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It’s the last Friday of January, and I’m here with another Blogger Dossiers post, featuring Katy! She blogs at The Uglyfish and is active on Twitter and Instagram. I’ve been reading her blog for a couple of years now. She’s a fellow Harry Potter fan, and she also loves video games. Get to know her better with this post!

Katy of The Uglyfish

I’m Katy, a 25-year-old theatre stage manager from Liverpool. I live in a lovely, but cold flat with my boyfriend and two gerbils filled with books, video games, and junk I’m too scared to throw away in case I need it for a prop one day.

Personifying Photographs

Katy's Personifying Photo Katy's Personifying Photo Katy's Personifying Photo

Remarkable Recollection

Graduation wasn’t a big event for me. I have a terribly short attention span, I don’t like people looking at me, and I’m not a big party goer, but waiting with my class outside the Philharmonic Hall before the ceremony, realising we’d all made it, we’d all succeeded at this part of our lives, and now we had to go and make our own way gave me a huge rush of relief, pride, and happiness. I like to reflect on that moment a lot when things in work get a bit too much, and remembering everyone’s smiling faces, even though this was essentially our goodbye ceremony, is a great memory for me — as cliché as it may sound!

Musical Moment

Coffee Break Conversation

If you could adapt something (book, film, game, et cetera) into a play, what would it be and why?
Many things I’ve wanted to put on stage are now on stage — but I’d love to see a version of the game, Child of Light, as a short piece of theatre. Take away the battles, and the game is a touching story of a girl trying to get back home to her father. The game is narrated almost entirely in verse already, and it lends itself well to children’s theatre, using a mixture of actors and puppetry. I’ve thought about it a lot, but I doubt Ubisoft is interested in sharing the rights!

What’s one challenge with being partially deaf? Is there any insights you want to share with those who have good hearing and those who do not?
I’ve been partially deaf from birth, though my hearing has drastically declined as I’ve got older. It’s only been in the past few years living with my partner that I’ve been made aware of times people have tried to start a conversation with me and given up because they thought me not responding to them was me ignoring them, rather than the simple fact I hadn’t heard them. This situation doesn’t arise often, as I’m usually with at least one person who knows me well enough to just give me a nudge and let me know someone is trying to chat, but I’ve had sales people and charity collectors become quite aggressive with me on the assumption that I’ve ignored them when in reality I just didn’t hear them the first time. As self-centred as it is, the fact that people think I’m rude is harder to deal with than the constant issues of missing instructions in work, not hearing traffic, and not being able to talk to strangers on the telephone. People don’t assume a 25-year-old is deaf; they assume she is rude.

If you were given a choice to give up video games or books, which one would you choose and why?
When I was 14, I would have said video games, without a shadow of a doubt. When I was 19, I could have easily given up books, as I was so sure I’d read everything I’d ever need to read. Now I’m 25, I’d be more inclined to give up video games again. While, of course, I’d like to be selfish and keep both, there’s something much more comforting and calming about holding a book than a controller. A game for me is a challenge, while a book is a way to relax and escape, and I think I need more relaxation than challenges!

What’s a place you’d recommend to people visiting Liverpool?
Scousers are known to be quite patriotic and fiercely proud of Liverpool. Everyone has their own little corner of the city that they’re proud of — however, one sight I will never tire of is the sight of the Anglican Cathedral. Liverpool has two cathedrals, on both end of Hope Street, and while both are beautiful, the Anglican Cathedral is amazing. Standing over 100m tall and taking 74 years to build, the cathedral is a marvel, towering over the city centre. On a clear day, with the sun behind it, it doesn’t even look real — it looks as if it’s been photoshopped in. It’s impressively overwhelming and deserves to be seen.

Which video game could you play over and over again?
Skyrim — which I have played over and over again. Skyrim for me is the perfect game. The environment, the soundtrack, the extensive storyline, and the dragons of Skyrim are the recipe for a perfect game, in my opinion. Skyrim was bought for me by a friend, and though I played games casually before it, Skyrim was the game that really opened up the world of gaming for me.


