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I’ve been blogging since 2001 (holy crap, time flies!). When I’d first started back in high school, I’d simply blogged about what had happened to me that day. I didn’t have any sort of structure or process, but rather I just typed what was on mind. In college and beyond, my blogging output shrank, yet I still blogged about random things, but still without any clear structure or process. My blogging game hit a new low when I was doing my postgraduate programme, but I stepped it back up six months later upon graduation, this time with more structure and with an actual process! It took me a while to fine-tune the process, and I’m finally writing a post about what goes on behind the scenes with

Step 1: Plan and Ponder Ideas

Posting Process

I like to plan out what I post with the help of my planner. My column posts have set days, but there are those days in between that I can squeeze in blog posts that have nothing to do with my column. For those posts, I get the ideas on a whim, but I let them brew for a while. I keep a mental list of ideas and come up with a vague outline.

Step 2: Prepare Header Image

Posting Process

Once I have the concept floating around in my head, my next step is to prepare the header image, aka coming up with a title. This is the step I cannot skip. Even when I was writing fanfics, if I didn’t have a title, I couldn’t write anything. It’s the same with blogging. I need a title, and then once I have a title and a header image, then I can move onto the next step.

Step 3: Prepare Images

Posting Process

If I have images to accompany the post, I work on them next. I crop and apply various filter on them to achieve the look I want. Thank goodness for actions — they’re a timesaver for sure! When done, I upload them for the next step . . .

Step 4: Prepare Draft

Posting Process

I insert my header images and other images into the post, and then create what I call the “werwerwerw outline” as pictured above. Once the outline is done, that’s when I start typing up the actual content. All the “werwerwerw” transforms into paragraphs. I happily type away until I complete the draft.

Step 5: Preview and Proof Draft

Posting Process

I step away from my draft for a few hours to give my eyes and brain a break. When I return, I put it in preview mode and I read the text there because I spot my mistakes easier without the HTML coding in the raw draft. With two tabs opened — one of the raw draft and the other of the preview version — I alternate between them to correct my errors and do any re-writes that are needed.

Step 6: Publish Post

Posting Process

Lastly, when everything’s fixed and ready to go, I publish my post! I don’t really have a set time that I publish — usually when it’s convenient for me. With my post up, I can rest easy for a bit and then the process starts all over for my next post. It’s like a never-ending cycle, but one I don’t mind doing!

Do you have a blogging process? What’s it like? Do you do anything differently? Share with me in the comments!


  1. Ooo, I found this interesting to read! Thanks for sharing your blogging process! Personally mine is:

    – Thinking of the topic
    – Finding suitable images I took that week or from a while ago or PLAN to take new photos
    – Actually writing the post
    – Proof reading it a few times
    – Publishing
    – Tweeting about it

    Haha, I think the most critical part in my blogging process is finding the right images. Having the right images is SO important because for me it makes the post much more interesting! ;)

  2. My blogging process is almost the same as yours except for the ‘plan and ponder ideas’. I guess I’m still in that stage when I blog about random things without any clear structure. As weird as it may sound but yes, I also do that ‘werwerwerw outline’ but I put *insert text* instead. I hope I will also be as organized as you in the near future. ;)

  3. Adrianne on

    Long time no see/comment, Tara. I’ve been slapping myself for a long time now because I haven’t been too active with blogging. With 2017, I hope I could be a lot more active.

    My blogging process is almost similar as yours, although your Step 1 (planning) doesn’t much apply to me. I’m one of those people who would just write about what would suddenly come on a whim. I did have a little planner when I first started blogging (2002 also), but by the time I get home from work, something else gets in the way and ended up writing about that instead LOL. I guess you could say that I’m an organized mess when it comes to blogging LOL.

    Thanks for sharing your posting process. I actually thought about sharing mine (in another site, not my blog), but then I realized that I don’t always follow my posting process routine and decided not to bother with it.

    Happy New Year, by the way. :)

  4. I don’t really have much of a process that I go through. I’ve given many of my columns a break since it’s hard to find time in college. Usually I’ll have an idea bouncing around in my head and then I’ll just pick a day to write it out. Sometimes I’ll add images because the idea pops up later on.

  5. You can legitimately say that you’ve been blogging for more than a decade and a half ;). I was the same when I started out blogging in high school. I would blab on about my boring days at school XD. I’m glad that you have a routine going because I love reading your blog posts! I use my planner to write out blog posts too XD. I rarely follow it though D:. I am usually a day early or late XD. I like the structure of your posting process. You let the pictures get you going with the draft and ta-da!

    I have a similar blogging process except I brainstorm on paper, then make a draft, put together the images, and review/publish XD.

