Captivating Canvas

Captivating Canvas

Back in September, one of my favourite restaurants in my neighbourhood hosted an art show. I am not big on traditional art, but I was intrigued by this event. I stopped by there on the first day of the show. There wasn’t a lot of artworks, maybe about ten or so. Some were paintings, some were drawings, and some were sculptures. The artists had gathered at the restaurant for the opening, and they were all having a jolly time as they ate delicious food. Behind their table was a painting that had completely captivated me.

Untitled Art by Wendy

This untitled oil painting seriously spoke to me. After I graduated from uni, and until I started my postgrad programme, I’d been in a major slump in what I call the “quarter-life crisis”. I’d felt lost, as if I had no direction in my life, and even when I’d tried to pinpoint a route, I’d been overwhelmed by the infinite amount of choices. Even now, I question my own existence, question where I want to go and how I want to get there, but I’d felt that more so when I was in my mid-twenties.

I feel that the girl in the painting represents me, and she’s looking into the dark night, looking at all the unlimited options in front of her, and wondering which route to take. She also feels a sense of loneliness as she looks into the night. However, the girl also senses peace in her surrounding. Alone, she stands in the night forest and enjoys the scenery in front of her. The trees and plants of different colours symbolises all the diversity in life and nature. There’s something quite magical and surreal about this place, and as she takes in this wonderland, she becomes grateful at having to see this beautiful and bewitching landscape.

Untitled Art by Wendy

All that was going through my mind as I sought out the artist and expressed my interest in buying this piece. The artist was quite surprised that someone wanted to buy her piece, but how could I not? I’d never come upon a painting that resonated with me, so it was only natural to want this piece. The artist had to think about my offer, and after a few weeks, she sold this to me. I am now a proud owner of this work. I have it hanging above my PC workstation at home, and it is something I can look at every day and gain motivation. Though I have commissioned artists to create digital art for me, this is the first traditional artwork I’ve bought!

What do you think of this painting? Have you ever ran into an artwork that resonated deeply with you? Have you ever purchased artwork from someone? If you’re an artist, would you be able to part with your work? Share with me in the comments!


  1. I really like this artwork as well and I must say I was surprised that you bought it, too. It’s not every day you come across a piece of art that really resonates with you. Not many people are keen on buying art, either, as some people just choose to look in awe or admire.

    I don’t know what exactly made you so keen about this event, but the fact that you said you’re not normally a big fan of traditional art made me think that you were somehow fated to see this painting! I read the artwork in exactly the same way – the girl seems somewhat lost and yet captivated by all the interesting things around her, but at the same time finds peace in her surroundings. I have no doubt other people have felt the same way as you at some point during their lives. I think this painting is a nice reminder to take it easy and to appreciate life 🙃

  2. Wow, that is a really lovely painting! I understand why a piece like that would speak to people. I see that it evokes a sense of wandering and hope, of finding beauty in the dark!

    I always resonate with paintings that evoke stillness and calm. One with lots of white space. It may be because I’m usually either imploding or exploding with emotions. I’m attracted to views that calm me down.

  3. I think it’s a beautiful piece! The blackness of the surroundings compared to the colour of the girl, and the plants is really interesting. It feels like a really positive painting to me, even in darkness she can find the joy. Like Georgie said – I think that you were supposed to have this piece! I hope every time you look at it you feel happy, and that the girl in the painting is helping you through your journey too!

    I like colours more than subjects – I’m usually drawn to watercolour pieces where blues and purples mix together – like the sky in Skyrim!

  4. What a lovely painting, I’m glad you got to go to the art show of your favourite restaurant. That’s the first time I’ve heard a restaurant host an art show, it seems like a really awesome thing to do :-)

    The painting is great, I love how you really connected with it. When I first saw it without reading your description of how it made you feel etc, I had a different approach! Its awesome how we see the same painting but have different connections with it, I used to write essays about art for school which sounded sort of like this comment :P

    I’ve never purchased artwork from anyone, mainly because I download pretty images and print them out and stick them on my notebook. Doesn’t sound as glamourous as buying and there is hardly if any connection haha! But I’ll be sure to have a better approach to art and maybe think of purchasing in the future!

  5. It’s amazing how art can tell a lot of stories. Pretty interesting how you connected to the art by seeing yourself looking at the choices out there in the world. There are definitely a lot of good choices in life, but one step to take at a time. It’s great that Wendy ended up agreeing to sell the artwork to you :). I’m sure this made her happy knowing that she made a connection with someone through art!

    I really like the story you told through this painting. I haven’t bought any artwork from someone yet but I’m hoping to once I have a house of my own. I’m still waiting for that moment when an artwork makes that deep connection! I would understand how an artist would have a hard time giving up their work. Even I feel a bit uncomfortable with posting (or even selling) some of the mediocre stuff I do XD.

  6. What a lovely piece! I’m so glad that you were able to buy it!

    I’m sure it meant the world to them that you took such an interest in their artwork and hopefully that will drive them to paint more.

    I’ve never purchased artwork before but I’ve catered to many art shows on campus where I was intrigued by the paintings that were displayed. Unfortunately, being the broke college student that I am, I could never afford to buy any artwork.

  7. Ahhhh gorgeous painting! I love this story – it really shows how there’s art for everyone, no matter who you are or what you like or where you came from. It’s kind of like music in that way – even if you feel like you don’t like music, there’s still a song out there for you somewhere. Also, you must have totally made that artist’s day!

  8. This is the magic of art, how some things just resonates with you and captures you. And it doesn’t have to be Michelangelo or Da Vinci hanging in some fancy art gallery either, it really can be anything and anywhere. The painting is very beautiful, and so is the way you connected with it.

    I love traditional art and I love buying it too. I would probably buy a lot more if only I had space for it. As far as selling my own drawings I have no problem with it unless it’s a deeply personal piece.
    Creating for myself is fun and therapeutic, but there’s no better feeling than knowing other people appreciate your work too. When you purchased your painting you probably made the artist’s day. I bet she was overjoyed that someone liked her creation that much. :)

  9. Ahhh I love it! I don’t usually buy art but that painting is really pretty and I like your interpretation of the meaning! I used to actually make artwork like that myself because life was such a mystery to me. There were so many possibilities and only one me. :) But now I know that feelings of loneliness is a time to appreciate life’s possibilities. <3

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