TC’s Treasures: April 2017

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It’s the first Tuesday in April, and that means it’s time for another round of TC’s Treasures. This month’s post will be super short since I only have two favourites. They are both apps/websites that I tried after seeing or hearing about it from my blog buddies. Check out the two things I’ve been loving the past few weeks.

Calendar Changes

Apple Calendar

Last year, before I changed to an iPhone, I saw Georgie’s calendar screenshot. It wasn’t a Google Calendar or a Microsoft Outlook Calendar. I wasn’t familiar with its interface, but I loved how it looked. I asked her, and she told me it was the default calendar on her Mac. Fast forward to February, I made my way to iCloud and checked out the calendar because I wanted to start using something that would sync with my iPhone. I love my paper planner and Todoist, but I wanted something that would give me a monthly view and be useable on a computer and my phone. Plus, carrying around my physical planner became rather cumbersome.

Apple’s calendar was exactly what I needed Not only does it give me the desired monthly view, but I can also colour code the events on my calendar based on its category! I created the following categories:

  • Birthdays
  • Finance
  • Personal
  • Social
  • Work

On Todoist, I had about ten different categories, but for this new calendar, I simplified them into five. So this is my new calendar! I love it, and it’s been working great for me!

Inspirock Introduction


With my Hakodate trip coming up, my brain had changed to travel-mode. Chynna had tweeted about loving Inspirock, and I conversed with her about it. Turned out, she used that to plan out her itinerary. That intrigued me, so I checked it out to see if I could use it for my upcoming trip. It was very handy — though it was limited in some ways. Some places I wanted to see in Hakodate wasn’t on the website, it only considered driving as your main mode of transport (whatever happened to walking?!), and I couldn’t really fine-tune the times the way I wanted. Despite these limitations, I did like a couple of their features. I could view my itinerary visually day-by-day, and it gave me a map-view of whatever was planned for that day. In the end, I still typed up my itinerary, but I did like using Inspirock as a reference.

That’s it for my favourites this month. I’ll have more favourites for May!


  1. Yeah, the Apple calendar is pretty nice. I don’t use it much these days since I rely on my Bullet Journal for that, but the color coding is awesome.

  2. I rely heavily on the calendar on my iPhone/iPad/Macbook for my work schedule. I don’t know what I’d do without it!

  3. Hehe I love the calendar that Apple has, it’s just so simple and has all the little features I need. I like the little details like being able to add a URL, notes and even attachments to an event. I can attach concert tickets, which is so convenient. I also like to put the “time to leave” or “travel time” sometimes. I am glad you like it! 😄 (Even better now that you have an iPhone hahaha.)

    I definitely have to check out Inspirock. I can imagine that something like that would not have all the locations and landmarks, but if it assists with keeping a rough itinerary then it is certainly a good thing. I like that it’s visual, as well, as most other itinerary keepers I’ve seen tend to be text-based and pretty dull (I’ve seen a few but never used them – Nick knows a good one but I don’t recall the name).

    Normally when planning trips I do extensive research and plan out my days for a particular city, since some landmarks may not be open on some days, and travelling between some of them may be difficult. I usually write it all out in a notebook or in a document, so, given the inability to fine-tune, I would sort of see Inspirock as something I’d use once I have everything planned, and as something to look at at-a-glance.

  4. I use the Apple calendar for EVERYTHING. My favorite part about it is that it syncs to all of my devices, so I can update the calendar on my laptop (the easiest route), and it automatically updates my phone. And my work schedule updates through an app, so my calendars are always synced for work too! It’s so useful. I need to redo my color system and get a little more organized with that, but otherwise I think it’s an incredibly useful app. :P I tried using Google Calendar or whatever but didn’t like that it would sync with my emails.

    Inspirock looks so cool! I just went and tried to find some information about Osaka, but it won’t let me plan an 11 month trip. XD Alas. I’ll probably use it the closer I get to my Japan take-off time to do some tiny planning! I have a few weeks in Japan before school officially starts so it’d be fun to get to know the city in a hands-on and creative way before school starts.

  5. I don’t use a calendar but I do know the Apple one is very handy! It automatically adds my email invites to it and I know some people somehow synced it with their Facebook events.

    Oh man, I’m going a weekend trip where I have exactly one day in Chicago! I’m gonna look at the Inspirock trip planner NOW. :)

  6. Glad to see that you’re enjoying your new digital calendar. For some reason, I still love my paper calendar but at the same time, a digital one is ideal for easy access purposes (and the fact that it syncs with all of my devices). My phone liked pulling data from Facebook and imported everyone’s birthdays @___@.

    I’ve seen Inspirock for a while now! It looks pretty cool for some neat traveling inspiration. I should probably check it out for my next vacation. Glad that it helped you a bit. I’m still on Google checking out recommendations on people’s blogs and using excel as a timetable XD.

    Hope you’ll have a lot of favorites to write in May! I’m sure your trip will give you a bunch ;).

  7. Thanks for sharing your monthly favourite Tara! :)

    I LOVE the look of that calendar, thanks for sharing! I had to have a quick look on my Macbook to see if I’ve got it. I was only aware of the Apple Calendar you automatically have on your Macbook? I didn’t know there was a seperate “iCloud Calendar” I managed to find it! Is it all just online? After this I’m going to try and sync my Google Calendar with it. I’ve only used Google Calendar because its the only we use at work so I’ve become used to it but I love the interface of the iCloud one!

    I’ve had a play around with Inspirock – thanks for sharing your itenary ;) Here’s to more adventures!

    I can’t wait to hear about your trip – super hyped for you!!!! I’ll live through you during ;) <3

  8. I used the Mac calendar for a few years, but sadly, I switched off of it last year. Unfortunately, it’s very buggy with meeting invites, and it would spam people with invites that they already accepted. It’s not very consistent on sending out meeting RSVP responses either. It’s too bad because it does look prettier than Outlook!

    Inspirock looks interesting though! I’ve never heard of it, but looks like it’s worth checking out the next time I’m planning a trip :)

  9. Apple’s calendar is great! I love that it links to my phone as well – it is so handy. When I get Facebook invites as well, it will automatically sync with my calendar and I’ll gegt reminders :) I still prefer my physical planner, but I sometimes use this as well.

    I’m so glad that you found Inspirock somewhat useful! I agree it is great for basics but not to plan your WHOLE trip on. It annoyed me as well that only driving is available as a method of transportation.

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