  6. when i was still doing creative writing (whether it’s fanfics or poems or whatever), i couldn’t write if i didn’t have the title that made me feel ‘this is it’. i said that in past tense because i haven’t been writing at all now but even if i start writing again (mainly creative ones because i’ve grown out of fandoms and fanfics), i’m definitely going to face that dilemma again. some people said that titles can be done last, that you have to write everything first and then you can find the right title for your piece. i can’t do that, ever. i mean of course sometimes i can go back and edit or fix my title but i have to have a dummy title first, one that is 90% of what my final title is gonna be…if that makes sense. all in all, i want a title that makes me go ‘this. this is it. this is fitting!’ first before i start writing my piece, taking care of grammar and whatnot.

    as for my blogging process, i remember when i first started out, i used to write random pieces and whatnot. the more i blog and the more blogs i visit and gain inspiration from, the more i feel like i want to look at my blog as more than just an online journal i’m going to write my opinions down, you know? i began having visions and missions for my blog, i started revamping things and planning blog titles and topics even though i don’t do it as neat as you do. i’m not saying i’m such a good blogger but i’d like to think i’m better than i used to and that makes me happier and more enthusiastic whenever i want to update it. i find that there’s a difference between randomly blogging things and taking care of your blog, its content, columns, etc etc. i wrote a post last year about reboxing my blog into what people are seeing now; i started thinking about regular columns and whatnot and i started paying more attention to header images and other stuff. i think it’s important to do that with our blog but that’s just my personal opinion because based on my experience, an organized blog boosts me into blogging more.

    my current blogging process isn’t that different from yours. sometimes, i can get sudden inspiration out of the blue and be like, “hey, i’m gonna blog about this” and i do have a book filled with blog topics i plan to write. sometimes i forget to note down the idea and poof, it disappeared within a day – a mistake on my part. then again, i try to get inspired often so i can always keep the updates coming. i know this probably sounds like i’m not giving myself a break and i force myself to always write but i get annoyed when i see my blog not getting updated for 5 days! Lol which is why i try to at least put something out there, even if it’s just a post about inspirations or moodboards.

    for me, let say i have an idea right now… and i have images that i need to post for the said post.. i will definitely try to finish and publish everything on the same day. it’s both a bad habit and a good one. it’s a good one because i tend to work under pressure and i get things done but it’s bad because sometimes, i can get an idea at 10 pm and i’ll spend hours editing my images and writing my post and won’t go to sleep until i’m done. i’m like this when it comes to working in general – i just don’t take a break until i’m done LOL. once i’ve set up and prepared the images, i’ll jump right in to write the real thing and multi-task editing it too. now that i describe it, i sound like a complicated multi-tasking working machine! i don’t know how i do it but i like getting things done once i’m in it…if that makes sense so yeah, i usually try to write the content while at the same time, doing the editing (proof-read, grammar check, etc) and i’ll also preview how the post will look like on my blog once published. last but not least, i’ll do a final scheming and proof-reading before publishing everything. sometimes when i’m stuck, i have to suck it up and go to bed, continue the post the next day but it’s not my ideal way of blogging process so i try to avoid that as much as possible. it feels sooo much better once everything is set and published :)

  7. Ugh. When I saw that picture of the calendar, I wanted to cry. I don’t have much of a process. I just come up with a random topic, cry, slowly work on it for days, with panic and fear, of course, proofread it for 12 seconds and hit send as soon as I’m done.

  8. Wow, have we really been blogging THAT long? That’s crazy! I miss the old days of all the fansites and personal pages we had. Anyway you’re way more organized than me – I really want a planner now! Your process is super inspiring! And it’s really cool to see the ins and outs of your day to day blogging life. I love how much care and attention you give to every post!

  9. This was really interesting to read. Thanks for sharing your blogging process! I like that you have an actual process and it looks like you’re super organized with your posts.

    I’ve been getting more active posting and I think I’m still trying to find that “posting process”. I think, like you said, blogging comes more easily and not so randomly, when you have a clear vision in your head of what you want your blog to look like and reflect. I think it’s interesting how each blog is different according to each person, especially content wise! I feel like I’m still trying to figure that out.

    Overall my process is the same as yours, except for the planner. I found a plugin on WordPress called NotePress that I’ve been using to plan out post ideas, which I find really helpful!

  10. I have a list of topics that I flesh out, and I fill out my digital calendar with my series that run regularly, then I can fill in the blank spaces with whatever topics I like. The thing I like about doing it digitally is that I can drag the topics around as I please.

    I actually think of a working title then I move on. I always think I can change it later. I am also used to selecting images towards the end, unless I am doing a Fashion Friday post, then I’ll select all the images first. My images are otherwise just supporting the post, I used to make banners but I don’t fuss about them too much because I know the title is printed on the page and that’s enough for people with visual impairments – if a banner won’t add much value then I won’t bother, though I do like my social media pulling the data along with the image that I put in the post.

    I only let some posts simmer in drafts. I preview my post a couple of times whilst writing, and of course just before I publish. I very rarely schedule posts because I would rather be there to “press the button”. :)

    I like to share my posts on Twitter as soon as I have posted them, but also give them a bit of promotion afterwards.

  11. Wow you have such an organized structure! I used to keep an editorial calendar in my planner but I’d always change my mind about the blog topic last minute :P

    Now I just keep a list of post ideas, and a day or 2 before I’ll start writing the content. Based on the content I’d then start taking the photos that I need. For me I find I actually spend most of my time on “marketing”, i.e. creating the Pinterest graphics and sharing the post on social media!

