Luggage Lore

Luggage Lore

For my upcoming trip, I needed new luggage. Of all my tasks in preparing for this trip, this proved to be my least favourite. But it needed to be done. I fully admit to not being a light packer, and on top of that, I buy a lot of souvenirs and gifts back whenever I go to Japan. A huge chunk of what I buy are actually gifts for family and friends, but I am not above treating myself, either. With all that I take and bring with me, I’ll need some good luggage. The one I had broke, though, so it was time for me to consider some new ones.


This is my old 29″ luggage that I bought in 2010. This no-name luggage is actually still in good shape, but the extendable handle literally snapped off after my second trip in 2015. Even before that second trip, the extendable handle wasn’t working well. Needless to say, I was not pleased that this only lasted two trips. I also learnt from my last trip that this luggage was too big and bulky for my 160cm/5’2″ frame to handle. Also, because it’s so big, I believe I could cram everything in there, but that only led me to dangerously approach the 23kg/50lb limit.


After my last trip, I decided to buy two different-sized luggage. I wanted the small one to fit into the larger one. By doing this, I will separate my clothes and other necessities into the smaller case and pack all my souvenirs and gifts into the larger case on my return trip. I looked at my options at the PX. I was stuck between three brands, so I asked my friends for their advice, and I read reviews on the three. In the end, I chose the Travelpro Maxlite 4 21″ Spinner and the Travelpro Maxlite 4 25″ Spinner. I have to say, the price tag for both were a bit more than what I’d planned on paying, but they are still within my budget and I hope they will last me at least five or more trips.

With my luggage picked out, now I just need to pack! I’ll stuff my blue luggage with everything I can that needs to be checked in and load that into the black case. My backpack will be my carry-on bag with my Chromebook and other important necessities. Lastly, my small grey cross-body bag will be my personal item aka my purse. Can’t say I’m excited to do all the packing, but it’s an evil necessity, haha! Evil or not, my trip is fast approaching, and I need to ensure everything’s ready to go. Oh, and I need to survive work this week and then I’ll be on leave for sixteen glorious days! I cannot wait!


  1. Reading this post has just reminded me that I should probably invest in some new luggage. Every time I wave my suitcase goodbye at check in I’m somewhat convinced it will be the last time I see it! My current case is battered to bits!

    I’m not sure which brand I’ll go for but I want a light-weight hard case with four wheels on the bottom to make life easier.

    I like your idea of packing one case inside another. I don’t tend to buy many souvenirs on holiday, so I normally come back with less than I started with!

  2. I’m glad you got some new luggage! I used to never think much of it, but now that I travel more frequently, I do like having a good-quality suitcase (or two).

    When I was travelling with Nick and my family in Indonesia, we had a very, very old suitcase that used to hold up to 30kg of stuff. It was quite large but over time, because of the weight (obviously), the handles broke off. One by one. There was no trolley function because it was very old, but I can’t believe we put up with it for as long as we did. The final handle, which was uncomfortably on one of the long sides, broke when we were taking our suitcase through customs back in Australia. Fucking hilarious, when you think about it. It was also a no-name brand but I guess it was good while it lasted haha!

    It’s OK if you can’t pack light – I have been training myself to do so, because I realise I don’t need half as much as I pack. 😆 But if you’re taking lots of stuff back, then of course you will need some space for it! On my last trip to Japan I packed light but I really, really didn’t factor in the stuff I was going to take back. I bought a lot more than I intended. :P So I ended up having to ship some of my stuff home from the post office. It was expensive, but still a lot cheaper than buying a new suitcase…! Obviously I didn’t plan well, but you’re definitely planning ahead.

  3. I’m not really a fan of luggages XD I prefer backpacks~ but if ever probably the most convenient to use if going somewhere that will take time, luggage for sure to use! Glad you got your preferred luggage! And oh~ enjoy your trip! I have mine set next week :D Yay!