  1. This is a great post. It was really cool to learn more about Katy. I think it’s awful that people think she is rude and ignoring them. It’s not her fault though and I think it’s something that a lot of people with some form of disability have to adjust to. The other people that don’t get it, or don’t want too. :(

  2. Ah, Katy! I feel bad because I haven’t visited her blog in a while, but I always remember she’s a cool person :D I looooove the wand picture, and necklace is so cool!

    I would love to visit Liverpool one day. It seems like such an interesting city and I always say that I need to explore outside of London more.

    It was lovely to learn more about Katy, and I will definitely start visiting her blog again! Thanks for this post :)

  3. I really enjoyed reading about Katy! She sounds like a super interesting person and we have a similar interest in Skyrim – SUCH A GREAT GAME, YES!!!

    I’ve never been to Liverpool but will be going in March. Well sort of. The airport haha. xD I would love to visit one day soon though, seems like such an awesome place!

  4. It was awesome to learn more about a fellow blogger, and of course I can DEFINITELY relate to her love of Harry Potter, and also the over-playing of Skyrim(still will never get sick of the game, I swear)

    I do however, think it is awful that people think her rude simply because she did not hear them. I suppose I’m more inclined to make sure someone hears me by giving a nudge because my cousin is hearing impaired, and I also have hearing damage. Thankfully mine hasn’t progressed much, and I’ve adapted to looking at people when speaking, but sometimes that isn’t a possibility, and others need to understand that some people cannot hear as well as others.

    I’ve been to Liverpool and know the cathedral she mentions, and it really is beautiful!

  5. Graduation being a remarkable recollection shouldn’t be cliché. Everyone who made it that far worked hard over the years and earned that achievement. It’s respectable to finish school and it’s good to be proud of it :). I love it when a game puts in a lot of effort in the storyline.

    I can’t believe sales people and charity collectors can be so rude just because you didn’t respond to them. I mean- they should be working under the assumption that they’ll be ignored anyway :’)… People always make assumptions. Though, it would do society a whole lot better to be less judging and try to understand the true picture. I love the architect that was behind the design of cathedrals in Europe. 74 years is impressive!

    I loved playing Skyrim! There are so much to do in the game and it doesn’t get boring too easily :D.

  6. Wish I hadn’t missed Katy while I was in Liverpool, it would have been cool to meet up with her. 😞 I think she first commented on my blog a very, very, very long time ago! :)

    It sounds really upsetting for someone to assume you are rude rather than hearing-impaired. I really feel for you, Katy. I have a couple of friends who have trouble hearing and often I tap them on the shoulder or call out to them again to try and get their attention. Even in a public setting, I try and get someone’s attention. It’s also upsetting that these people can’t tell from your expression that you didn’t hear them at all! 😞

    I can’t say graduation was a big deal for me until after it actually happened. I had this after-feeling of feeling pretty proud of myself, haha.

    I have to agree with books vs video games. A book definitely is a way to escape and I think growing older, we all need reasons to relax. 😆

  7. Oooh yay! Look at all those wands! How very cool!

    My voice is usually too quiet for people to hear me sometimes, especially if they’re much taller than me. So I usually just assume it’s because my voice was too quiet. However, this brings up an excellent point to either tap their arm or get in their line of sight, just in case they don’t realize that I’m talking to them, whether it be deafness or other factors.

  8. I love following Katy’s blog! I like her idea of Child of Light being on stage. I really liked the game, and it hadn’t occurred to me that it’d make a good play. It probably would though!

    That’s rough to deal with people who become rude and aggressive because they didn’t realize she didn’t hear them :( Since I tend to have a quiet voice, I usually nudge people anyway if it looks like they didn’t hear me. It’s not a good idea to assume things about people, so shame on those sales people.

    I liked learning more about Katy!

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