  12. I really enjoyed reading this post because personally, I don’t follow a blogging process as detailed as this one (though I think I should start doing so!). I usually don’t plan the things I write on my blog, I usually just write whatever I feel like writing at the moment.

    It’s also interesting that you create the title first, because for me the title usually comes last. Even for writing papers for school, I write the content first and the title will come to me when the material is completed. :D

  13. 2001 is such a long time! I can’t believe you’ve been blogging for that long – go you! I used to just write what was on my mind, as well. Didn’t have much going on when I was younger anyway, haha.

    I like that you have a planner. I tried that, but it didn’t really work out for me. I just use the calendar draft plugin thingy on WordPress. It’s the same, but I prefer typing things up on there instead of writing it down.

    “werwerwerw outline” – Love it!

    Thanks for your posting your process; it was really insightful. I usually just think of posts on the whim and on my days off from work I usually end up writing them up then. My process at the moment is to have a post up every Sunday, making sure I have a feature image and in my notes I write an outline – so say one sentence per paragraph then later I’ll turn the sentence into a paragraph. It’s handy when I’m writing my travel posts, especially.

  14. This is such a great post. It’s really interesting to read about the process of another blogger. It’s funny how it does change over time and many of the earlier posts are just kind of random and happen.

    Personally, my blogging process is really starting to develop a lot now (and probably within the past few years). I try and put more effort into the writing to make it read a lot better (my brain usually likes to add extra noodle words hahaha oops). I enjoy taking photographs and trying to share more engaging stories I guess. :D

  15. You’re so organized with planning your posts! I just have a Google doc that I’ll type in whenever I have ideas, and I don’t really have set days, haha. I’m also a little backwards on your steps because I write the post before I work on the images. For me, the post determines which photos I use or that I need to take.

    I think it’s a good idea to take a break from your post before publishing it! Sometimes I’ll take a whole day away, just to get a fresh look later. I often end up re-writing some things, and I usually try to shorten it a bit.

    I thought it was interesting to see your process and also to see how we differ! XD

  16. Chantelle on

    I don’t blog, but when I did, my process was very different.

    First, even though I thought of following a schedule, I didn’t. The only time I did was for the language blog I ran for a very short time – then I had to have something ready every day.

    Second, even though I generally took photos first, sometimes I prepared them before drafting and sometimes I didn’t. If it was a column/set post, I probably had them fully edited beforehand. However, I edited the images for the other things while drafting my post.

    Anyway, I definitely did not come up with titles before drafting. I don’t know why, but the thought makes me cringe. I saved titles for last. I also never waited hours before posting something. I proofread right then/there and then posted. I always felt too rushed to wait.

    • Ahh please come back! I remember binging on your archive one night, but this is after you had stopped posting. But you’re probably busy being amazing!

  17. It’s so amazing that you’ve been blogging since 2001 – what an achievement! I’m still new to personal lifestyle blogging and right now I don’t really have any clear laid out plans. I’ve just been writing whenever and whatever I want. I enjoy this kind of freedom but I hope to establish a plan in future so that there’s more structure. I have a planner so maybe I’ll try mapping out posts for next month the way you do. I also like to come up with the title first – I feel like it sets the tone nicely and I’d feel uncomfortable diving straight into writing a post without it. It just feel like something crucial is missing? I then write the post itself and edit. So far I’ve been editing and adding my header image last because I think of it as complementary and I want to focus on all the words first. Over this year I’d like to take better photos though.

    Thanks so much for sharing this post – it was interesting to read! New reader here :)

  18. Ooh, this is interesting! 😊

    My process is a little backwards compared to yours. There was a time when I wanted header images, but now I mostly want them for my series and recipe posts, and that’s it. The photos part is always tedious to me, so I type up the post first, unless I’ve writing it on paper (with a pencil these days), make placeholders for images (“[aditl-january.jpg]”), read over it once or a few times, and schedule it. My process varies based on my mood a lot, though. I try to switch it up because otherwise I get bored, but the basic ritual remains.

    I always love your photos. 😍 They’re pretty, but not ones I’ve seen a thousand times elsewhere. I also like how you plan on a paper calendar! I do that, too. Digital calendars and I just don’t get along. It’s too easy to set up recurring events, but then difficult to remove them. 😒 Plus, I like to be able to physically write in it and look through it. I like to make notes.

  19. The images for this post are on point!

    Despite blogging since 2002/2003, I don’t think I have any real blogging process or the archive to back it up. (That’s okay. It might be better that it’s gone. 12 year old me is writing about Neopets with background music and doll gifs on a giant page….)

    At most, I’ll jot down blog post ideas onto Evernote, and include bullet points if it’s big idea with lots of details. (This has been happening a lot at the airport or on a plane.) Ideally, I would look it up later to write the post, but 80% of the time, these ideas don’t happen since I don’t have the time and energy to follow through. Thus I end up with random brain dump/photo dump most of the time. XD

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