Recent Realities Vol. 6

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The past two months have been full of so many interesting things, but most of them were pretty minor, so I decided to wait until I had more materials to share. I picked out the best happenings and compiled it into this Recent Realities post. It’s amazing how much has happened to me in a span of two months. Hope you will enjoy reading some of my unique experiences :)

Snowy Seoul

Snowy Seoul Snowy Seoul

Seoul had a good amount of snow in January. This was the most snow I’ve seen since 2010, so we were overdue for a good few inches. I was off work that day, but I still trekked out in it because I had to go to the hospital. Believe me — I took baby steps to avoid falling! Still, the snow was super pretty and made me happy.

Transportation Tokens

South Korean Bus Tokens

My dad had this coin jar that he finally gave to my mum. In there we discovered these old South Korean bus tokens! As a history buff, I love seeing antiques like this. I had no idea they used these bus tokens in the 1960s to the 1980s. Apparently, they had different ones for students, city buses, and regular fares. These really tickled me!

Birthday Box

Birthday Box

My bestie sent me this box of goodies from Guam. This is a combination of my Christmas and birthday gift. I requested those crisps, but the other items were all surprises. I was shocked by the amount she sent me!

Vending Machine Vendetta

Vending Machine Vending Machine

There is a vending machine in the bus station that sells pretty much only sweets and cough drops with limited crisp and biscuit options. I was told that it was because they didn’t have them in stock. But then I ran into another vending machine and saw things in there I wanted. So one of the bus station ladies told the vending machine bloke for me. Now, all I wanted was for a couple of the sweets and cough drops to be replaced. Nothing too complicated. But the vending machine bloke’s solution was to bring in another machine to the bus station! Talk about extreme! Getting a second machine was never my intention! But anyway, that’s my vending machine vendetta tale, haha!

Doujinshi Delivery

Yuri on Ice!!! Doujinshi

One of my friends went to Tokyo and attended Comiket around the Christmas holiday. On the day she went was yaoi day, so she was able to find a Yuri!!! on Ice doujinshi for me! She picked out one in an art style that appeals to me with all my preference for the pairing. I was super thrilled when she gifted it to me last month!

Temptation Termination

Sweets Jar

I’ve become a professional sweets provider at my workplace. I began filling up this jar with sweets. My co-workers take a bunch of those, and I am happy they are loving it. However, that jar began to tempt me badly . . . I discovered Rolos are one of my weaknesses. Therefore, I learnt to only fill that jar up with sweets I don’t love like Tootsie Rolls, Laffy Taffy, and peppermint. They still go fast, but at least not by me!

Meerkats Meeting

Meerkats at the Meerkat Cafe Meerkats at the Meerkat Cafe Meerkats at the Meerkat Cafe Meerkats at the Meerkat Cafe Fox at the Meerkat Cafe

I recently visited a meerkat cafe! My friend and I were trying to go to an art exhibition, but that didn’t work out. Another friend told me about the cafe, and we decided to check it out. Oh, my meerkats! This was a great excursion. I never knew meerkats were so cute. There were a couple of them that kept climbing on my shoulders. I never knew meerkats were so friendly and curious. There was also a super obese racoon, an ocelot I didn’t really get to see, and a pouty fox. The fox was sulking because it was chewing on a cotton swab and someone took it away for its safety, so it chose to pout. Pouty or not, the meerkats were the highlight of this cafe. I would like to return there again!


  1. MEERKATS CAFE? AND A FOX IN A MEERKATS CAFE? omg. i’m so jealous! i want to pet a real life fox too …i love foxes and wolves lol

    that vending machine though. the vending machines here are always serving drinks. none of them serve food, not even snacks or chips. i’m so jealous of you! hahaha the reason why i wanna go to japan is to try their vending machines. they have all kinds of them!

    it’s so lucky for you to experience winter. i wish i live in a country with season. i’d love to play in the snow too :’)

  2. Ahhh the meerkats are so cute! I’ll have to add that cafe to my bucket list :D Love the birthday box your friend sent as well, it’s got such a great variety of goodies!

  3. I can feel the spite of the vending machine man from here as he added an entire second machine so you could have chips and other snacks. XD

    The Meerkat Café looks so adorable! I love that SK and Japan have these themed cafes. They’re so much fun. My friend who’s teaching English in Suwon right now said that there’s a sheep cafe nearby or something and it’s super adorable. I can’t wait to visit them when I’m in Japan!

    Ahh…so jealous of the snow. Our weather is getting warmer here and today I was almost sweating walking to class. :/ Las Vegas just skips right over spring. Your dad’s old tokens are super cool! I love small pieces of history like that. Also – VICTUUURIIII. Love it. ;D

  4. Those bus tokens are so cool. I’ve developed a recent interest in Korean history, and that’s really interesting that they’re so antique looking. I’m not sure if that last part of the sentence made any sense, haha. It’s cool your dad kept them though!

    And wow – look at all that snow. The weather these days does seem to be colder. Where I live, we’ve apparently only seen 9 days of sun since October. 9 days!! I can’t wait until it’s actually Spring.

    That’s also awesome you got to to a meercat cafe. Meercats look super cute! I saw this show about pet animals once and apparently meercats just sleep in your jacket/sweater hood when you’re out and about which I thought was really adorable. I really want to visit S. Korea one day and on top of outside markets, I really want to visit all of the unique cafes they have there!

  5. Ah, the snow looks pretty! That’s also interesting about the bus tokens and the different designs on them. I really like seeing coins from other places. That’s sweet of your friends to send you a birthday box and to get you a YOI doujinshi! I want one too!

    haha, that’s funny that the vending machine guy just brought in another vending machine. Not what you meant, but at least you have more options now :)

    Aahh, I would be tempted by candy if I had them at my desk too. My work has free snacks and drinks in the kitchen, and I always have to resist them. (Sometimes I totally fail though.)

