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What a rough week! Work practically pushed me over the edge — in fact, this week felt way harder than my first week at work. I really hope next week is better because if it’s this week repeated, I’ll scream until I go hoarse! I mean, it was so bad to the point that I decided to get a drink with dinner last night. Thankfully, today made up for my horrible week, and I’ll be sharing the awesomeness of today in this post along with a couple of recent happenings.

New Glasses and Sunglasses

I don’t have a photo to represent this because I left my sunglasses at work! I needed new lenses because my old one was scratched up, so I went and ordered a new one. When the bloke tried to change the lenses, my frames broke because it was so old and cheap! He upgraded my frames to a better one for free, so that was nice of him! In the meantime, I also ordered a pair of sunglasses. As I get older, my eyes must have changed because it doesn’t tolerate bright lights like before. With all the walking I do with my new job, I decided to invest in a pair of prescription sunglasses. It’s been a good investment because my eyes have been happier with them!

Huge Moon


My new workplace is located in a more rural area. Seoul’s a huge metropolitan city with plenty of lights, so the moon always look tiny to me. The other night, it was the full moon, and I looked up and I did a double-take at the huge moon. This photo doesn’t really do any justice, but it was big. Big enough that I could finally see the Man on the Moon!

Fog Galore


My new workplace is also located in the fog zone of Korea . . . or so I’ve been told. Seoul rarely gets fog, but I was in for a surprise a few days ago when my bus pulled into the parking lot. I stepped out, and I was gobsmacked by the thickness of this fog. This may not seem thick to some people, but from my perspective, it was very thick!

Coffee Wars

Coffee Wars

Today really made up for my terrible week. I met up with Chibitoaster in Hongdae, and after we had lunch and looked at some art supplies, we needed a breather at a coffee shop. We found this, and I was absolutely delighted by the Star Wars reference. Meeting Chibitoaster and seeing this brilliant thing just made my week!

Awesome Eats

Beef and Vegetables Juk at Bon Juk

Chibitoaster and I had a fabulous lunch at Bon Juk, this Korean chain that specialises in juk, Korean rice porridge (think congee). Now that the weather’s cooler (thank goodness!), it’s time to go back to eating hot dishes! I am not a big fan of juk, but I love Bon Juk’s because their juks are great, and their side dishes complement the juk. This beef and veggie juk hit the spot!

Red Oats Salad at What a Salad

Later, I returned to a restaurant I’ve been frequenting a lot. What a Salad specialises in chopped salads, and I love how they offer so many choices! I got their modified Red Oats one which comes with romaine lettuce, rose kale, spinach, multi-grains, roasted spicy chicken, grilled corn, croutons, Grana Padano cheese, and green pesto dressing. All their salads come with pita, so this makes for a fantastic feast! This is a great way to end my day. Now it’s time to get ready for my bum day!


  1. I’m sorry to hear that your week has been hectic Tara, hang in there! *hugs* I’m sure next week will be better. I’ve had some weeks in my placement where I feel like it’s so stressful and I’m under so much pressure but when I look back at it, it feels to me that it was worth it!

    I always love getting new glasses! I’ve gone through a lot of styles with glasses but I still prefer contacts because the thickness of my lenses don’t show in my contacts haha! Ive not had prescription sunglasses before but will be investing in one before my next holiday :D

    Hahaha – that star wars reference is so funny! I love it! I’m glad it made you happier ;) Wow that rice porridge looks delicious *_* Food always makes up for a bad day!

    Big hugs Tara! Hope next week is better <3

  2. aw, i’m sorry to know that you’re having such a bad week. i have been trying to get through bad days since last month too so fingers crossed to the both of us.

    i love it when there’s a full moon in the sky. i love moon more than the sun :)
    the star wars reference on coffee wars got me laughing, especially that “latte, i’m your father” part. i may not be a star wars geek but who doesn’t know that infamous “i am your father” line xD

    yes, get a bum day (or days if possible). do nothing and be a lazy couch potato is what i always resort to whenever i’m tired of the world’s bullshit lol

  3. The salad looks so fucking good. I am not kidding. You know I wouldn’t eat the chicken, but the amount of green in that salad makes my mouth water. I am so in loooooooove.

    I saw the Star Wars sign when you posted it on Twitter earlier. Or it might have been Instagram, I don’t remember. 😆 But I love the humour.

    I don’t know when my eyes got ‘bad’ but they are just really sensitive to light, more so than they were about ten years ago. I find that I have to wear sunglasses even if it’s late afternoon. My eyes just feel more comfortable.

    I’m really sorry that work took a massive toll on you this week. There is nothing wrong with having a drink, though. :) Nothing wrong with having a drink when you really need one to chill. It sounds like despite that, some events cheered you up. It’s always good to reflect on the positives as well!

  4. Like you, I also live in a city with bright lights. It really makes it hard to appreciate the night sky, so when I’m traveling, I make it a point to look up and spot the moon & stars. Last Saturday, while on the night bus back home, I spotted the Orion constellation. Sometimes, I like the city view with all the lights, but I do wish I could see more of the constellations while in the city.

    Wishing you an even better week ahead, Tara!

  5. Aw bad weeks are never fun. I hope you’re fully rested and recovered now for the upcoming week.

    I totally know what you mean about the moon being big. There was a night a few years ago when we had a “supermoon” where it felt like the moon was ridiculous larger and closer than normal. But when I took the picture, it didn’t seem like a big deal…

  6. How nice of the glasses guy to upgrade your lenses! Prescription sunglasses are such a nice expense. I want to get my dad some for christmas because it drives me crazy that he has these big old weird sunglasses he buys to wear over his glasses hahaha.

    Yummmm all the food! I’ve never had juk before, but I do love ban chan, so juk with a side of tasty ban chan? Sign me up!! Love Korean food. What’s your favorite side dish?

  7. I hope your workload will go down this week! It sucks when work is crazy – it makes leaving work at work hard! It’s nice that the bloke gave you free frames. It makes sense because he technically broke it. Sunglasses are good for your eyes. They’re fashionable too ;).

    Haha, I get tripped out when I see a huge moon! I remembered seeing those back when I went to school. The Coffee Wars board looks legit XD. It’ll definitely attract Star Wars fans like my boyfriend ;).

    The food that you got looks delicious ;3. The banchan makes me want to go out to get some. Your salad sounds healthy!

  8. I’m glad your day made up for your bad week! I hope work gets better.

    And I’m so jealous! I’ve been meaning to get prescription sunglasses too but I have really bad eyesight so they’re really expensive T_T

    Also I love that coffee shop sign! I love how creative some coffee shops get.

  9. I hope you are having a better week soon. *hug*

    It would be so much better to have prescription sun glasses, so that you can wear them without swapping and changing. :D

    Hahaha. I love the sign at the coffee place!

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