2016 Review

2016 Review

2016 is ending, and I’ve set up a quick poll to see which columns my visitors enjoy the most. Please take a minute to do the poll. Moving on, it’s time for me to write my annual review post. This is the year where I kept track of my life on Evernote, so a lot of what I’ll write in my recap will be from there along with my blog. This year has been slightly more exciting (and stressful) compared to last year, especially when I changed jobs in August. That aside, I did have a pretty good year, and I am proud of myself for going through some crazy (and fun) times. I do hope that 2017 will be an even better year for me (and everyone else), and I wish everyone one of us a fantastic new year! Read on if you want to see my recaps. If not, see you all in 2017!

* I was reunited with this family who returned to Korea after a few years. It was great seeing them.
* I turned 31 by choosing to have a bum day. It was so relaxing!
* I took my 4-H Tech Club to do a photography shoot at a hotel, and I was about to treat them to some doughnuts, but a kind stranger ended up buying us the doughnuts instead!
* I tried volunteering in a children’s ward at St Mary’s hospital. I mostly played Jenga and did origami with the kids.
* I received Tiffany’s soap giveaway package!
* I began prepping for my photography contest in February.

* Eddy and I went to the Final Fantasy Piano Opera concert! We had a fun time listening to a solo pianist pound away music from the game series.
* I tried Chicago-style pizza for the very first time.
* Chantelle bought me some Lush products as a belated birthday present, and this started my love for Lush.
* I de-cluttered all my Baby-Sitters Club books.
* My Twitter went from being public to private.
* My photography contest went well, and Eddy even made me up for it!
* I tried out this free examination for lasik/lasek, but I didn’t go through it in the end.
* I met up with some former students I subbed for!

* I visited Seorae Maeul (French Village) in Seoul for the first time.
* I played some yaoi PC games for a bit this month.
* After years of deliberation, I finally bought a digital piano!
* My 4-H Club and I began our last major project together — a yearbook for the centre!
* I was in the mood to re-read the Little House books.
* I transitioned from Little Memory to Evernote to document my daily happenings.
* I gave counselling a try with this one bloke.

* April opened up with work drama when one of my co-worker decided to copy my lesson plans.
* I had my bi-annual medical appointment that ate up my bank account.
* This was the month where I had to deal with quite a few challenging children at work.
* I became terribly sick to the point it kept me out of work for two days in a row. I never call out two days in a row, so this was really unusual for me!
* I began training with Master Yoda!

* I visited my cousin’s restaurant and discovered some really delicious chicken gizzards.
* After waiting for years, I finally completed my Ze collection.
* I tried FightFit for the first time and did not enjoy it.
* This is the month where I’d forgot my keys at home and then lost my cellphone in a cab. Thankfully, I’d recovered my cellphone.
* Pilates proved to be a better fit for me than FightFit!
* I started visiting the dermatologist again for my acne issues.
* I went through two phone interviews, and one of them was for my current job.
* For the first time in years, I visited the dentist.
* Thao and I finally met in person, and we hung out for a few days!

* I finally completed the The Hunger Games films and fell in love with Finnick and Johanna.
* I baby-sat for a friend as a gift since it was her anniversary.
* Summer work schedule made a return and it completely exhausted me.
* I received a tentative job offer for my current job.
* I migrated my blog from Aigoo-Chamna.net to Aigoo.me!

* I met up with an old friend, Candy-unnie, and we had a great time meeting up with the same family I was reunited with in January.
* I read and became hooked on 11/22/63 by Stephen King.
* I finally sort of fixed my leave balance issue.
* I took a day trip down to my new workplace and spent the night there.
* Amazon Prime became a thing again, and I started to watch streaming shows.
* I purchased my first designer bag by Kate Spade! It came to me in August.
* I switched counsellors. The new one’s way better than the old one.
* Holland and I met up!
* I tried OkCupid again, only to be reminded why I hate that thing. Though I did get to know a couple of decent blokes.
* I visited Changdeokgung and the Secret Garden for the first time.
* I researched and ordered a mechanical keyboard that came to me in August.
* I upgraded to Windows 10 while it was still free.

* Shayne came to Seoul, and we met up and hung out together!
* I was given an official starting date for my new job.
* I planned and booked a return trip to Sokcho for November 2016.
* I learnt that I could open up another savings account, so I did and started putting my trip money there!
* I also booked a trip to Hakodate, Japan for April 2017.
* I ran into an issue with my driver’s licence.
* Nanta was an amazing experience. I’m so glad I saw the show!
* My last day at work happened, and we had a farewell party for me. It was a great gathering in one of my favourite restaurants.
* I started my new job, and that first week was super rough.
* I met my last blogger friend of this year — Chansoriya!

* I fell in love and later purchased my very first painting.
* Work pretty much took over my life this month since I had so much organisation and cleaning to do.
* An acquaintance and I stayed overnight at my workplace area to avoid the Chuseok traffic.
* I changed to a new cell phone, the iPhone SE.
* I tried staying at an Airbnb place near my workplace for one working week, and I grew super homesick.
* I resumed my Japanese studies.

* Work kept me hopping this month to the point I had to stay late some days.
* I bought my first prescription sunglasses and also had to get new frames and lenses for my regular glasses.
* I replayed Hakuouki on my PSP.
* Mum’s big 70th birthday bash took place, and it was loud. Thank goodness it only lasted a couple of hours!
* My workplace began to have a lot of drama to the point that everything became a major hot mess.
* I explored the city hall area near my workplace for the first time with a co-worker!

