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Back in 2008 and 2009, I’d done some Q&A posts. I realised that I hadn’t done any for this blog since then, so I chose to do this again, this time allowing anonymous questions and coming up with a new alliterative title for this post. I’d received some interesting questions from my awesome blogger buddies, a couple of them are repeats of the ones I’d answered in 2008 and 2009, but I went ahead and answered them again. Some of my answers stayed the same, and some had changed. For this post, I separated the questions into several categories based on its topic. Thank you again to those who have asked me something! I hope you’ll enjoy reading my answers!


What did you study or major at university?
For my undergrad, I majored in English, and though I didn’t have an official concentration, I really enjoyed romantic and modern poetry and literature. For my postgrad, I majored in Youth Development because it fell in line with my current job at the time.

What was the main difference, if any, between undergrad and postgrad experience?
For my undergrad, I did mostly face-to-face courses with a few online courses. My postgrad degree was entirely online. Doing everything online meant I had to keep up with my reading, and I spent all of my free time on those message boards to show my professor I was a dedicated student. The cost was also a difference — the price for each credit was much higher for my MA than my BA! I also used MLA for my English studies, but for my youth development degree, everything was APA. I wasn’t too fond of the latter. My MA was also more concentrated than my BA, meaning I didn’t have to take all these random courses — seriously, why did I need maths for an English degree?!

Do you have anything you wish you could have done whilst you were a student?
I wish I could have attended a “real” university so I could have experienced the college life. I also would have met more people studying my major! My undergrad uni was primarily for US military and its spouses and dependents — we were very much a non-traditional university. We didn’t have fraternities or sororities, so I kind of wished I could have experienced that. But at the same time, I am proud of my background and am grateful to all the wonderful English professors I’ve encountered in my studies.


What are your favourite manga genres?
Shounen-ai and yaoi! I love the boys love genre, haha! I was already into the slash genre in the fanfic world, so when I started reading boys love mangas, I was sucked in hard.

How did you get into symphonic music?
I was in band from seventh to twelfth grade, and then after high school, I volunteered and subbed for my band teacher for four years. Being in band and hanging out in the band room exposed me to so much classical and instrumental music, and thus I fell in love with symphonic music. I also realised that due to my hearing issues, I’d much rather listen to instrumental pieces because I don’t have to concentrate on the lyrics.

What is one thing (can be anything) that makes you the happiest?
Reading. From fanfics to to mangas to blogs to ebooks — reading makes me happy. This is one activity I will never give up. It’s something I’ve enjoyed as a child, and it’s something I cherish even more now that my life is pretty hectic. There’s nothing better than getting into my bed and snuggling with my Kindle. I can read for hours and spend the entire weekend doing nothing but reading, especially when I start on a series and cannot stop!


What’s your favourite colour?
Blue! I love navy blue and slate blue to be more specific.

How do you feel about cats?
I adore cats, but I developed a really horrible allergy when I hit puberty. It’s so bad that when I have friends who have cats, and I sit really close to them, I start becoming itchy and sneezy. :( Sucks because I do like them!

If you had to be a cat or a red panda, which would you be and why?
I would be a cat! Since I’m allergic to them, I might as well be one :D

Have you ever dyed your hair?
Yep. I’d first dyed my hair in middle school and it wasn’t until two years ago, I stopped dyeing my hair and opted to go all natural. It still is all natural! I’ve embraced my natural hair.

If you had superpower, what would it be?
Teleportation. HOMG. I could travel anywhere in the world, and I would cut my commute from 2-3 hours each day to like a minute. That would be so, so glorious! With that said, can someone invent a teleportation machine, or at the very least, make Harry Potter universe become real so I can Apparate?!

How do you define your ideal love interest?
I will be honest in that I’ve not dated since I was 18 — way over ten years ago. I’d been so busy with school and work, that I hadn’t focus on that much. Even now, when I’m thinking about this question, my mind is blank. In the past I had a good list of what I wanted in my perfect guy, but I’ve changed since then. I guess the best answer I can provide at the moment is that I want someone kind, loyal, respectful, and all the other good qualities one would want in a partner or a lover.


