Symphonic Selections: Asian Dream Song

Symphonic Selections

This past weekend, Hanyu Yuzuru won the NHK Trophy for men figure skating. For his free skate programme, he skated to this arrangement called “Hope & Legacy” by Joe Hisaishi. The arrangement is comprised of two songs by Hisaishi — “View of Silence” and “Asian Dream Song”. I became quite enamoured by the latter. It’s one of those pieces that I fell in love with at first sound. I can’t stop listening to this gorgeous piece, so it made sense to feature this for this month’s Symphonic Selections.

This is the original version released on the Piano Stories II: The Wind of Life. I love the melody of this song. It does have an Asian-feel to the piece, and it also feels dreamy and surreal. I can close my eyes and feel like I am being transported to some new world. I can picture the lush beauty of the Japanese wilderness. Some people will be relaxing amongst the calming nature, but then there are others who would be travelling a new place. This piece is just one of those that paints vivid imagery for me.

This is the live performance with Hisaishi on the piano and nine cellists. This is an unusual ensemble, but I love how it’s so different because the nine cellists and a single pianist give the piece an even more otherworldly effect. This performance really resonates with me, and now I would love to attend a concert by Hisaishi one day!

Are you familiar with this piece? What do you think of this song? Do you like the original arrangement or the live performance? Let me know in the comments!


  1. The two songs definitely have an Asian vibe going on. It sounds so soothing that I actually feel relaxed (good because I gotta sleep soon XD). I like how this song gives off a different feeling than your previous symphonic selection post (lively, I think?). It’s awesome how the cellists are just supporting Hisaishi on the piano. Thanks for sharing this calming selection ^__^~

  2. I listened to both the whole way through and I feel so calm and actually ready for bed now (it’s 10pm here!) Thank you for sharing these amazing pieces, I haven’t heard of them before but they are awesome. Definitely, a favourite now for those days I need a nice calming tune :-)

  3. Wow, the live performance is so beautiful and engaging, like you’re going on a journey and it takes you through all of the different parts. It definitely feels like a story entirely within the song. I guess that’s where the “dream” theme comes in.

    I’ve never heard of this piece or Joe Hisaishi until now. (Tara, you’re the extent of my musical education. ^^;;) Thank you for sharing.

  4. I immediately fell in love with this piece and Joe Hisaishi when I watched Yusuru skate to it. I finally searched to find it on a cd and found your blog. This is one of the most beautiful pieces of music I’ve heard in a very long time. I actually saved Hanu’s performance to my TV just to see him skate to this whenever I want!

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