* I completed a huge project at work that left me feeling very accomplished!
* I had my desktop PC serviced for cleaning and upgraded its PSU.
* I went on leave for ten days. Spent a good chunk of it catching up with friends, hobbies, and sleep.
* I visited Sokcho again!
* Unfortunately, the US election really depressed me.
* I had a delicious Thanksgiving meal at one of my favourite restaurants.
* This was also the month I became addicted to Yuri!!! on Ice.

* I sent off all my annual holiday cards for the seventh consecutive year!
* I attended this free holiday party for the food!
* Work was a bit stressful, and some days were rough.
* I went to a John Williams’ concert, and it was a magical experience.
* I had a glorious 4-day weekend for Christmas and New Year!
* I learnt about “wireless ABCwhatever” and discovered the reason why my PS3 wouldn’t connect to my wi-fi.
* I started playing Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc on the PS Vita.
* I visited my old workplace, and a lot of the kids remembered me and gave me hugs.
* My New Year’s Eve was spent at home. Peaceful and relaxing!


  1. I am going to try my very hardest to come back to Seoul in 2017 during a much milder month. Haha

    Happy New Year! I hope it’s a less stressful year! You’ll be in Hakodate before you know it!!!!

  2. It was a big year and there was a lot of things that were happening for you! I hope that 2017 will be a great year for you and I look forward to reading all about it on your blog. :D

    I began training with Master Yoda!
    Did you find the force? ;D

  3. It sounds like this was another eventful year on your end!

    I made my Twitter private too. It’s better to keep your social media locked down so creepers aren’t creepin’. Oh man. I felt as if your love for Lush started way before this year. This made me feel like the year went by too fast XD. It’s great that you got into fitness! Go you ;).

    It’s cool how we both switched to .me’s this year! It’s good to have change :). It is cool that you got to meet Thao and Chansoriya this year. Congratulations on your new job too! It’s good to have some new experience – and to get away from that scrub who copied your lesson plan. I’m still puzzled about the types of wireless settings that are out there and how consoles are picky about it @___@.

    Glad to see that you had a great year. Hope 2017 will be even better!

  4. Wow! It really is amazing to see everything organized into months. Really puts things into perspective! That’s awesome you got to meet a few of your blogger friends and that you’ve tried out new things this year, as well as gone on some adventures.

    I also made my Twitter private, just because I was worried offline wise, who was looking at it LOL Not that I post much… but its nice to keep views limited, aha.

    Congrats again on the new job and Happy New Year!

  5. Happy New Year Tara! I really enjoyed reading your breakdown of the 2016, it’s so well organised! I’ve seen other bloggers do it in this format and I might do the same next year! I feel really proud of myself reading through your summaries because I remembered bits from each month – I’ve kept up well :P

    I’ve been thinking of keeping my Twitter private but at the same time I like the feeling of opening potential discussions with others you may not follow? Haha. But it may be something I too look into!

    I remember Nancy, you and I had massive career/job changes around August. I found it awesome reflecting on what I was doing, seeing what you and Nancy were doing haha! It was stressful I remember but you should be proud of everything you’ve achieved. You’re a real trooper Tara <3

    Looking forward to another year of aigoo.me's blogs ;) <3

  6. What an eventful year you’ve had! Also, you tried OkCupid again – I feel you on hating it though. I’m off all online dating sites because they’re such a drag.

    I remember you tweeting bout your new job and the fact that you actually started on my birthday! Haha.

    Glad to see it’s been a pretty good year for you, though! 2017 is gonna be even better :D

  7. 2016 was such a great year for you, and busy! It was great to be able to follow along with you throughout the year through your posts and to remember all the little things that happened!

    I love that you got to meet so many blogging buddies. It’s so cool to be able to meet someone you’ve known online so well in real life. I really enjoyed reading those posts! I’m hoping that I can meet up with some friends in the future if they are in the area, or vice versa.

    Congratulations on the new job! Starting at a new place is always rough and I hated the first month of my job, but we pushed through!! Change can be hard, but usually it’s for the best!

    Happy 2017 Tara!

  8. Alrighty, survey completed! And happy new year! Once again, thank you for taking the time to show me around Seoul and helping me plan my trip. We sure crammed a lot in!

    I’m not sure if these dating apps are popular in Seoul, but many of my single friends use Coffee Meets Bagel and Bumble.

    I also love how many blogger meet ups you’ve had this year. Here’s to a brilliant new year! Best wishes and love to you!

  9. I did your survey. :) I wrote a pretty long answer so I hope it helped somewhat, but I think other people will have varying opinions.

    Reading through your post I feel like there were some things you may have only mentioned in passing, or some little things that you probably mentioned but didn’t mention in detail. I mostly remember your travel adventures, meeting up with online friends or bloggers, and your big work change. I think a lot of big changes happened for many bloggers in June-July 2016… I’m reading through so many people’s reviews of last year and I think mid-year was challenging for everybody.

    Happy new year Tara! :) Hope 2017 is a great one for you! :)

  10. Looks like you had a lot going on each month! I’m glad 2016 was a good year for you, even with stressful parts. I’m also glad you had a relaxing Christmas and New Years after being so busy at work the past few months! I still think it’s cool how you met several bloggers last year :D

    I hope 2017 will be a good year for you! Happy new year!

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