    I’ve heard of all sorts of weird animal cafes, but I didn’t know a meerkat one existed! They look so cute! I’ve seen some in zoos before, but never up close like that. I’d totally want to play with them and pet them :D

  6. Oh wow, meerkats! They look so cute, and having them climbing all over sounds like a great time.

    And that Yuri on Ice doujinshi looks so cute, that art style is really nice. :D

  7. That’s so cool that they brought a new vending machine in! I can’t believe they did that just because of a stock situation. You’re so lucky!

    The meerkat cafe sounds amazing. I’ve never heard of one before, but there is a cat cafe in Scotland which I think I’ll be visiting on my holiday this year. I’m allergic to cats so I’ll probably only stay for like thirty minutes but it should be fun!

    If I brought sweets into work I would definitely eat them all. Other people bring lots of stuff in, but I usually manage to stop myself eating too much, probably because they’re not on my desk. I’d be too tempted if they were!

  8. Snow! I’ve never seen snow before so these photos make me so jealous! :)

    The bus tokens are so cool! I love discovering old stuff like these too! It’s so amazing how you can have these kinds of treasures lying around in your home!

    Meerkat Cafe!!!! Wow! It’s the first time I ever heard of this and it does look really nice! I just love animals <3

  9. The vending machine! Heaven! I could stare at all the foods and dream happily after that haha.
    Meerkat cafe look interesting to go. They are too cute and i know it must have been fun for you to play with them, luck you!

  10. I’ve heard of cat cafes, but the first for a meerkat cafe! That sounds super awesome, I’m sure you were filled with tons of fun, fuzzy and cuteness overload!

    The snow in Seoul looks so pretty! I was there just last October, and it was super fun!
    The coins looks to antique and looks like they have a story behind them. Are you planning to keep them? I hope you do!

  11. Hi! Blog hopping! :D
    Love the pictures!!!

    I love Yuri on Ice so much I’ve been reading a lot of DJs I just can’t get enough of them! XDDD and Meerkat Cafe! That’s so new! I even haven’t seen real one yet and a fox :((( I want! HAHAHAHA!

    Btw— are you okay for link exchanges? :)

  12. I love those pictures of snowy Seoul! We had a bit of snow in February, but it did not look as pretty as the photos you’ve taken.

    I remember the token photo! They’re like the Philippine peso – 5 sentimos.

    KETTLE CHIPS ARE DA BOMB! Your best friend is amazing. You should let us know how you found all the goodies! Would love to get a review on that coconut oil.

    Haha, that vending machine guy was so extra! Still, at least you have more options now. Have you ever got something from the machine and it gets stuck, so you’re like “Okay, it’s fine” and so you get something else to try and push it down and that one gets stuck too. Ughhhh. LOL.

    Huuuu, look at Yuri and Victor Anyway, they’re part of the reason I LOVE meerkats. I would love to visit that cafe!

  13. Part of my comment went missing!

    We have a biscuit tin at work and I eat ALL the bourbon ones if someone puts them in there. No joke. I feel you girl T_T Haha.

    I’m not sure if I mentioned to you about the meerkat advert we have over here? We have this price comparison website called Compare the Market and their marketing angle is Compare the Meerkat. It is SO freaking cute > Anyway, they’re part of the reason I LOVE meerkats. I would love to visit that cafe!

  14. Oooh! The snow looks so beautiful in Seoul! Falling in the snow is not a good experience at all!!! Glad you got to enjoy the scenery. The bus tokens look really interesting. My mom has something similar with bus tokens. It’s neat to see how currency (incl. tokens) evolved over time.

    I love that clean 100 dollar bill XD. Hope you’ll enjoy all of those goodies! I finally saw the coconut oil at a store the other day. The vending machine has some crazy XL-sized treats going on. Well.. More is better than none? :’). Oh man, if we were to work together, I would probably steal most of your treats!

    The meerkats look adorable! I’ve never heard of them before but they look great to interact with (or at least at the cafe). I love how they have collars. Hope you’ll return soon!

  15. Oh wow, I love those meerkats. I have only ever seen them a couple of times, and once was at Ueno Zoo in Japan. They look like mischief but also look very friendly.

    I would hate to be the provider of candy, even though from the goodness of my own heart I would love to. My manager is the candy man, and his bowl of candy itself is extremely hard to resist. I go through phases of not really caring how much I eat, to actually watching how much I am taking from there. 😆

    It was so lovely of your friend to throw in a few (well, a LOT!) extra gifts. I am sure you really like them all, too!

    I love snow, even though it comes with its annoyances. I wish Sydney had snow, though I bet I would think the opposite if we already did. 😆

  16. The snow looks so beautiful. :D I am really in awe of how it can transform a location. :D

    The tokens look really cool! I find it intriguing to look at old coins.

    That is a brilliant birthday box. :D

    Wow. That is amazing that they added another vending machine. You think it would have been easier just to replace some of them. Maybe they had other people talking about more options as well.

    That is a good idea to fill it with sweets that are not tempting to you! :D Sometimes they can just be too hard to resist.

    Awww, the meerkats are adorable. :D That fox is so cute. I don’t think I have seen a silver one before. I am glad that someone took away the cotton swab, if only it knew it was for its own protection haha.

  17. My “work mom” at an old project used to be the provider of candy, and she had all of my favorite candies too: peanut m&m, snickers, butterfingers, red vines, etc. She knew when it was a particularly stressful day for me because I would be in her cubicle multiple times that day for candy.

    I love the idea of having specific bus tokens. I’m sure it would no longer be practical today, but it’s very quaint.

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