Recent Realities Vol. 8

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Quite a few things have happened to me recently. I returned from my Busan trip, but I wanted to write about my other happenings before I share all the full details of my trip. Work has kept me busy for the most part, but I still have found time to try and do new things. Also, an awesome blogger gifted me a special pillow. So read all about it :)

Cat’s Craft

Onigiri Pillow

A couple of months ago, I saw that Cat made an onigiri pillow that was featured in Yuri!!! On ice. I had gushed over it because I’m a YOI fangirl, and then Cat offered to make me one. Such an unexpected and thoughtful gesture! The pillow came to me with a Yurio cellphone charm. The pillow is well made and squishy, and I am extremely grateful to Cat for doing this. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Cat! ♥ ♥ ♥

Tasty Tacos

Tortilla-free Southwest Chicken Tacos

One of my favourite restaurants, Cali Kitchen, opened up their new place. Now known as Cali Kitchen 2.0 (because their new name is super long), I was invited to their Secret Taco Tuesday event, and that was where I tried their south-west chicken taco bowl (er, plate?). I was completely blown away by this flavourful pile of well-spiced chicken, pico de gallo, and everything else. This was seriously one of the best things I’ve eaten in a while.

Daddy’s Dinner

Roast Beef and Veggies Roast Beef and Veggies Mini-Turnover a la Mode

On Father’s Day, I unleashed my ninja cooking skills and did a Sunday roast for my daddy. I used Italian seasonings and black pepper rub on the meat and baked it with some veggies. For dessert, I took the mini-apple turnovers from the bakery and put some Haagen-Dazs’ dulce de leche ice cream on top. I need to brush up on my skills, though, for the roast did turn out dry (I later learned that I should have seared the chunk of meat) and the veggies were a bit undercooked. Oops. At least I tried, and Daddy did like the thoughts I’d put into the meal.

Tara Tour No. ∞

Restaurant in Gwangjang Market

One of my co-workers and I’d talked about me doing a Tara Tour for her and her family since last November. She lives in Songtan, but she hasn’t really explored Seoul that much. Months later, our timing finally matched up, and I was able to give them the special Tara Tour in Seoul. That day we did the following:

  • Picked them up at the bus terminal and walked to the subway.
  • Rode the subway to Insa-dong.
  • Went to my favourite tea house and had some Korean tea.
  • Walked through Insa-dong street and saw the Kkultarae (honey thread snacks) demonstration.
  • Headed to Gwangjang Market and had lunch that consisted of bindaetteok, seafood bindaetteok, and naengmyeon — aka savoury mungbean pancakes, savoury seafood mungbean pancakes, and cold buckwheat noodles. The photo above is the restaurant we ate at.
  • Rode the bus to Daehakro to visit Purie. We bought their jams and pet snacks.
  • Took the subway to Yongsan Electronics Market. I introduced them to my computer guy and showed them the video game alley.
  • Escorted them back to the bus terminal.

Whew! We did quite a bit between noon and seven in the evening. I was quite pleased with myself for timing everything right, and they told me that I was way better than any paid tour packages, haha! I should really put this on my resume . . .

Welp, these were my latest happenings! My next post will be about my Busan trip. Until next time!


  1. Chantelle on

    I love this series (Recent Realities). The pillow is adorable. The gesture you made to your father for father’s day was also sweet. I would never do that, though, because I don’t cook. Even though it wasn’t perfect, from the pictures, it looks like you did a great job with your meal. At any rate, it seems like you’ve been really busy, but busy in good ways.

  2. It’s sweet of Cat for making you an onigiri pillow!! It is so cute :)! I am craving for some onigiri now XD. The taco bowl looks like an interesting concept. I do like how it has fewer carbs without the tortilla or rice XD. You’re a sweet daughter for making your dad some food for Father’s Day! It’s always the thought that counts :).

    Omg!!! Whenever I get to Seoul, I need to book you for a Tara Tour XD. I love how you found an alliteration for everything.

    You are the Alliteration Queen.

    It sounds like your coworker got a lot within the day! Glad to hear everything worked out at the end :).

    Looking forward to hearing about your Busan trip!!!! :)

  3. Aww, I’m so glad you like the onigiri pillow! Thanks to you, too, for the YOI gifts you sent me! That was so sweet, and I really appreciated it :D

    Ooh, a taco bowl sounds good, and I think that’s a thoughtful gift to cook for Father’s Day :) We also cooked for my dad, except we did steaks with a side of potatoes and asparagus. Food is always a good way to celebrate!

    Your tour sounds really organized and with a nice variety of things! That’s great that they enjoyed it. Looking forward to hearing about your recent trip too!

  4. That pillow! =O
    I love that pillow. Its so adorable

    Also that taco bowl/plate thingy looks really yummy. So does that roast and potatoes. I mean I’m starving even though I just ate bahaha

    I really like this Recent Realities and Aigoo Adventures thing you’re doing lately. It’s always so refreshing to see all the things you’re doing while travelling. Especially since I don’t get to leave this crappy town often lol

    We definitely missed you!!

  5. Awwww, the pillow looks great, and it’s so wonderful that you were able to get one. Cat creates so many amazing things. :D

    That is cool that you enjoyed the taco/bowl/plate. :D It does look very tasty. The meal you prepared for father’s day looks awesome! :D I am sure with more practice you’ll get there. :)

    Woo, a Tara Tour sounds brilliant. :D

    Also, sorry that I haven’t been as frequent with commenting on your blog. *badKya*

  6. That pillow is so cute! =3

    And I have to say the food you made for your dad looks so yummy! And yay for fun tours! XD

  7. Awww that’s so sweet of Cat to make you an onigiri pillow! It looks so comfortable too.

    I’ve said this on Twitter already but I’d love a Tara Tour. You seem to know all the good eats in Seoul – I never even pictured it with so many Western style food. A lot of people are always in a rush when they visit cities for vacation, but one of the best things is just going through it like a local! So what could be better than having a local to guide you through it? :DDDD

  8. Oh that pillow is so cute! What a sweet gift! Love that you cooked for your dad on Father’s Day, I think that gifts where you have to put in a lot of time and effort always feel more meaningful, even if a few veggies are undercooked ;) The pictures of the food looks good though, I thought it was food from a restaurant actually called “Daddy’s Dinner”, haha

  9. Aww, it’s so lovely that Cat made you that pillow. It looks so comfy. Cat is so talented!

    It’s great that you made your dad dinner for Father’s Day. I think the roast looks really nice, but I actually prefer meat to be dry anyway (is that weird?). And those veggies look delicious. I’m glad he was happy that you made him it!

    The taco bowl looks amazing too! Glad you’ve been having fun!

  10. Cat is absolutely amazing for making you an onigiri pillow. Also, how cute of her to send you a Yurio cellphone charm as well! I love it :D

    So, most the posts I’ve caught up on today contain food and now I am hella hungry. The taco looks DELICIOUS and I love pico de gallo *drool face*

    Also, I’m so happy you made a Sunday roast. That is really sweet of you! Can’t wait till you come to England to try a pub Sunday roast ;) Also, hello – I’m looking forward to my Tara Tour when I finally make it to Seoul (I know, I know, I say it every time but I definitely going to visit, I promise!)

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