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Blogger Dossiers

This month’s Blogger Dossiers features Sydney, who blogs at A Daring Adventure. She’s one of my newer blogger buddies, and I am glad I got to know her better by doing this post. She’s a college student who will be studying abroad soon, and I am thrilled for her. Meet Sydney, everyone, and do follow her on Twitter and Instagram, too!

Sydney of A Daring Adventure

I’m Sydney, a language enthusiast, lover of Japanese rock bands, someday globetrotter, and avid book collector. I’m guilty of car dancing, I love to go with the flow, and I’m obsessed with skincare. I study English and Japanese in college, and I would love to be a translator someday. For now, though, my goal is to teach English in Japan. In September of this year, I’m shoving myself out of my comfort zone and into the streets of Japan to attend university abroad for 11 months. I turned 20 this month and I’m really excited to start this new chapter of my life. Oh, and my favourite Pokémon is Charmander.

Personifying Photographs

Sydney's Personifying Photo Sydney's Personifying Photo Sydney's Personifying Photo

Remarkable Recollection

I saw One Ok Rock in concert in Los Angeles, California, in January of this year and I think that night will remain in the Top 10 Best Nights of My Life for a long time. It’s hard to put into words how much I love One Ok, but I’ll say that I cried during “The Beginning“. It helped that I was sweating so much no one around me could tell, but I was totally a mess. I fell in love with this band 7 months ago and have listened to them every single day since then, so having the opportunity to see them live was just . . . incredible. I hope I get to see them in Japan, too!

Musical Moment

Sometimes I think of this as my “Japan song” because whenever I listen to it, I’m filled with an overwhelming need to go. I listened to it a lot when I was researching Japanese society and what it would be like to study in Japan, so when I listen to it it’s almost like I’m reminded of why I chose Japan in the first place.

Coffee Break Conversation

What started your love for the Japanese language?
I’m a massive language nerd. My Japanese friend (he’s up in that picture with me) nicknamed me “Fumi” (文), which means sentence, literature, writing, etc, because of my love for language. I was always interested in the Japanese language but thought it would be impossible to learn so I never bothered. Last year, some really emotional life stuff happened that pushed me to try things that I never thought I’d be able to do, and learning Japanese was one of those things. I just fell in love with it. I’d never had so much fun learning a language or found such joy in challenges. I started learning Japanese in July of 2016 and since then amazing opportunities have presented themselves, I’ve met incredible people, and I’ve found I feel truer to myself now than I ever did. So I own the Japanese language a lot.

What is one book you recommend to everyone?
Hm . . . probably The Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller. I cried at the end, and the story itself was beautiful from the first to the last page. It’s great for people that like well-written books about complex characters, all of which is rooted in mythology. I still think about Patroclus and Achilles sometimes.

What are some things you have planned to do when you go to Japan for your study abroad?
A better question is what are some things I don’t have planned. ;P I want to do a lot of travelling, especially because I’ll be close to Kyoto and only four hours from Tokyo. I have a good friend that lives in Tokyo and I’m excited to get to visit him! We have Tokyo Disneyland in the plans as well as all of the usual tourist stops. I’d really love to travel all of Japan, though. I have really long breaks between semesters, so I have small plans growing that involve making my way from the southern tip of Japan to the northern. We’ll see . . .

How do you juggle school, work, family/friends, and hobbies? What works and doesn’t work for you?
I won’t lie — it’s exhausting. Some days it feels like too much. But I find that prioritising works the best, and I make sure to give myself plenty of “time off”, too. My school/work life has balanced itself out in the last year because I work mornings now and go to school in the afternoon, which makes it possible for me to have clearer evenings for homework, family time, and sleep. That helps so much. A consistent work schedule does wonders!

If you could give a Ted Talk, what would you talk about and why?
I would talk about the importance of raising children to be multilingual. As someone who wishes their parents had forced them to learn a second language as a child, I can’t stress enough how important I think it is. I hope to someday raise my children in a multilingual and multicultural household because I find them so enriching. You learn far more about the world when you open yourself up to other cultures, and I wish this was a more accepted ideology in America. I will always envy people that grew up speaking two languages because I think they have an incredible advantage in the world.


  1. Glad to see that you learned more about Sydney upon the interview. It’s cool that she’s studying Japanese and will be going abroad soon. Seeing an artist in person makes you fall more in love with them. Hope she’ll get to see as many artists as she can in Japan ;).

    It’s great to see a passion bloom into where it is now. I hear there are a lot of cool things in Japan soooo seize the opportunity! I agree that it is enriching to raise children in a multicultural household. Acceptance is taught and the experience widens compared to just /focusing in one culture/. Even though there are people who grew up with more than one language, it’s never too late to learn :). Sometimes, I wish my boyfriend and I can talk in a different language but one (or both) of us have to make that jump.

  2. Ah, I follow Sydney on Twitter! I am so excited that she moving abroad to Japan and so excited to follow her journey! Charmander is a pretty cool Pokémon!

    There goes another book to add to my neverending list! Haha. Honestly I can’t wait for all the photos because I cannot wait until I get to visit Japan!

    Yes yes yes! That Ted Talk would be amazing – learning another language other than your native one can open you up to so many opportunities!

  3. Thank you for interviewing me, Tara! It was so much fun answering your questions and filling this out. ^^

  4. I enjoyed reading this post! I know Sydney through Twitter and through her blog (that she had a few years ago!), but I got to know her a little better through this. 😄

    I also have an affinity for Japan and I adore Sydney’s passion and dedication towards Japan, also, the fact that she’s pushing herself out of her comfort zone for such an adventure is truly admirable. It’s something that not many people have the guts to do. But she has a dream behind it, and it’s amazing.

    I have to admit that even though I grew up learning another language (Indonesian) I don’t think much of it is useful. I think you can definitely become more cultured without learning a language though. I believe I am more cultured and have been exposed to other cultures because I went to schools that gave opportunities to all students regardless of their background, and I also work for a company that frequently has themed days like Italian Day, French Day, Indonesian Day, etc. with themed food and sharing fun facts about the country. I’ve heard of people teaching their children another language from a young age, and allowing them to learn English naturally through school as well – I think that even taking children to eat a variety of cuisines is lovely, and it warms my heart to see people with their children eating food from other cultures and opening their eyes to the world around them 💖

    I love Sydney’s photo with the bookshelf! Not only is it an awesome photo but you look positively gorgeous, Sydney :)

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