2016 Reading Review

2016 Reading Review (Original Image from Unsplash.com)

When I did the book meme the last three years, I only kept track of reading new books and mangas in my Goodreads account. This year, though, I decided to keep track of everything I read. From new books, mangas, and fanfics to re-reading books, mangas, and fanfics, I logged what I read to see just how much I read in a single year. With books and mangas, I went by the number of volumes, but with fanfics, I documented what I read based on word count. I’ve decided against doing the book meme from previous years, and instead compile a new (and short) format to show what I’ve read and enjoyed in 2016.

New Reads: 71
Re-reads: 144
Total Reads: 215 books and mangas

New Fics: 738k words
Fics Re-reads 2.592 million words
Total Fics: 3.330 million words

Favourite New Book: 11/22/63 by Stephen King ~ This book, with its time-travelling element to the 1950s/1960s, about a man who was tasked to prevent the JFK’s assassination, proved to be the best thing I read in 2016. I was completely gripped in the plot and the characters. It was one of those books I couldn’t put down, and when I finished it, I was mind-blown by it.

Favourite New Manga: Ze volume 11 by Shimizu Yuki ~ I’ve waited years for this last volume to be released in English, and the wait was worth it. This final volume — what proved to be a really intriguing BL/yaoi series — had a fairly good closure. The ending’s a bit ambiguous, but it was a satisfying one.

Favourite New Fic: The Hunger Games – Spin Control and Yuri!!! on Ice – Now When Arrows Don’t Penetrate, Cupid Grabs the Pistol ~ These two fics have stayed with me the most this year. The YOI one, especially, is recommended for a light and fun read!

Favourite Feel-good Book: Percy Jackson’s Greek Gods and Percy Jackson’s Greek Heroes by Rick Riordan ~ I had a blast with these two books. I love reading about Ancient Greek myths, so to read these from Percy Jackson’s POV had me rolling. Percy’s an excellent deadpan snarker.

Favourite Series: The Baby-Sitters Club ~ I read/re-read 108 books from the BSC series . . . that’s pretty much 50% of what I read this year, haha!

Favourite Bizarre Reads: Kingdom #1-5 ~ I read the first five books of this series because the premise was too bizarre for me to ignore. Each book focuses on one of the bad boys in the faerie tale world, and they have a soulmate from the modern world who they have to try and date/mate/whatever, and thus the novels are pretty erotic. I normally stay far away from heterosexual romances, but these managed to pique my curiosity.

2016 Summary: I’m pretty amazed by how much I’ve read this year. Turns out, I re-read a lot. Then again, my life was going through so many changes, I needed those familiar things to keep me grounded. When I was in the right mindset, then I could handle reading something new. My Kindle Paperwhite was my constant companion, and I cannot imagine my life without it. All my reading, with the exception of some of my mangas, happened on my Kindle. Knowing me, I’ll be reading a lot in 2017, but I may or may not read as much — I vowed to do some serious gaming this year and go through my backlogs! Here’s to whatever happens in 2017!


  1. Oh man, you’ve been rocking pretty well with the reads you’ve done last year! You should include the blog posts you read over the year ;). I’m sure that will up your number big time!

    I remembered 11/22/63 being one of your favorite books! It’s pretty interesting to see the what if’s come to life in stories. Hehe I’ve been seeing your Tweets about Yuri!! on Ice. It sounds like an amazing work! I would wonder how relationships would work out between different worlds if we ever got to that place XD.

    Hope 2017 will be filled with great reads and gaming ;)!

  2. I love re-reading books and manga too. Especially my favorites. I find that each re-read presents a new experience going into it and I also remember why I liked the book in the first place.

    I don’t normally read fanfiction but maybe I’ll try the Yuri on Ice one! I have also been meaning to read Stephen King but haven’t read any of his books yet. So maybe I’ll try the one you really liked??

