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Before I start — last call to ask me some questions! Feel free to ask me anything! Moving on — after January 20, there had been a lot of events and happenings in the United States. Usually, I don’t pay attention to the political fiasco in the US, but the new administration in the capital awoke something in me. The changes have upset me and went against what I believe in. From human rights to immigration issues, I’d been very unhappy at some of the new stances the US politicians are taking. One particular issue had riled me up, and that led me to donate to its cause. From that moment on, I’d decided on a new goal for 2017.

I’ve decided to donate to a different charity every month. With the help of Charity Navigator, I’ve researched and found the twelve charities I want to donate. This is my list:

My list shows that I support a lot of different causes. I support human and civil rights, arts awareness, health research, veterans support, animal and environment protection, children and youth support, and LGBT causes. And though not really a cause, I want to support American Humanist Association because by all definition, that’s what I am — a humanist (also an atheist, but that’s an entirely different subject matter). In the end, I hope to make a difference with my contributions. It isn’t much, but I know that every little bit helps, so I will do what I can do ensure that the world we live in will become a better place for us all.

Have you ever donated to a charity? What are some charities and causes do you support? Share with me in the comments!


  1. I actually don’t donate a lot of money to charity, I donate my time and efforts. At work, our company lets us take time off to volunteer for causes like the RSPCA or to give back to the community by volunteering our time to mentor children. Those are just two examples but we are also welcome to bring any other causes to the table if we care about them.

    With that said, I previously didn’t volunteer much at all, apart from community events. I don’t often feel like donating money. After my experiences working for my company and the fact that they support charity work, that is the way I’d much rather help out. 😄

  2. This is so great Tara!

    Thank you for doing this, it’s actually inspired me to look at supporting the charities I care about. I do donate I’d like to say often because, at University, there are always charities and people asking for donations for a cause 24/7. The last time I donated was last Friday when I went to my Zumba class for the This Girl Can campaign.

    Thanks for being such a positive inspiration! 💖 What’s happening in the US has scared me a lot too, it’s scary because we can’t control it but we can always do something, even if it’s small, to help out :D

  3. You are so cool Tara.

    I think it’s great to support to donate to causes you support and/or are passionate about. I think it’s also cool that you decided to take your own kind of initiative in response to all the political turmoil currently happening in the US. A lot of people don’t think they have any impact, so they don’t do anything.

    I would love to donate anything (money or time) to a charity but I’ve been low on a lot of things these days, including money and time. But I’m sure there are people like me but still donate to charities! So I find people who donate even cooler, haha.

  4. What a wonderful idea, and you’ve picked such amazing charities and causes to support. It just shows what a kind, caring person you are! You’re right, every little helps – and you’re giving so much!
    I donate regularly to Action for Hearing Loss, and WWF every month, and I’ll always try to give money to any homeless people I see. I’d love to give more, but I don’t understand how to fill in charity donations on my tax return….

  5. This is an amazing idea! I actually don’t donate a lot to charities – I have done in the past, but only because I was roped into it by those people on the street. I didn’t really feel a passion towards it, so would end up stopping the donation.

    I’ve been thinking for a while about donating to a certain charity to do alopecia, as that is something close to my heart and this post has definitely pushed me in the right direction! Thank you <3

  6. It’s good that you’re taking the initiative to donate to some causes. Every dollar matters and makes a big difference. I like all of the organizations you’re donating to. A lot of these organizations want to help society and funding is usually the biggest challenge.

    I focus on two charities: St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and Kitten Rescue LA. I know some children’s hospitals usually ask for handmade cards to keep the kid’s spirits up. I’m probably going to use some leftover arts and craft supplies to make them when I’m not on a project :).

  7. I donate to a few charities whenever I get the chance. Sometimes it’ll be some spare change to my step-brother’s school or to a cause that I see outside a grocery store.

    I do prefer to volunteer though. I’m in a National Service Fraternity and being a broke college student, I can’t always give my funds but I can definitely give some of my time. And it feels awesome doing so.

  8. I haven’t donated but I’ve done some services to some of them through medical missions. Thanks for listing the charities you’re supporting, I’m not aware with most of them.

  9. It’s amazing that you are going to donate to these charities and I am sure the help will be appreciated. It is scary that so much is changing and a lot of it seems so dark and awful (like a plot from a bad movie).

    I like to donate to charities that help equality, women, mental health and animals. I haven’t donated in a while and I should do it. :) I would love to be able to make something that could raise funds for a certain charity/cause. I just have to investigate how to do it the right way.

  10. That’s so awesome that you’re passionate about so many different causes! I’ve been sponsoring a kid through Compassion International, and we donate a lot of used clothes/home goods to Salvation Army. It’s definitely a good idea to check Charity Navigator though because I know some charities use a lot of the donation to cover their overhead costs rather than actually using it for the cause.

  11. Lately I haven’t been following what happens in the US because there are things happening in Romania too and I focused myself to this, but I’ve read a few headlines and I can say that I am disappointed, scared and frustrated at the same time. What is happening now in the world is awful and sincerely I am not sure if things will get better, especially with today’s politicians.

