Turning Thirty-Two

Turning Thirty-Two

Today’s the day I turn thirty-two, so I’m another year older. Like last year, I requested the day off for my birthday, and I requested the day after as sick leave, thus giving myself a four-day weekend as a present. I’d been planning this since September, so it was a lovely thing to look forward to in my birthday month — ironic since I’d been getting a ton of days off this month as it is, haha! All the days off aside, I am truly grateful to my understanding bosses who allowed me to take the days off. I didn’t tell anybody at work it was my birthday, but I’m sure they know now because I’m friends with a couple of co-workers on Facebook! I decided to take the low-key route :)

Speaking of low-key, I’ve planned nothing for today. Because of my medical appointments tomorrow, my 4CC trip next month, and my Japan trip in April, I decided to conserve my funds. Instead, I declared today to be my bum day. And let me tell you all — it’s bloody glorious. Being able to sleep in and then doing whatever I need to do at home is a good way to spend my birthday. When I told someone that was my plan, their response was, “You’re getting older.” I am — aging is inevitable — but there’s absolutely nothing wrong with spending the day of your birth just bumming around at home.

Present-wise, I find myself loving the little things people have gifted me. Yesterday, someone gave me money, bought me lunch, and paid for our cab ride home. Another person gave me a ride to and from my workplace to the bus station during lunch time. I received many well wishes on social media. For the bigger presents, my best friend in Guam is sending me a surprise package. My other best friend in Virginia gave me an Amazon gift card. Lastly, my parents bestowed me gifts in the form of food, which, in my opinion as a foodie, is the best kind of present!

Birthday Brunch

Mum prepared me a great birthday brunch. It’s Korean custom to have miyeok guk (seaweed soup) on your birthday, so she cooked that along with some spam, rice, and kimchi. Everything was yum, especially the soup and Mum’s awesome home-made kimchi that was seasoned to perfection!

Birthday Dinner

For dinner, Mum cooked tteokbokki for me. Tteokbokki is a spicy rice cake dish with fish cake, and it can be accompanied with ramen noodles. This is one of my favourite Korean dishes, so I appreciate Mum making this for me ^_^

Birthday Cake

Mum and Dad bought me this birthday cake along with some doughnuts and a chocolate croissant! I’d requested apple turnovers, but those were sold out at the bakery we frequent. I’m quite happy with this “Death by Chocolate” cake, though! My sweet tooth is quite pleased.

I’m full and content. What a nice way to spend my birthday. No obligations, no hassle — instead I was spoiled by the people who love and care for me. This is the life, mates, and I’m thankful for every minute of it. Here’s to another year of being older and wiser!


  1. Happy birthday, Tara! oh, i can’t believe you’re 32! i thought you’re waaay younger than that :)) ….not tryna to offend you or anything.

    the food looks glorious! THAT TTEOKBOKKI THOUGH! holy shizzle, yuuuum it looks so delish! i know it’s tteokbokki but the fiery red-orange color also reminds me of ramyun soup. i personally am not huuuuuge when it comes to korean food but tteokbokki is also one of my favorite korean food :’D

    the cake looks amazing too! i don’t like the whole “omg it’s your birthday you gotta go out and have a massive celebration” idea which is what most people generally like but if there’s anything that i love from birthday is the fact that i can get to eat cake. i can’t always get a whole cake on daily basis so yeah, haha xD

  2. Happy birthday! I love bum days – they’re the best! I rarely get those now because of school and work so when I do I just lay in bed all day and basically be lazy haha. And I agree that there is nothing wrong spending your birthday at home. For mine I just binged on Netflix all day xD

    That’s awesome you had a great day. And home food is the best! I’m glad you were able to get miyeok guk for your birthday. It really feels like your birthday when it randomly appears for breakfast, haha.

  3. Happy birthday! I think it’s great you chose to have a bum day instead of a fancy day where you do all sorts of things. I love doing nothing on my birthday; I don’t think there’s anything more freeing.

    All of the food looks so good! I think that’s fantastic your mom cooked your favorite dishes. I love when my mom does that on my birthday. 😊 You feel so loved! The cake looks delicious too, even if it isn’t an apple turnover. Chocolate cake is always good to satisfy a sweet tooth.

    I turn 20 this year which feels like such a Big Deal, but I think it’ll be fine in the end. 👍🏻 I’m looking forward to starting life and figuring things out, even though everyone always says it’s a trap!

    I’m glad you had a great day and people treated you well!

  4. Happy birthday!! I’m totally with you on bum day, and that’s usually how I spend my weekends as well. Lying around doing nothing is a fantastic way to relax from a busy life – it’s all about balance here!

    The food your mom made looks super yummy, nothing beats a good home cooked meal! :)

  5. Happy birthday, Tara! Sometimes, no-plans is the best plan! Like you, I prefer to celebrate my birthday low-key, so I always take a leave from work and spend the day at home, maybe meet a friend or two for coffee and cake.

    Anyways, wishing this new year in your life is the best one yet! Cheers to thirty-two!

  6. Happy Birthday! The older I get, the more I prefer low-key birthdays, haha. I think relaxing and taking it easy is a great way to celebrate :) I’m glad you were able to take a 4-day weekend for your birthday!

    Oohh yum, your mom’s cooking looks really good. That tteokbokki especially looks delicious! And wow, what a chocolately cake! That looks tasty too!

    I’m glad you had a good birthday! Enjoy your weekend! :D

  7. Yaaaaay! Happy belated birthday, Tara!

    At work we have birthday leave which is optional. :) I don’t think you’re getting old, some people just don’t want to party on their birthday and prefer something low-key. I think if I had the day off I would just paint my nails or something haha. Birthdays don’t have to be some huge celebration.

    The cake looks good! I’m so glad your parents spoiled you a little ;)

  8. Happy thirty second birthday! :D What a really cool gift to give yourself a four day weekend. I am sure it would be really nice to have that time. :)

    Honestly, having a bum day sounds like the best kind of thing. Doing whatever you want and being able to save and plan for trips. Perfect. :D In the end you just have to do what makes you happy.

    Yum. The food looks absolutely delicious and that is such a tasty gift. I hope you enjoy your presents from friends when they arrive. :D

  9. Happy belated birthday Tara! I’m glad you got to spend it doing what you enjoy – I need to have more bum days, recently I’ve just been non-stop going at work and life that I haven’t been able to stop and just do nothing :P

    The food looks DELICIOUS! I hope you enjoyed it! Sending you lots and lots of love <3

  10. Happy belated birthday, Tara! It’s great to not be at work when it’s your birthday. You deserve a stress-free day doing anything you want- even if it’s nothing ;). Sounds like you’re going to have a fun trip in a couple of months! Aging is definitely inevitable but hey, you gotta enjoy doing whatever makes you happy.

    The food that you had looks super delicious! The tteokbokki is a winner for me ;). Glad to see that you enjoyed your 32nd birthday! Hope you’ll have a blessful year ahead of you~

  11. Happy belated birthday Tara! Your mom’s cooking looks delicious! Especially the tteokbokki! I don’t think I’ve seen that before. I’ll have to see if they have a mild version of it if they have it at a restaurant.

    As long as you’re happy, it doesn’t matter how you celebrate your birthday. And you got the day off work too!

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