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Blogger Dossiers

It’s almost November, and with it being the last Friday of the month, it’s time for another round of Blogger Dossiers. For this month, I am featuring Rezina! Rezina and I’ve been following each other’s blogs for about a year or so, and it’s been a blast getting to know her. Not only do we share our mutual love for books, but it’s also neat to befriend another Korean-American blogger. Now we can all get to know her better with this post, and you can also follow her on Twitter and Instagram (they’re both set to private, but she’ll accept new followers)!

Rezina of Quietchild

Hello! My name is Rezina and I live in Washington state. I’ve been blogging since I was in middle school (no big surprise there), although I feel like it’s only recently that I started blogging more actively. I’m currently an online graduate student studying library and information science. After I graduate, I would like to either work as a children’s librarian or in archives and also hopefully study front end development more. I love to read fantasy and romance novels and comics of all kinds. I recently discovered a webcomic called The Tea Dragon Society that I recommend to anyone who likes super cute things! I am also partial to DC comics (Damian Wayne!!) and enjoy reading manga (One Piece!!).

Personifying Photographs

Rezina's Personifying Photo Rezina's Personifying Photo Rezina's Personifying Photo

Remarkable Recollection

When I was growing up, I grew up next to a large open field because a middle school was right next to my home. It wasn’t a small town but we did have woods right behind us and a neighbour who owned a horse. Sometimes we would wander into the woods, hoping for a deer sighting, and other times all the neighborhood kids would play hide and go seek in the dark (or Manhunt) and it was literally so much fun. Now, I can’t even imagine that playing in the dark without any adult supervision would be safe anymore. Not to mention my dad is a lot stricter now, which is weird, because you would imagine it to be the other way around. This is my favourite memory only because that was when I had the most freedom!

Musical Moment

This is an instrumental song from Up (Pixar). Up is one of my favourite movies and I can’t help but get all emotional every time I hear this song. It’s the remix of a song called “Married Life” and it’s my favourite! I usually like listening to instrumentals while I’m studying or doing something with my hands, usually drawing or making paper crafts.

Coffee Break Conversation

What is the first Korean street food you’ll try if you ever visit Korea?
The old-fashioned Korean sugar candy (ppopgi)! I’ve only ever seen it on TV but it looks really fun to make! I would also love to try something you could only get in Korea. My dad is a great cook, so I’ve tried a lot of typical street food at home.

What is your role model as a child and/or adult? How do they motivate you?
I’m not sure if this is unusual or not but I actually didn’t have a role model growing up. Not in a sad way! I just didn’t have one I guess. As an adult, I would say my role model is my younger sister. She’s only a year younger than me, but sometimes it feels like she’s older than me. Right now she’s a full-time high school teacher teaching 9th graders and also works two other jobs. Not to mention she’s the co-director of Sunday school at my church and translates for my parents. Sometimes I think I’m stressed out and then I think of her. She’s amazing. I could only hope to be as cool as her!

If you could design your dream cafe/coffee shop, what would the interior look like? Will it have a theme? Will it be big or small?
I haven’t actually thought of this before but I guess if I were to ever design a cafe, it would be small. I love it when they have plush chairs, so plush chairs would be a given as well as plugs next to every table because it’s such a pain to look for those, especially when cafes are full and you’re in need of one. Large windows facing the sun and a cute logo! A theme would be cute too, just because themed cafes aren’t really a thing where I live. Maybe a book-related theme?

What books turned you into a fan of reading?
This is going to sound really cliche but the first Harry Potter book turned me into a fan of reading. My third grade teacher read it to the class and it’s a pretty typical answer for someone in my generation, but the truth was I really hated reading growing up. I’m sure a lot of second-generation homes can relate to me when I say this, but my parents only speak Korean when I’m at home, and this was true especially growing up.

Books were never really a thing in my home because my parents were always working, and reading was difficult for me. I spoke great English, but I still had to go to ESL as a child, probably because of my reading and writing skills (not 100% sure why to be honest). Harry Potter was one of the first books that made me realise that reading could be fun. And then my love of reading sort of spiralled from there! Harry Potter is also probably one of the reasons I love fantasy books the most.

If time travel were real, when and where would you go and why?
Ancient Egypt! I would love to visit the Library of Alexandria (because I’m weird like that). I would probably think, “Wow, this is history no one has ever seen before!” The only problem would be that I look Asian and would probably look out of place, not to mention I wouldn’t be able to speak the same language, and in general garner a lot of suspicious looks. #overthinker but time travelling sounds like a once in a lifetime chance, so maybe the suspicious looks would be worth it!


  1. Glad to see Rezina being featured here! I remembered seeing Rezina around for a couple of years :’).. Pretty cool to see her going to grad school. Hide and go seek in the dark sounds like fun but dangerous at the same time if one kid turns up missing. I feel her about not having freedom though… I’m still being told what I can or can’t do. Strict Asian parents are gross!

    I haven’t seen Up yet, but from the snippets, it sounds like a really good movie. Ppopgi looks delicious :p. Rezina’s sister sounds awesome for handling all of that work and co-directs at a Sunday school. That’s really respectful. Plush chairs in a coffee shop would make me go to sleep XD. Traveling is great – I usually think of the same way (about looking out of place) but character is worth more than looks ;).

  2. aw, that picture of rezina is adorable :’3

    what an interesting place she grew up in! i’d love to live in a town and having the access to visit the woods too. imagine the nature and morning breeze and objects that can be photographed! that is so interesting :D

    i can totally imagine rezina working in an archive. i always see her as that bookworm friend who reads and knows a lot; it’s like…if she’s a disney princess, she’s belle – that’s all i can say haha. and i like talking and sharing ideas with people who read :D

  3. Nice interview and introduction of Rezina, Tara.
    Going to explore her blog now :D

  4. Thanks for the blogger dossier Tara! One of the great things about being active in the blogging community is that I get to meet great people.

    Looking forward to the future blogger dossier posts!

  5. I only started reading Rezina’s blog recently, but she is such a lovely person! I also love that scene from Up.

    It’s really awesome that Rezina admires her younger sister. It only goes to show that age is just a number. I am also really proud of Nick and he’s younger than me. He has achieved so much in his life already and it’s really impressive! :)

    I love cafes and if Rezina designed a cute little cafe I would totally visit. ❤️

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