  3. Ooh, I’ve been looking forward to a post with the books you read in 2016!

    I really enjoyed the Percy Jackson books, and we own some of the new ones but I haven’t gotten around to reading them yet. It’s good to hear that you liked them – I’m always iffy about sequels!

    Oh my goodness! I didn’t even realize there were that many books in the Babysitter Club series! XD That’s awesome that you re-read all of them! There’s a few series that I’d like to reread again this year that I read when I was younger, particularly the Little House books!

    I read about 50/50, half in a hard copy format and the other on my Kindle. I definitely wouldn’t read as much as I do without it!

  4. Re-reading books can be fun especially if you enjoy the books. I had so many books when I was in high school that I collected for many years, and I re-read a lot of them. Hundreds of them! I couldn’t fathom reading a long-form novel now, though, but something like the Babysitters Club or similar teen series would be super fun to read again. 😆 Shame I got rid of most of my books, but I think a lot of them would be available as e-books somewhere!

    The Stephen King book sounds really, really good. I share a birthday with JFK, and I sure do like that time travel plot!

  5. oh my, i barely touch my goodreads account now. in fact, i haven’t opened it since last year! i get lazy updating the pages and stuff :P

    what an achievement! you definitely read more than me! i haven’t even finished ONE book, AT ALL. geez. i suck. i used to be so good at reading when i was in high school. enter college and after college, i now suck at reading. i have been clinging onto the same book (david mitchell’s the bone clocks) since last year and haven’t even completed half of it. yikes. i get distracted so easily.

    oh wait, no.

    i did finish a book last year. it’s a coffee table book though so i’m not sure if that counts. and also a book filled with fragments, sort of like poems but not really, entitled this modern love by will darbyshire. it’s just an easy read filled with letters and stuff. but for a whole novel, i haven’t finished any! urgh, i really need to go back to reading :(

  6. Chantelle on

    Wow. 3.3 million words not including books. That’s an accomplishment. Do you have any specific 2017 reading goals? I’m curious about your gaming goals too.

    My reading backlog is years (probably a decade+ at this point) long. I read whatever, whenever – never re-reading of course because that’s just me.

  7. Wow, you read a lot in the past year! It’s great that you’ve included everything too, I always miss graphic novels and comic books out of my list, even though I probably read more of them than anything else!

    I love re-reading things, because it’s nice to have the familiarity of a favourite book, and it’s great to know that I’ll definitely enjoy it. Sometimes new books can be a bit hit and miss!

    I’ve never read the Percy Jackson books, but I’ve heard a lot of great things about them. And they sound great from your review!

  8. Wow that’s a lot of reading! Makes me ashamed of the lack of book I read this past year (or really these past…5 years?), but that’s a goal I’m going to work on in 2017! I did read my fair share of fan fiction though, thanks to the revival of the Digimon Adventure series, but haha, that’s it :P

  9. Wow you read a lot more than I did in 2016

    I always enjoy re-reading new books. I tend to do most of it during the summer when I get bored or run out new things to read. I’ve re-read Maximum Ride tons of times because I never get tired of the series.

    I’ve heard a lot of great things about Stephen King but haven’t really had a chance to read any of his books. I guess that will have to change ;)

  10. I never thought to include mangas or to even see if they’re on Goodreads! #mindblown because I love Loveless 💖 even though it always leaves me crying 😭 over my feels 😅.

    Congrats on reading so many books! 👍😎🍻 The one by Stephen King sounds interesting, but his novels are typically too long for me. 😳

  11. Wow, you read a lot! 11/22/63 sounds really interesting, and I remember you raving about it before. I also haven’t heard of Ze, but I do like looking into BL reads!

    I think I only read one novel last year, which was The Martian. The rest was re-reading some of my manga. I hope you find some great reads this year too!

  12. Wow, that’s so impressive and I love how you’ve categorized your favorite selections. There are a few NejiTen fanfiction that I like to reread each winter because they’re so well written and long, but unfortunately unfinished since the authors haven’t updated for years…Q__Q

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