Symphonic Selections: Piano de Bossa ~ Fly Me to the Moon

Symphonic Selections

Three more days until my trip! I am so excited for it, and thus my excitement affected my choice for this month’s Symphonic Selections. A couple of weeks ago, I stumbled upon a gospel version of “Zankoku na Tenshi no Thesis”, the opening song for Neon Genesis Evangelion, a popular anime from the 1990s. This made me think of its ending song, “Fly Me to the Moon”. I will be flying soon, albeit not to the Moon, and I kept singing this song whenever I had a free moment. Therefore, I went on a hunt for an instrumental version of this song.

I discovered this one from the Piano de Bossa album by Febian Reza Pane. Jazz is one of my favourite genres, and I’ve been really digging the bossa nova style lately, so this version really charmed me. This is a lovely piano piece with the accompanying bass and drums. This piece is relaxing, and I can picture myself in my hotel lounge in the evening, enjoying a glass of wine after a long day of touring. I wished I were already there!

Anyway, hope you all enjoy this piece. If you want to keep up with me on my travels, I’ll be tweeting on my Twitter. If you’re already friends with me on Facebook, I’ll also post there a bit. I bought a power bank just for my phone and rented a pocket wi-fi in Japan, so I’ll be properly connected. Keep on blogging, everyone, and I’ll be back!


  1. I am so excited that you’re excited for your trip! You definitely deserve a break.

    This instrumental version is so relaxing. I love it!

    Enjoy your trip <3

  2. I’m so glad you’re excited for your trip and I can’t wait to see pictures and follow along with your journey! I’m so jealous. :P Ha, I’ve heard wi-fi in Japan is nearly impossible to find unless you’re in a Starbucks so smart to rent wi-fi!

    This instrumental version is so relaxing. I’m a big fan of instrumentals (especially when I need to buckle down and concentrate). I have a whole playlist of beautiful instrumentals on Spotify and sometimes when I just need a break from the world I’ll put it on and let myself wind down. Considering 99% of what I listen to these days is Japanese rock, instrumentals can be a nice, calming change of pace. ;P

    Enjoy your trip, Tara! Make sure to take plenty of pictures and enjoy the break. <3

  3. Piano de Bossa is a beautiful piece! I really like the jazzy feel and the use of cymbals throughout the song. The song sounds as relaxing as you enjoying your vacation XD. Have fun with your sightseeing and adventuring in Japan! Stay safe and relax~

  4. That was really nice to listen to. That version was one of my favorites for Fly Me To The Moon. Hope you’re having fun on your travels!

  5. I love Fly Me to The Moon, and this version is lovely and very relaxing to listen to :) I really should update my piano/bossa nova playlist, it’s been so long since I added new songs to it :P

    Have fun on your trip and I’m looking forward to reading all about it! :D

  6. I’m not familiar with jazz, but I’ve come across music similar to this. I recall both the opening and ending songs of NGE, and how they differed in tempo.

    I really like this rendition, as you see yourself sipping wine I see myself studying with a latte. I honestly didn’t think I’d be listening to the entire clip, but I did!

    I’ve been quietly following your trip on both SNS and I hope it’s been a really fun trip, on and off camera! Can’t wait for a round-up post, if you’ll write one.

  7. Sorry that I have been a bit behind on commenting. I hope you are having an amazing time on your trip and look forward to hearing all about it. It’s really cool that the music is like inspiration for the trip! :D

  8. I’ve been following your trip on social media and about to read your post! I can’t wait :D

    I love this music, it’s so calming <3 Thank you for sharing! ✨

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