TC’s Treasures: March 2017

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With today being the first Tuesday of the month, it’s time to do another round of TC’s Treasures. I actually was good in February and didn’t buy any new thing. I didn’t need any new skincare or haircare products, nor did I need any new books, mangas, and games. If anything, most of my budget was spent on travelling to the 4CC event and buying food for myself. Therefore, this month’s favourites will be focused on something else.

Merci Chocolate and a Thank You Card

My favourites for this month will be about what I love about my workplace. I’ve started here in August, but I hadn’t blogged about it much. A lot of it was because I was still trying to adapt and transition into the new place and the new commute. It’s been over six months, so I want to list out my favourites about my workplace. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not a perfect workplace, but there are some great things about working here. What I love are:

The bus station ladies — These ladies are awesome. They share with me their munchies and look out for me. One lady works in that building as an office worker, two of them work at the coffee shop, and one sells bus tickets. They are super nice and fun to be around.

The commissary’s close proximity — At my old workplace, it would take me 15-20 minutes to walk to the commissary. Here? Only a minute! Love that it’s so close by!

The restaurants’ delivery service — There are about 8+ restaurants here and they offer delivery service. That works out nicely since a good chunk of them are pretty far on foot.

The Belly Card programme — My old workplace did not have this, but this programme is offered here. Some of the restaurants, bowling alley, and coffee shops utilise this, so I love checking in for my points when I go to these places. I am not keen on all of the rewards, but some of them, like the free medium speciality latte, appeal to me.

The different people I encounter — As a clerk, I meet a lot of people every day, and it’s always interesting to see the other community members. Can’t say I enjoy dealing with the difficult individuals, but 99% of the people I encounter are awesome!

My co-workers — I adore my co-workers. They are so understanding and flexible. They also try to give me rides here and there, and I really do appreciate them doing that! We’ve become like a family, and I love workplaces like that.

My new boss — My new boss couldn’t understand why I had to wait around two extra hours each day for a thirty-minute window . . . so he adjusted my schedule, so I can catch the 6:000pm bus! Huzzah! This means I’ll be getting home around 7:30pm as opposed to 9:30pm. This new schedule will be a lot better for me, and I started it this week. The above photo is what I gave him to show my gratitude.

With that final wonderful bullet, that’s it for this month’s TC’s Treasures :)


  1. It’s so awesome that you are enjoying work because of the understanding and lovely people around you. That is definitely a bonus but also a great reward. :)

    I think it’s pretty rad that you can get easy delivery. I think it’s a bit sketchy and slow in some parts of Sydney.

    So glad to hear the bus ladies brighten up your day too! 😄

    I enjoyed this post about your favourite things because it was a little different and didn’t just list physical things. 😄

  2. I’m so glad you’ve got a great boss and great co-workers. I feel like they really make or break a person’s experience in the work place. And it’s really cool that your boss was able to adjust your schedule to a decent time. That definitely makes things easier.

    It’s really cool that your things for this month weren’t material and that they were positives about your work place.

  3. Oh wow your boss is amazing! Someone who takes long commutes into consideration is always at the top of my book. I once faced the same problem taking the train into the city and often for class I had to wait around for nearly 2 hours per day. :(

    It sounds like you are making different friendies every day at work, whether with your coworkers, the bus station ladies, and the customers! A very filling job, in my opinion. :)

  4. I love it when I hear of people really enjoying their workplace. As adults we all spend a crazy amount of time at workplaces, so when you find one you really like, it’s pretty much the greatest adult thing ever! 😂

  5. That’s great that there are many things you like about your new workplace! That’s nice about the delivery service at the nearby restaurants. I like taking a break and eating out once in a while, but I often find that it takes too much time. We started having food trucks stop by our office which is very convenient!

    I’m also glad that you like your coworkers and boss! For me, that’s the biggest factor in whether I’ll like a work place. These are people we see almost daily, so it’s important that we like working together! Your boss is awesome for adjusting your schedule!

  6. Congrats on not buying anything! I actually have been pretty bad the last two months – my addiction to buying new gym wear is NOT helping! 😂

    I loved the positivity in this post, it’s always warming to read about being thankful and it’s a bonus too that you’ve listed all these amazing things at your workplace because it’s somewhere you are most of the time! So in my opinon, it has to be an awesome place!

    I’m really happy for you, I’m glad that there are so many things in your workplace that make you happy. Co-workers who are like family and understanding bosses are key in the workplace for me. I’ve had some pretty bad co workers and bosses in the past and they really got me bogged down to the point I would be anxious to go to work. It’s so refreshing working in a much better environment now!

    Thank you for sharing such a happy post! <3

  7. In another world we would all work in a perfect workplace *dreams wistfully*

    I love the bus station ladies! Those are sort of people that everyone should surround themselves with. That’s so sweet that they share their munchies with you :) I have co-workers who that with me too; or if they’re going to the shops, they’ll be bring something and I, of course, return the favour.

    The belly card sounds handy!

    I think co-workers who are easy to get along with definitely make life easier at work. It’s way too stressful to have to work with people you don’t like. I mean sometimes that is unavoidable, of course, but it’s definitely better for oneself to be less stressed at work.

    Yay for your boss adjusting your schedule! That is an AWESOME boss and so understanding <3

  8. It’s good to save some money here and there. I’m trying to avoid spending whenever I can to save money for other stuff. Not all workplaces are perfect. There are some flaws, some insignificant enough to be ignored. The bus station ladies sound super sweet! It’s great that there are a handful of restaurants to choose from for meal delivery. As long as most of the people you encounter are great, it’s all good. The one or two bad apples shouldn’t spoil the mood :).

    Your new boss is awesome for adjusting your schedule so you can have two hours of your day back! That’s a lot of hours per week you get back :)! It’s even sweet of you for getting him some treats in return as a form of appreciation.

  9. Ah good people just makes any environment better. I’ve learned to appreciate good coworkers and managers over the years. I’m glad that you’re adjusting well to your new workplace.

    Your description of the bus station ladies should so lovely and charming, like out of an old family TV sitcom.

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