  4. Aahh, I really need to buy new luggage too. A couple of mine are really showing wear and tear and breaking some places. That sucks that your old one only lasted two trips! That’s too short!

    Oh man, when I go to Japan, I always have to make room for things I buy. There’s too much good stuff there XD I end up packing 2 large luggages that are about half full each, so that there’s room left over. I like your idea of putting one luggage into the other one! I hope your new ones last a lot longer, and have fun on your trip!

  5. I’m glad you were able to get some new luggage and they’re very nice.

    I found out the hard way during my first year of college that the luggage I had was not big enough to bring all of my stuff back and forth between the dorm and my home. Luckily, my dad bought me a gigantic Samsonite duffle and a smaller duffle to make the trip easier.

    I’m so excited for you! Safe travels!

  6. My least favorite part about taking trips is packing and unpacking! It can be such a chore. Despite that, I love these suitcases! I’ve been shopping for months for good suitcases for my Japan trip. I’m only taking one large suitcase and one small (carry-on) suitcase, so I’m looking for good quality luggage that’ll last a few trips. For me, though, I want those suitcases that are half and half! I saw it in a video once and it looked SO spacious, so I really need one of ’em. ;D

    Good luck with all of your packing! It’ll be totally worth it once you’re in Japan and having a great time. :P Just pack smart!

  7. I actually really enjoy picking out luggage! On my trip to Barcelona, I bought a cheap luggage bag from Amazon for like £12. The price definitely reflected the quality. It broke almost immediately on the way there so I went to invest in a hard shell luggage bag on my two weeks away to Lisbon and Nice. I’m glad I invested a bit more because it lasted more the journey to the airport 😂

    I’m happy that you managed to find a luggage bag for you! The whole process of finding the perfect luggage bag, planning the trip, looking at places to see and how to get there honestly brings me so much life!! I got excited for you reading this post haha!

    I don’t actually bring much back with me although I should. My family always just want me to come back home as their gift xD

    I am looking forward to hearing about your trip, you deserve it, Tara. You work so hard! Hopefully, this will be a nice breakaway 💜

  8. Even though you didn’t really enjoy having to find a new luggage, at least you found a couple of nice luggages. I need to buy a new luggage for my upcoming trip and I’m procrastinating on it XD. It’s good that you found a luggage that is compatible with the airline’s requirement. Hope the luggages are proved to be durable with the price tag that came along!

    It’s pretty smart thinking to carry a luggage inside a luggage so you can bring back a lot of goodies from Japan! I can’t imagine having to lug around two luggages with two hands but it’s worth it with all of the cool stuff you can buy from Japan. Traveling for work taught me how to pack light XD. Though, this probably won’t be the case if I travel for personal reasons XD.

    Hope you’ll have a great time out in Japan!

  9. It’s great that you found some new luggage ready for your trip. The only suitcase I’ve ever bought is one with a bows, and that was just because I thought it looked really pretty. I’ve never actually been abroad, so I’ve never had to consider anything like weight, fortunately. Hopefully this set lasts you longer than the last one!

    I also hate packing. I always get so stressed about what I need to take and it ends up taking hours. I miss my mum packing for me when I was little!

  10. I’m not a light packer, so I definitely get it! Especially if I know I’m bringing a huge suitcase.

    I actually want to buy a new suitcase, but I don’t like spending money. LOL i’m so cheap. I mean I mainly want a matching suitcase and backpack, really. But I know I don’t NEED it. T_T Life.

    Glad you were able to find luggage in the end, and good luck with the packing!

  11. A good suitcase is a great investment, and I’m glad you’ve found ones that you like. I probably should buy a new small suitcase soon since it’s been taking a beating from the 100+ flights I’ve done over the past year, but then I haven’t been flying as frequently as before. I’ve been eyeing this beautiful lightweight hardshell suitcase that I see other business travelers use….But I’m being cheap and just waiting for to be destroyed first… As for my larger suitcase that I bought in Korea, it’s still in good condition and useful for when I want to bring a lot of stuff!

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