Where’s the best place to have coffee in South Korea?
My favourite places to get coffee are at Chansbros and Berkeley Coffee Social. Their coffee are so good that I can consume them without any sweetener. Even better that they are so close to my flat (no more than 5-10 minutes away on foot!), so I can easily go out there on the weekend and my days off to get some latte.

What would be your dream getaway? / What is your ideal vacation?
At the moment, I want to just stay in my bedroom and sleep for the next three days. If I weren’t so exhausted, I would say that my dream getaway and vacation would be to travel all over Japan, Europe, and New Zealand. I would love to see everything on my travel list and experience the local areas of the many different countries and cultures. I would also love to relax by the sea, providing I can find food that are not entirely all seafood, which is a challenge, haha!


What is your favourite part of your job?
Currently, my favourite thing about my job is the level of trust my management has towards me. They trust me so much that I come to work and work alone for about two hours. I mean, I assume that’s normal for a lot of workplaces, but for me it’s a big deal because I’d never worked alone like that in all my previous jobs. The two hours alone allows me to accomplish a lot (providing that the phone doesn’t constantly ring), and it makes me more motivated to do my job with the responsibilities they give me. It is a bit weird being alone, but that’s going to change soon since more staff will be coming onboard.

What are you most proud of recently?
When I started working at my new place back in August, it was an unorganised mess. I had to re-organise practically everything, and I even had to sanitise my work area with bleach wipes because it was that disgusting. The messiness aside, I also discovered that none of the files there were in . . . files. For each registration we receive, we have to create an individual file using a six-part folder, but nobody had done that. So that job fell onto me. It took me a good month, but I organised and made 320 files from scratch. That may not seem a lot, but the two other centres that also maintain the same file only have a total of 60-70 registrations. One of those centres even has three clerks! And here I am by myself handling 300+ registrations. Needless to say, when I finished making those files, I was super proud of myself, and my managers were also proud!


  1. Wow, this is fun! I used to love doing Q&A and survey posts during my early blogging days, but I don’t do this anymore. It might be fun to do it again!

    I didn’t know that you went to a university for US military/spouses/dependents! I agree that it would be a very non-traditional university but I bet it’s a great experience as well since there is an opportunity to meet and know people from similar backgrounds. As for sororities and fraternities, we didn’t have those in my uni too, so I don’t know what it’s like either! Haha!

    Lol at the answer on the dream getaway question! We all have those moments when all we want is sleep the day away XD

  2. Such a great way to answer a lot of questions. It’s also great that you have done it again and can compare questions and answers to all those years ago!

    “Doing everything online meant I had to keep up with my reading, and I spent all of my free time on those message boards to show my professor I was a dedicated student.”

    I can relate to this so much. As an online student, I always make the most of my time and try and be as active as I can. In many classes, I have been one of the few posting (sometimes even the only one). :/ It’s also interesting how the different schools operate and how countries can be very different in their education methods. My BA is just focussed on the one area, without having to do maths or other subjects.

    Wow. I can’t believe that your job was so unorganised and how much work you had to do to get everything in order! The managers should be more than proud, they should be rewarding you with treasure! :D

  3. It’s great to learn more about you from this Q&A session. I’ve been looking at some master’s programs and wow, the price difference is pretty significant. It’s good that you have a master’s! (Some day, I will be bossing like you). I wasn’t into the sorority life and didn’t feel like I missed out- but that’s just me XD.

    I appreciate your love for symphonic music. I feel like I can relate to you from my band days XD. If I had a choice to be a cat, I would be one! Having a natural hair color is great. You don’t need to worry about having to recolor your roots whenever it grows out.

    Do you like Chansbros because it has your TC name in it? XD. It’s good that management trusts you. It’s great that you’re a hard worker and gets your responsibilities done. I love working alone because there are fewer distractions. You organizing 300+ registrations pretty much proves you being hard working ;).

  4. OMG yes, I want to be able to teleport. That would be so awesome and solve so many of the issues surrounding places I want to go and events I want to attend. *sigh*

    This is a great idea for a post, and I loved learning lots of little things about you that I didn’t pick up from reading through your blog posts. Thank you

  5. I am actually thinking of doing an MA in Creative Writing, but it’s just the cost that is making me hesitate. I know it will definitely benefit me in the long run, but money is such a big thing. We’ll see how it goes. I like how you can do it online now, which makes it easier especially if you want to have a job at the same time.

