Contemplating Changes

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Changes are a happening all the time. Some changes are expected, some are not. Some changes are good, some are not. We all encounter changes, and we can either make the best or the worst of it. Personally, I like things to be routine as a whole. Changes can provoke me negatively, especially when they are unexpected. However, give me time to think about a potential change, then I can accept them better. Just in the past couple of weeks, I’ve been told about some changes that will occur in the future. Some of these changes are ones I’ve initiated and planned for myself; others are changes I have no choice but to accept and take them as they come.

Domain Changes

I’ll be closing a couple of domains this year and next when they expire. I’ll migrate one of the sites on those domains onto this one as a subdomain. The rest of them will expire, and I will be down to three domains from seven. Not only will this help me save money, but it will be easier for me to consolidate my sites into three domains. I’ve not been using the others, so it is time to say goodbye to them. In my 20s, I’d wanted to own all these domains, but I am no longer that individual. Three domains are all I need!

Work Changes

Several months ago, there were talks about moving my workplace into a new building in June. The move didn’t entice me at all, but at the same time, I had looked forward moving into a bigger and better location. Two weeks ago, we were told that we need to move out by mid-April, and it would be to a different location, one smaller and less than stellar. I am no longer sure what the plan is, but whatever it is, I hope we get through it without a lot of issues!

Home Changes

Starting in May, I’ll start looking for a new place to live closer to my workplace. This means, I’ll move out of Seoul, and that idea really doesn’t rest well with me. After living in Seoul for almost thirty consecutive years, I am mentally sobbing at the fact I have to reside outside of this beloved city of mine. Seoul is such a fabulous place to live, and it’s not easy to just accept the fact that I’ll be living somewhere else. On the bright side, I’ll still be in Korea, I’ll be living closer to my workplace, I won’t be stuck on a bus every day . . . but there’s no place like Seoul for me!

Travel Changes

Amidst all these changes, I am looking forward to my Hakodate, Japan trip next month. Along with this trip, I had also considered visiting Karatsu and Matsue in Japan in October, right when it’s Chuseok (Korean Mid-Autumn Festival), but when I saw the airfare during that holiday week, I pretty much fell out of my chair. I got over that shock and began to think of other travelling choices. That was when my best friend in Guam came to my mind and how we hadn’t seen each other for 5+ years. I’ll be honest in that Guam is not a place I want to return to — I’d visited there in 2004 to see my bestie — but I miss her so much, and we’re overdue for a reunion. Therefore, I booked my flight (super cheap!) for October, which is our friendiversary month. We’ll celebrate our 26th year of friendship together in super hot and humid Guam! I cannot wait! Two overseas trips in a year? That’s a first!


2017 is shaping up to be a packed year so far. I may not like all of these changes in my life, but the most I can do is to accept them and try my best to be positive about them. I’ve gone the minimal route with my domains and have realised that less is more. I’d not predicted two moves and two voyages this year, but I’ll go with the flow and hope for the best. At the least Hakodate and seeing my bestie will make me happy! The moves, not so much, haha!


  1. Jeez, I don’t know how you managed all those domains! Mind you I used to have more too…XD

    As for the moves those don’t sound fun! Hope they go well! But your trip DOES sound fun!

  2. I hope your move at work goes smoothly! Doesn’t sound like a lot of time to prepare for the move, though, bloody hell.

    Seoul is your soul… geddit? Okay, I’ll stop XD I’m dreading the day that I eventually move as well because you know, it’s your hometown. Can’t imagine living anywhere else. Even when I live out for university the fact that I always knew I’d come back home I was fine.

    I hope you have the best time in Guam with your bestie! Sending you positive vibes for all the changes coming~ <3

    I honestly have difficulty adapting to unexpected change. For example, I got moved from my seat at work (I personally feel like I'm being picked on because no one else was moved, but I may be overlooking it because at the same time my stats haven't been great, but anyway) and where I'm seated now is very isolating and I can't interact very well with the rest of my team, unless they come round to where my desk is. I had a really difficult day yesterday because of it and actually had to take time off the phones because it stressed me out. The worst thing is I voiced my concerns to my team leader and she completely dismissed them and was just like, "Well, I want you to sit there now." Ugh.

    But, if you give me time to adapt to a change I can slowly warm up to it.

  3. I feel you. My 2017 has been full of unexpected changes!

    I remember how much I was dreading moving out of Liverpool last year. I’d dreamed of living in the city my whole life and yet I was choosing to move to live on the outskirts. But it was the best decision I ever made and I’ve fallen in love with the area so much I’m now looking to buy a house here. I hope the home hunting goes well.

    I also help the move at work goes well. Smaller might be better. We have a small office and it makes communication easier.

  4. I hope your new workplace is nice. We’re also moving buildings this year, but luckily we’re not going too far so it shouldn’t be too stressful. Still gotta sort out my desk though.

    I don’t know how people manage multiple domains. I don’t even have time to keep up to one properly! Hopefully getting rid of a few will make things easier.

    Good luck moving house. I’m sure you’ll get used to your new location in time and I bet it’s exciting to live in a new place. Hope it’s not too stressful!

  5. I agree about what you said about change. Sometimes, we just have to embrace it whether it’s good or bad. Hope the changes won’t be too bad for you!

    I remembered seeing people (including myself) with a bunch of domains back then! It’s good that you’re cutting down domain counts and saving money. Hope things will work out with your location move!

    Even though you’ll be moving outside of Seoul, it gives you the opportunity to experience more of what SK has to offer! I love how you have all of these traveling opportunities coming up. 26 years is amazing! I’m sure things will work out one way or another :)!

