Busan when it’s colder. Heat and humidity while sightseeing on foot just doesn’t work well for me. I am also just feeling run down from all the travels I’ve done this year. I need a break. I was going to go to Chuncheon for Labour Day weekend, but that is not going to happen. Instead, I’ll rest and save up money for my Guam trip in October. I’ve decided that I require at least two months in between travels to prevent burnouts. Travel is great, yes, and I am thankful for the opportunities, but a line needs to be drawn. Travelling on a regular basis is just not for me. Like most things in my life, I need to maintain balance, and by doing so, I’ll be much happier.


  1. It’s fine to fall off your blogging schedule! I mean you’ve been caught up with your life and gotta take care of the more important things. It’s great that you figured out your comfort zone for traveling.

    You got the luggage for a really good price! Major props to the bus ticket lady. The goodies you received from the SRT train sounds legit! You can never go wrong with cookies ;).

    Wow, that drama at the hotel check-in sounds crazy! Receipts are made for a reason *o*. Glad to hear that your hotel room was really nice! I’ve heard of the bathroom having see through walls, especially in honeymoon suites!

    Your French tips look nice! Love the white color :). Your bibimbap looks legit! I haven’t eaten in a long time *o*. I don’t blame you for leaving the park early, I would too under a heat! The avocado toast is making me HUNGRY!!!!!!

    I’m sorry that Busan wasn’t all that. Though, at least now you know so you can avoid it in the future! Labor Day is a while off so you have some time to recover from your travels ;).

  2. Lovely photos. This certainly looks like an interesting place to visit as it’s so different from where I’m from. I completely understand about the heat though. I can’t stand when it’s overly hot as well, and the heat really has a way of draining your energy.

  3. That’s too bad about the heat and humidity! I know what you mean though. I get tired so easily being out in the heat, especially if it’s humid on top of that. From the photos of the park and city, Busan looks like it’d be a nice place to visit if the weather was cooler! I really love that flower wall you found too.

    That’s interesting that you had a bibimbap with barley instead of white rice. I’ve never seen that before. Having cold noodles for breakfast also sounds like a refreshing start to the day, especially in hot weather! The toast you had looks really good too. Avocado and hummus looks like a great combo.

    Sorry to hear that this was a disappointing trip though. Hopefully you get a chance to go back when it’s not so hot. I also feel you on needing a break from traveling. Sometimes I feel like I need a vacation from my vacation. I hope you get a chance to relax and feel refreshed for your next trip in October!

  4. It looks like you had a great time, even if it was hot. I really enjoyed your photos. Your nails looked really nice!

  5. I’m so bad at sticking to any kind of blogging schedule. I always plan to but then something comes up and I hardly have any time. Plus, I hate posting anything that feels rushed and unorganised. I’d much prefer to post less and be happy with what I’m posting.

    Sorry your trip was disappointing. I imagine it’s really tiring doing so many trips in such a short space of time. I know I always feel like I need an extra week off work to recover from a holiday! And that’s just when I go once a year! It’s great that you got to explore a bit though. At least you’ll know where to visit if you go again.

    Plus, that avocado on toast looks amazing! I think I’d wanna go just to try that! And you got some lovely photos too!

  6. It’s okay to fall behind on your blogging schedule every once in a while, since you’ve been busy with other awesome things. I was never good at sticking to a blogging schedule as well! :|

    It’s too bad that you experienced the terrible heat and humidity! I agree that summer travel is super stressful and exhausting, I can’t blame you for being a bit disappointed with your trip. But at least now you know your travel preference and I do hope that you get to go back to Busan when it’s a bit colder, so you can explore more of it :)

  7. I’m sorry that you didn’t have as much fun as your previous travels but at least you made the most out of your trip. The cocktails at Him N Her look delicious and I love all of the photos you took!

    I do agree that traveling gets tiring when you do it so much. It’s good that you’re giving yourself a little break before your next adventure.

  8. I’m so late but I hadn’t had the time and was like “I should try Tara’s blog even though I’m at work” and surprisingly I could get through! Yay!

    Oooh first class. I think it’s great that you’ve been treating yourself to solo trips. I’m so jealous you went to Busan! I want to save enough money for an overseas trip (first stop – Korea!) but I also have other things to save for, so the struggle is real, haha.

    That sucks about the heat and humidity :/ I think I also dislike summer traveling. Only because my skin doesn’t take to the weather very well.

    Your french gel nails look really cute & that flower wall is also really cute! I like how all the people are taking pictures, haha. Looks like a popular photography spot!

    Thanks for sharing your experience. I hope your next visit to Busan is less disappointing!

  9. Girl, I’m so envious of you and all those trips. Busan looks pretty nice and those streets look ultra cute. :) Travelling is great, but I’m totally with you about being exhausted from too much- sometimes I feel like people also need to build energy for the travels, so you could use it to appreciate and enjoy the location. I’d say the situation is worse since you’re also exhausted from the heat + work. I hope you rest up before your next trip, and definitely take care of yourself! Nonetheless, your photos are still great despite a disappointing experience~ following you now and looking forward to new posts! X

  10. Your pictures look amazing and your food and drink descriptions have left my mouth watering. Busan looks like an amazing place and I’m sorry you were feeling too exhausted to enjoy it properly :(

  11. Yay, Busan! It’s one of the places I want to visit, especially after watching Train to Busan. Although lets hope there’s no zombies when I visit 😂

    That’s so good you got that deal for your suitcase… thank you Bus Ticket Lady! I need to get a hard-case suitcase, as well. I’ve spotted one I really like, but it’s a bit pricey. I know the quality is really good and the reviews are amazing, so I know it’ll be worth it in the long run but I’ll wait and see. Also, cute hotel! The bed looks so comfortable.

    Love your nails!

    It sucks about the heat and humidity, but I’m glad you were able to enjoy it somewhat. The park looks so pretty and peaceful. Personally, I don’t mind the heat but the humidity would definitely throw me off. When it’s humid over here, it’s horrid – especially when you have to work! I look like a hot mess when it’s humid.

    I love cocktails <3 They're my weakness. I like it when the bartenders suggest drinks because they almost always suggest the best ones.

  12. Why are those food looking so good and tempting? Oh no, I’m craving for Bibimbap right now.
    I’ve been also wanting to visit Busan, to see Gamcheon Village and the beach, but it looks like even there are a lot of places there worth to visit from this post! x

  13. Whaaat how did I forget that you have an American passport? :P

    I’m sorry your trip wasn’t as great as you would have wanted it to be. Summer travel IS a bummer in my opinion as well – I remember the most miserable trip of my life was a summer visit to Shanghai and the vicinity that did not have A/C. I went to Hong Kong in January this year and it was 100x better than my previous trip there in May.

    I was half-expecting to see you post photos of the ocean since I’ve seen from K-dramas that people from Busan grew up on the water. :P My parents and relatives also went to Busan last autumn – they took a ferry from China.

    Busan looks like a cute city! It reminds me of Japan for some reason. Those avocado on toasts look very yummy. The East Sea drink reminds me of a drink I saw once in Miami and it was served in a fish bowl! Unfortunately I was underage at the time.

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