TC’s Treasures: November 2016

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With Raisa and Eirene no longer hosting My Favourite Things, I decided to continue with my own monthly favourites post. Starting this month, this new column will be called TC’s Treasures because I’m fond of alliterations, haha! Like My Favourite Things, I’ll be showcasing things I’ve been loving lately. This month’s a hodgepodge. My favourites run from apps to beauty product to video game to food. See my favourites for this month and I’ll be back next month for more TC’s Treasures!

Sticky Study: Kana

Sticky Study: Kana

When I blogged about re-learning Japanese, Sydney and I started talking about our learning experiences. She shared with me an app she highly recommended to help her memorise Hiragana and Katakana, and that led me to buying Sticky Study: Kana. This app has really helped me memorise Hiragana (haven’t started Katakana). Not only does it have the correct stroke order and allows me to “write” them on the screen, but it randomises the cards, so the Hiragana’s been sticking with me a lot easier than my past study methods. I’m really glad Sydney recommended this app to me!

Son & Park Beauty Water

Son & Park Beauty Water

I’d been on a hunt for this product. I read somewhere that Olive Young sells it, but I’d been to three different Olive Young and not seen it. I finally found it in an Olive Young in Songtan of all places, and I managed to get a deal on it! This set came with a regular-sized bottle and a travel-sized one for 22,000 won — normally priced at 25,000 won. Yay for discount! This is a cleansing water that also tones and exfoliates your skin, and I am really loving this product. It leaves my face clean and smooth, and even my friend who was with me was so impressed by the product capability that she bought a box, too, and loves it as well!



Remember how I mentioned that I booked a trip to Hakodate next April? Well, this game is the reason for my interest in Hakodate. This a historical fiction game about the Shinsengumi, who were primarily based in Kyoto, but the Boshin War that the Shinsengumi fought in had them in Hakodate as well. This was all featured in the game, and I found myself wanting to re-play this game for like the millionth time. I absolutely adore this otome visual novel, and I love all of its historical elements. Oh, and I will not lie — the bishounens are hawt. I know I should be playing all these other games on my backlog, but Hakuouki is one of those games that is a guilty pleasure.

Apple Galette and Pumpkin Spice Latte

Apple Galette and Pumpkin Spice Latte

Last, but not least, I am loving this one bistro in my area! They recently started selling seasonal baked goods and drinks for autumn, and I’m in love with their apple galette and their home-made pumpkin spice latte! Korean Starbucks do not sell pumpkin spice latte, so this is something that I’ve not had the pleasure of experiencing. I’ve tried the Keurig pumpkin spice coffee, but thanks to this place, I’ve tried it in a latte form, and it’s absolutely delicious! I cannot compare it to Starbucks’ pumpkin spice latte, but this leaves me super satisfied that I wished it were available all year round!

Have you tried of my listed favourites? Would you ever visit somewhere because of something you’ve read, watched, or played? Are you a pumpkin spice fan? What is your favourite autumn treat? Let me know in the comments!


  1. I’m glad you’re continuing with your favorites posts! I hope to keep doing it too :)

    Ooh, that kana app looks handy. I may have to look into that to keep practicing kana. It’s so easy to forget them! So many look alike!

    The beauty water sounds nice too. I have a face wash that exfoliates, but I do want a new toner. And yum, that apple galette looks good! I’m not into the pumpkin spice thing, probably because I don’t like pumpkin flavor to begin with. I do love baked apple desserts though :D

    Your thing with Hakodate reminds me of TWEWY. It’s why I really wanted to visit Shibuya!

  2. Although I haven’t participated in a while, I’ll definitely miss My favorite things and hope to do something similar on my blog.

    I have yet to climb on the pumpkin spice bandwagon but I guess I’all have to try the latte the next time I’m at Starbucks.

    Hakuouki looks interesting and I’ll definitely have to give it a try when I get the chance.

  3. I’m so glad the Kana app is helping! :D I loved the way it showed your progress on certain characters, so it became a bit of a game to get them all to green. Keeping them at green is also fun ^^ They have a similar app for kanji, but it’s a bit overwhelming and I don’t think I’d be able to use the same app for kanji learning since it’s more complex.

    I recently got my Korean skincare supplies in the mail! I’ve heard things about the Son & Park Beauty Water but I guess I don’t see the point quite yet..? I’ve only been using my skincare products for a few days and I want to give them about a month and see if I notice any changes before investing in more products. :P

    I like pumpkin, but I’m not a big pumpkin spice latte fan. That does look delicious, though! Sadly, coffee doesn’t agree with me in any form. It all tastes bad to me. :(

  4. I love the new name you gave to the column! Your app looks pretty cool! That’s one good way of learning Japanese. Glad that you finally found the product! The cleansing water looks fancy in that bottle :).

    That apple galette looks delicious!!! I’m glad that you had a taste of the pumpkin spice latte. You gotta try the one from Starbucks some day. My boyfriend loves PSL. When I had it last weekend, I ended up coughing for the rest of the day @__@. I don’t really have an autumn-specific favorite treat, but I do like the spirit of autumn XD. I just got into watching Nikita :).

  5. I love all your alliterating titles! They’re so cheerful =p
    The kana app looks so helpful. I wish I had the brain power to learn a language with a different alphabet, but no. I can only just cope with Spanish….Good luck remembering it all!
    The beauty water looks so refreshing! I bought a toner that apparently exfoliates but my skin doesn’t seem that different. Hopefully after using it for a while I’ll notice a change!
    Oh my gosh, the apple galette looks delicious!! I’ve never had a pumpkin spice latte either – but I doubt Starbucks matches up to the ones you’ve tried, they look delicious!

  6. Oh man that last photo is making me really hungry! Despite living in the states (and therefore being overwhelmed by PUMPKIN EVERYTHING at this time of year), I’m not super into flavored coffees in general! But I do love everyone’s excitement for pumpkin flavored coffee! It’s nice to see everyone so unified around it, haha. Plus it’s the one time of year that everyone goes nuts for fall stuff in general (and HALLOWEEN, which is the best), so hey, I’m cool with that!

    That app for learning Japanese looks great – anyone know one for learning Chinese?? Duolingo doesn’t do Mandarin and it’s the language I know the most (and therefore not very well) and would LOVE to keep learning!

  7. Pumpkin spice lattes were only introduced to Starbucks in Australia quite recently. I got pretty excited about it but to be honest I was not really able to taste the pumpkin. I do prefer Starbucks’ lattes and flavoured drinks over other chains or cafes, but, when it comes to things like chai, I think that homemade sounds a lot better. I’d feel like homemade pumpkin spice lattes might be better than Starbucks’ too… :)

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