  6. I feel you on the domains! When I was younger, I wanted to own more and more, but now I’m trying to get mine down as well. Most of my sites are now on 3 domains with 2 others as professional/portfolio ones. I still have others I’m hoarding though that I should let go…

    That sucks that your work location is changing to one that is smaller and not as great. I hope it’s still not bad though and that the office move goes smoothly! And ah wow, moving away from Seoul sounds like a tough decision. That’ll be nice to be closer to your workplace though, and it seems like Seoul will be close enough to visit often at least. Good luck on finding a new place!

    I love that you and your best friend have a friendiversary month :) 26 years is a long time! That sounds like it’ll be great to see her.

    Even though you don’t like all of the changes, I like that you’re trying to stay positive about them. I’m also a fan of routine, but sometimes change can be exciting and turn out better than we expect! I hope everything goes well!

  7. I’m so sorry to hear you might end up leaving Seoul. :( I have yet to fall that in love with a city, but I can’t imagine what it would be like to have to leave it, especially if you’ve lived there that long and have loved it the entire time. Hopefully you’ll still be close though and can visit often!

    Seven domains?! Yikes. I have one! Lol.

    Your Japan trip is so exciting! I hope you have a wonderful time. It’s too bad you’re not coming in October because that’s when I’ll be there. ;) But no worries, I have definite plans to come to Korea when I’m studying in Japan! I hope you enjoy your time in Guam too, even if it will be humid. I think it’s great you’re going to see your friend. :)

  8. Oh wow! 26 years is amazing. A trip to Guam sounds equally amazing because you get to see your best friend! Was the last time you saw her in person in 2004?

    But I agree that sudden changes can be a bit jarring. It is definitely a lot easier to adjust to the (inevitable) changes in our lives when we’re expecting them. It’s also a great chance to reflect on the changes that have occurred and realize just how much we’ve changed too, as these changes happen.

    I hope your new work location goes smoothly and also good luck on finding a new place! Moving to a new city/town after 30 years does sound really daunting, so I hope that wherever you decide to go, you love it just as much you love Seoul!

  9. It will be great to have just three domains you can manage. It’s strange how when you’re younger you think you need a million of them for all different things. I still have a few… not as many as I did have, though.

    How annoying it isn’t clear about the move. I hope you will be informed of what is happening. Hopefully, it won’t be too intense and you’re not required to have to do a lot!

    That would be hard that you have to move. Maybe you will grow to love the new place you will be living. I hope you do. Not having such a long commute would be really good. Just have to see what happens and how you feel. :)

    I hope you have an amazing time in Japan! :D It’s also brilliant that you will have the reunion in October. :D Lots of things to look forward too. Which might be helpful with the changes that are going on.

  10. I wish you luck with all these upcoming changes. I still have another domain that I registered around the same time as my current domain and I’m not using it at all! ^^;;

    I hope your work transition to the new location goes well. I think I’ve always worked in client sites with really old and odd buildings, never the nice new ones. My current client building has a major rat problem unfortunately, yet I keep coming back to eat at the downstairs cafe…

    Wow, your friendship is almost as old as I am. If you guys had a friendship baby, it would be my peer. Lol. I hope you enjoy your time in Guam with your bestie. Humidity is not fun, but maybe you can balance it out at the beach or a pool. My friend is currently stationed in Guam and I’m surprised by all the amazing eatery pictures he’s been posting up on Instagram. Guam’s got more things that I thought.

  11. Staying positive about the changes is the first step, and usually the best thing you can do, to deal with them. :) Not everyone likes change, in fact it’s universally acknowledged that almost no one does.

    I think that your changes come with some excitement though, even though you approach them with trepidation. Cutting down domains can be a big move when you have quite a few, and for me, that was a huge deal when I used to own almost thirty! I think I own less than five now. :P Although I have often talked about getting a new domain for a URL shortener, it’s going to be something that adds up every year. And sometimes you just don’t need to have so many domains.

    I hope the new location for your office is not going to be too dull… when it sounds like you are downgrading rather than upgrading, that can be a worry. I hope it’s not too bad – fingers crossed!

    Making the decision to move closer to your workplace is a big one. I can imagine that it is stressful to think about. Thirty years is a long time to be living in the same town and when you love it, it can be hard to leave. :O Unfortunately I cannot really say that I know how you feel, because I haven’t felt a great love for Sydney even though I have been living here my whole life. But the fact that I will be moving closer to the city this year is something to look forward to and brings a different experience.

    If I go to Seoul though, I hope you can make the commute over to meet 😄

  12. Hmm, I can see why moving would be difficult for you. I remember you writing about commuting so long for work and now you are gonna leave your beloved home for it. It would be like if I moved out of New York to live in Long Island at my parent’s house, and I wasn’t prepared for that. I hope you find a nice new place and get settled in well! If you’re close to your workplace then maybe you can commute on the weekend to Seoul!

    I also used to have a million domains for every different little thing I wanted to do, and believe me it was a waste of money. At least several hundred, because most of the projects never came to life. Now I only have three domains and I’m hosting things on my subdomain until they are grand enough to get their own domain. Having a domain doesn’t really push me to get work done! :P

    Ahh, I’m excited for your trips this year! Gorgeous Japan and gorgeous Guam! I’ve traveled a lot this year too but only one overseas trip so far. Does San Francisco / New York count as overseas? It’s 6 hours apart. I’m going 4 hours to Chicago this weekend, then New York twice in the summer.

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