    I don’t usually donate, because I am not employed at the moment but I will consider it when I will earn my own money. What I can do now is volunteering and being nice to people. If I were to donate, I would probably donate to hospitals. I can see the situation in Romania’s hospitals and it’s deplorable. There are so many people in need of medication and they can’t afford it.

  12. I really like the idea of choosing a different charity per month! That’s great that you’re donating to so many good causes. I normally donate to several charities every year, and with what’s going on lately, I’ve added a few new ones that I haven’t donated to before, like ACLU, Planned Parenthood, and the International Rescue Committee. I’ve also been donating to Doctors Without Borders for several years, and my work donates to Safe Place.

    I’m glad you listed your charities! I have also been donating to the World Wildlife Fund and have been looking for another like it. I’ll have to look into the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation!

  13. I generally don’t have money to donate, but when I can I do donate time and effort. Also, sharing experiences is a beautiful thing to help others. It shows that many people have done what you are trying/want to do, and this was their outcome.

    I live in the US and the biggest issue right now, all politics aside, is how shitty people treat one another. American have become selfish, entitled assholes who think the world belongs to them and if you disagree, well, you’re and evil evil person.

    I HATE that. I cannot stand how people have become so self-centered and hateful. I’m sorry but no one is entitled to anything they didn’t earn. However, I also believe that everyone deserves to be treated equally and fairly, and that goes for EVERYONE. Just because someone doesn’t agree with you, doesn’t mean you cannot be friends. I don’t like the way society is here, and frankly, if I could I’d jump ship and it has nothing to do with politics(which is its own idiotic case altogether)

    I support people who want to make the world a better place. NOT people who are in to get free stuff and think the world owes them something. No, that I cannot agree with. However, you don’t harm others simply because they’re different either.

    I could go on and on and on, but in the end it’s all up to the masses to change the fact they’re behaving like animals and harming innocent people to what? Prove a point? What point does rioting in the street, burning businesses, and hurting innocent people prove? Nothing more than you’re being an asshole and acting like the people you’re supposedly against.

    • Submitted before I added a bit about a dew things to consider no matter what country one may live in: Hospitals usually always need volunteers, as well as soup kitchens and homeless shelters. Sometimes hands-on time donations are much better than money. I know it’s hard to find the time, but even a few hours here and there can change someone’s life.

      I tend to stick with volunteering at places like clothing donation, hospitals, and childrens centers, but that’s because it’s what I know and I like to stick in a comfort zone xD

      I will admit, Parks and Wildlife funds should be a priority to most, as lately they’ve taken a MAJOR backseat. We, as humans, need to remember our very survival depends on the earth’s ecosystem remaining viable.

  14. Thanks for sharing your list, Tara! I think it’s awesome that you donate monetarily to charities. I donate a percentage of our income each month, but I want to branch out a little more and look at some other charities that I can donate to, so I’m going to definitely keep these ones in mind.

    You can tell that a lot of these charities that you’re donating to are for causes that are important to you, and I think that’s just as important. I think more people should research where there money is going and what it’s actually being used for.

    Around Christmastime, Andrew and I like to donate to Heifer International, and we usually will donate a goat or a flock of chicks to people in need. Another is World Vision, which also fights to end world hunger. You can tell food is near to my heart, haha! ;)

  15. What a great idea! Honestly, if I earned more money monthly and wasn’t living on the edge I’d donate too. I always wanted to donate to children in need (unicef) or local animal shelters because I love animals.
    I’m planning on doing that once I’m done with university and have a real job. Right now I need to save every penny rip me haha

  16. I adore this idea! In high school, I was assistant secretary, then secretary, of the Girls Awareness Program, which entailed loads of volunteer work at the local animal shelter and visiting the nursing home. We went on educational field trips, and I loved it all so much because the chairty work was something I saw myself having a future career in. (But shit happens. 😒)

    I like the idea of donating to a different charity each month instead of trying to balance multiple ones at the same time. When I’d a stable income, I kept going broke because I kept trying to balance donations between charities and church. 😥

    This is something I’d love to do in the future, definitely. My charities would consist of FARE (allergy research), Autism Self-Advocacy Network, The Gorilla Foundation, my local animal shelter (I’d like to volunteer there, when I’m driving again and have my allergies under control, and work with the cats because they’re often overlooked and neglected in shelters, which leads to meanness/etc.), St. Jude’s cancer research, and a few others I can’t think up a name of (an art one, education, the rainforest…)

    I’m really passionate about animals/wildlife and the planet. I believe we’re just borrowing it for our life, thus we should give back by taking care of it and its wildlife because it houses us.

    I read an article about how donating to charities helps shape the world and is a way of voting for what you want to increase/protect in the world, and I didn’t understand it until reading your post. Politicians can use their power for their own gain, but “we the people” can still vote for what we want and empower those organisations to continue pushing for us. ❤💎

  17. Ah yes, yes, and yes! I’ve definitely have been increasing my monthly donations since the election. Some of the ones you listed are already on my charity list, but I’ll definitely look into adding the other ones into my rotations.

    Now I wish I can get an easier way to get them to stop sending me junk mail! I did a one-time donation to a couple of redwood conservation and nature preservation charities but they keep sending me huge amounts of junk mail every month, thus wasting so much paper!

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