Symphonic Selections: Piano Concerto No. 1 ~ Second Movement

Symphonic Selections

The song for this month’s Symphonic Selections was chosen almost randomly because I was listening to one of my favourite concertos on a whim. While listening, I was doing my nightly skincare prep, and I was in auto-pilot mode, so my mind wasn’t entirely with the music. But somehow or another, when the concerto made it to the second movement, the piece penetrated my fuzzy brain. I listened closer and squealed in delight, for it was a perfect spring-like piece to feature for March!

This is the second movement to Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky’sPiano Concert No. 1“. I actually adore the first movement more, but the second movement has grown on me the past few days. The piece opens up with the gentle pizzicatos and then the flute comes in with a gentle melody. This segment paints a picture of the world coming out of hibernation. Spring greets them as the birds sing the flute’s melody. The piano joins in, and the piece continues slowly, with the different instruments playing the melody. This is where I can picture animals and children playing in a meadow.

In the middle, the piece becomes more vibrant and energetic. This section gives me images of spring showers, where animals and children play in the rain, until it becomes a bit stormier, which is played by the piano. The piece then returns to the first section and bring back the gorgeous and soothing melody. The piece comes to a gentle end, as all the animals and children playing earlier returns home, all content and satisfied from their spring day. The piece leaves me feeling calm and satisfied, too!

Are you familiar with this piece? What do you think of the song? Let me know in the comments!


  1. That is such a lovely piece of music. I love the piano part!

    I love it when a song surprises you. I find a lot of music by listening to playlists of related songs on YouTube and it’s great. It’s always good to listen to something different from what you usually do!

    I love this series. It’s great to get classical music recommendations, as I love the classical music I’m familiar with, but I’d never know where to start with new pieces. I really enjoy listening to your favourites and reading your opinions on them.

  2. I love classical/musical/piano pieces!
    I’m a frustrated pianist and I so wanted to learn other instruments but I just cant :( So listening is all I can do XD

    The music is so soothing! I also listen to these kind of music whenever you just want to let go of something or just to relax and all. You know what i’m saying? XD AHAHAHA! Anyways, I love the piano works! It gives a lot of feelings :D I really regret not learning the piano XD

    My favorite piano piece is Liebestraume :)

    Btw– do you want to link exchange? Hello to you fellow Fujoshi! XDDD

  3. I love the whole mood of the Piano Concert piece. I do agree that it’s perfect for Spring (let the flowers bloom). Oh, it reminds me of those early 1900’s cartoons for some reason. You practically described the song pretty well with animals and children playing in the rain (in a good way :P). I’m not familiar with the piece (Kind of a shame since I used to be a band nerd) but it’s a beautiful piece! Thanks for sharing, Tara :). Your symphonic selections are never a let down ;).

  4. Hehe @ “I was doing my nightly skincare prep”. I’m about to do that right now as this play in the background. I’ve only recently started it up again, currently on Night 3!

    Your imagery for this piece is spot on. I can definitely see and feel that story of an afternoon rain shower interfering with a children’s play time outside in the meadow with their house/cabin in the background.

  5. I enjoyed listening to this! I am not super familiar with all of Tchaikovsky’s work, but he is hands down my favourite composer! Personally I am just not great at putting the name to the piece. You’ve inspired me to listen to more classical music while I work, it’s very calming and I enjoy classical music when it’s time for me to wind down for the day.

    I love the beginning with the flute melody, it’s gorgeous! Definitely drew me in 😍

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