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Blogger Dossiers

One more day of 2016! This is also the last Friday of this year, and I’m here with the last Blogger Dossiers post for 2016 featuring Jenny! She blogs at Geekyposh and is active on Twitter and Instagram. I’ve enjoyed following her blog for the last year, and I’m really thrilled she agreed to be featured.

Jenny of Geekyposh

I’m Jenny, and I live in the Washington, DC area with my husband and 2 adorable cats. I work full-time as a web developer, which is pretty awesome because I’ve loved designing + coding websites since I was 11. I’m a bit obsessed with skincare, handbags, and shopping in general, but I’m also total geek at heart.

Personifying Photographs

Jenny's Personifying Photo Jenny's Personifying Photo Jenny's Personifying Photo

Remarkable Recollection

This might sound cliche, but it would be my wedding day, hands down. Not only was it a celebration of a new chapter in our lives, but to be surrounded by all our friends and family and have them share in our joy was an incredible experience. Plus, how often do you get to wear a fabulous poofy dress and have people fawn over you? :P

Musical Moment

Listening to this song reminds me of the beach trips we used to take!

Coffee Break Conversation

What is one life hack you absolutely adore and use on a regular basis?
I love repurposing candle jars, and to easily remove the leftover wax, I just put the jars in the freezer for a few hours. Once you take it out, just use a butter knife to pop the frozen wax out, wash the jar, and voila!

Where is a place you would to visit in the future and why?
Egypt! I’ve been fascinated with ancient Egyptian history since 4th grade, so I would love to see all the historical sights. Plus I’ve always wanted to ride a camel in the desert!

What is one skincare product you cannot live without?
Sunscreen! UVA rays is one of the main culprits that causes your skin to age, so applying a broad spectrum sunscreen is a must for me every morning. I love Japanese sunscreens in general because they provide great UVA/UVB protection and without being heavy, but my favorite is the La Roche-Posay Anthelios XL SPF50+ Fluid Ultra-Light, which has awesome UVA protection and is still relatively lightweight. Plus it works great as a makeup primer!

What is the funniest thing you have encountered lately?
This cat gif:

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What is one thing you hope will happen in 2017?
Hmm, if I had to pick one, that would be to save more, which means spending less. This past year I’ve been cleaning out a lot of stuff around the house after reading Marie Kondo’s book, and it made me realise how much money I could’ve saved if I had been smarter about my purchases. I’ve been more mindful about it these past few months, but I definitely want to do better next year!


  1. Great song pick, Jenny! Made me want to dance. :D

    Interesting how Jenny’s been interested in Egypt; I too gained the same fascination for Ancient Egyptian history when I was in middle school… That eventually led me to take an archeology course in undergrad to learn about Ancient Egyptian archeology. It was an awesome course and I learned so much!

    Have a happy New Year, btw!

  2. How cool! I’ll have to start following Jenny. Her pictures are so pretty and I’m sure she has a wealth of skincare knowledge.

  3. Those photos are so beautiful and I love that cat GIF.

    I’ve never re-purposed candle jars before, but it definitely sounds like a cool idea. Think I’ll be trying that next time I’ve used one!

    Great post btw! Definitely enjoyed getting to know more about Jenny!

  4. Oooh Jenny has awesome handbags, skincare secrets, and webdesigning skills! I love how the handbag handle is wrapped up. Hehe, I remembered the wedding dress! It looked amazing!!

    Candle jars are the best, especially the ones with some nice suction lids. Oooh I should check out the SPF50+ cream. I definitely don’t like my face aging because of the sun. Hehe, there are a lot of things I wished I was smarter when it comes to spending.

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