    “Real” university wasn’t what it was all cracked up to be for me, but I do see why you’d want to experience it. Maybe in the next life, you will :D And at least you still enjoyed university lif e in general!

    I connect with you so much when it comes to reading. On my days off if I’m not going out, then I literally make some coffee and then crawl back into bed with my book getting up periodically for food/toilet breaks. Nothing like immersing yourself into a different world.

    Cats are my favourite! Sorry to hear you’re allergic :( APPARATING DEFINITELY NEEDS TO BE A THING ~ I am with you on that one, girl. I cannot wait for you to show me the best places to drink coffee in SK when I eventually get to come! Hopefully in the future you’ll have the chance to come to Europe (hint, hint).

    I am glad to hear that your job is going well, and the things you have achieved! Annoying that you had to do all that filing, BUT at least it’s all done and it makes your work a lot easier now I guess :D

  6. Thank you for answering my questions Tara! I always find it interesting knowing people’s journey to undergraduate to postgraduate degrees and the differences. It’s useful information for when I start thinking about postgraduate study too! So I really appreciate the advice and inspiration :D I think that’s what I’m mostly looking forward to in my postgraduate study, the fact that I can specialise a lot more. For my undergraduate study now, everything is so broad and I have to take a lot of modules that I don’t necessarily enjoy just to make sure it adds to the required number of credits.

    *Hi-5* I stopped dying my hair mid-2016 and I haven’t looked back since. Natural dark hair go with my darker features better :P

    I am SO proud of you with your new job. I remember when you first started, you’ve already achieved so much and doing so many great things. You’re going places Tara! :D


  7. Ahhh this is a great way for us to read more about you! Since you may not write about these things in your regular posts. :) I didn’t know there were universities for military dependents and families! I feel you when I say I wish I had a traditional college experience with frats and parties – I was very depressed at that time in my life and also attended a school where people didn’t seem to care about others. I wish we could teleport as well! It will make traveling to Asia so much easier, ha.

    Keep up with your work accomplishments, you’re setting a great example for your workplace to trust you as a responsible employee!! :)

  8. These were interesting questions! I liked reading your answers and felt that I learned more about you :) I think shounen is my favorite manga genre, but BL is up there for me too. I am also horribly allergic to cats! It’s hard for me to visit friends’ places who own cats. I really should get an allergy test done and do something about it.

    I totally wish teleportation was a thing. It’d be nice to travel to places instantly! New Zealand has been on my wishlist for travel for a while. Even though I’ve been to Japan already, I’d still love to travel all over it too!

    Good job on organizing and making so many files on your own! That is a big task!

  9. I am sorry that I didn’t ask any questions but I couldn’t think of any – it may be because we talk beyond your blog, or I just felt like I was put on the spot. 😆

    Your favourite colours remind me of the kinds of tea leaves I like – dark blue and slate blue are awfully pretty! I used to like blue very much but I think it also depends on the items. These days I am attracted to red, aqua and black.

    It makes a huge difference when you get trust from your managers at work. I am still afraid of asking for permission to work remotely or work from home, or even ask for leave. They accept like it’s no big deal, but it’s in such contrast to the way I am usually treated, and the way I was treated at previous companies. I’m glad to hear you have been doing well there and making a good impression.

    I feel I am getting to that stage where I am starting to embrace my natural hair colour. After so many years of colouring it, I realise that there is a statement in having it my dark, brunette colour, just as much as it would be if I did it red, or whatever colour, too. 😊

  10. How neat – a Q&A!

    Your new job sounds like a great fit so far! (Aside from your long commute.) I definitely appreciate it when managers trust me and don’t micro-manage.

    Having worked remotely for a few months, I think I’ve come to realize that I need a traditional classroom rather than an online course. I really thrive when I get in-person interaction and feel less engaged and motivated without it. (And all of the free online courses I’ve signed up for but never follow through…^^;;)

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