Evernote: A Daily Journal

Evernote: A Daily Journal

Evernote. When it started to become really popular, I decided to check it out and see if it was something I could use. I first registered for it in August 2013, but I discovered that I had no use for it. I’ve read how people use it for different tasks, but I was already using something else for those tasks. A to-do app with a reminder function? I use Todoist. A note keeping app for random titbits and keeping digital scraps? Google Keep does the job perfectly for me. I simply had no use for Evernote. It just sat there for the next couple of years, collecting dust, and then I finally found a use for it.

In January of this year, I started to keep notes on what I did every day. Who I met, what I bought, what I ate, what happened at work — all things I didn’t want to blog about, but wanted to remember for my own benefit. I wrote these notes in a notebook at first, but that proved to be a bit of a hassle. A month later, Raisa blogged about The Little Memory, which I realised would be a much better alternatives to writing down my daily happenings! So from mid-February to mid-March, I gave The Little Memory a try.

It worked for a while, but then I realised that the app wasn’t working out well in terms of interface and functionality. I didn’t like how I couldn’t search through my memories, see multiple memories on-screen at once, and write long memories without the interface acting up on me. Honestly, The Little Memory’s extra features like showing previous memories that happened a week or a month ago wasn’t useful. Plus, the stats proved to be unnecessary.

Evernote: A Daily Journal

I tried Google Keep to see if it’d work out, but it didn’t. Then I tried Evernote, and I saw that it was perfect for what I wanted! It has a search function, so if I want to recall a price of what I’ve bought back in March, I can just search for the keyword. This displays multiple memories (albeit, the summaries) on-screen, so it’s easy to glance through them and see what had happened in the last few days. Then there’s the fact that I can write longer memories in the larger text box. Even better is that I can set up notebooks in this app! I’ve set up my notebooks based on months, and when I type up a new entry for the day, I put it in the corresponding month. I entitle my daily entries by its date, so when I sort them, they are listed in order.

Evernote: A Daily Journal

The photo above is an example of what sort of things I type in my daily notes. I find that keeping these daily notes help, especially since I have something to reference back on if I need it. Some days I don’t type a lot, especially on my bum days, but then there are days where I type up several paragraphs of all my happenings for that day. This method works well for me, and I am glad to have finally found a need for Evernote! Though I don’t utilise all its feature, what I do use is good enough for me.

Do you use Evernote? How do you use it? Do you keep daily journals or notes of your day? What format do you prefer? Share with me in the comments!


  1. Thanks for sharing Tara! I tried Evernote a few times but I just never got into it, like you Im using Todist and Google Keep to keep my track of my todo lists and other notes.

    I don’t write about my day on a daily basis but it sounds like such a fun thing to do, i mighr start doing it for memories sake and for those weekend nights where Im like I want to blog but I forgot what I did this week 😂 The interface of Evernote looks really good, that alone has caused me to want to download it again! XD I havent tried it in a long time – I might give it another shot to log my workouts and memories :D

    • Let us know if you find a use for Evernote :) I am curious as how people use these apps differently.

      Yeah, I’d forget, so I figure I’d keep track of what I do every day so I can look back on it when I need to!

  2. I literally just deleted my Evernote account (well, deactivated) two days ago. I didn’t like it after using it back in 2012, and now that it only lets you use it across two devices – I found that annoying. I like to have notes that I can access everywhere. I found the application a bit clunky and as a result I decided to move everything to my MacBook’s Notes app. It is a heck of a lot simpler but it does the job for me. There are things missing like formatting, but I don’t think I will go back to it. It’s a shame when something you used to use changes, and you feel forced to move onto something else because it doesn’t give you what it used to give you.

    I don’t keep notes of everything in my day, but I often use a physical notebook to plan my day in a loose form of bullet journalling. I use the Notes app to draft any reviews, write poetry, keep general notes about websites I visit. I sometimes draft blog posts if I don’t have an internet connection (otherwise I use the WordPress app).

    I have been out of the habit of a daily journal or diary since I started blogging, and I really don’t see myself going back. Haha.

    • That’s a shame it only lets you access them from two devices :/ Fortunately, that’s not an issue with me since I only access Evernote from the browser on my desktop/Chromebook and on my iPhone. Still, that limitation does blow X_X Especially since those are changes that just limits you!

      Nothing wrong with moving to a simpler app as long as it does what you need it to do. :) Also, daily journals aren’t for everyone. I hadn’t done it in a while, but I find that keeping one now helps because my memory can be very iffy ~_~ I’m getting old!

  3. I only recently discovered Evernote :D I used it to keep track of some notes I took to write articles for this Blog I was running for the company I did an internship at. It was really helpful, though I don’t use it that much anymore.


    • Well, I’m glad you found it useful while you used it :) Sometimes apps just run out of it usefulness, and that’s okay!

  4. I used Evernote all the time before! I still have the app on my Macbook, but I rarely use it nowadays. It was really handy for when I was thinking up plot lines and character backstories.

    I like the way you use Evernote – that’s actually a good idea. I use an app called Swarm to checkin to places I visit/eat, etc., and like you, not necessarily to blog about but just to remember.

    I also gave the Little Memory a try, as well, but it wasn’t for me in the end.

    • Using Evernote to come up with plot and backstories is a good way to utilise the app! I can see it being useful for writers :D

      I used to use Foursquare before it merged (or whatever) with Swarm. I’m sorry to say that I no longer like Foursquare/Swarm X_X; But that’s good to use it to keep track of where you visit and eat!

  5. I’ve never used Evernote, but I also don’t really have the need for it. The notes I do keep are more just little reminders, like what my license plate number is (haha) but I just keep it on my phone’s notes app. I think that it’s awesome that you write summaries of each of your days! I’ve always wanted to do something similar, but I can never get into the habit, and blogging consistently is already difficult enough! :P

    • Blogging consistently can be difficult, for sure! But I kind of “force” myself to be consistent with Evernote, and it’s been working out pretty well! :D

  6. This is actually a really fabulous idea! I’m horrible at everyday journaling. I tend to start and then lose steam when I realize it requires sitting down daily to write things. But this is the form of journaling that I enjoy — quick, to the point, summarizing a day so that I can reference it again in the future without too much fluff. Also digital so that I can easily input photos & format to my liking.

    Evernote seems like a really decent way to do that. I’ve found a few other journaling apps before but most of them want to run like blogs, which I find a bit annoying considering I already have a blog for that purpose! Still, even with this I’d probably be horrible at keeping track of my life… ^^~

    • I don’t put photos or anything into my daily Evernote entries, but that’s a good idea for those who wants to do so!

      If you ever give this a try, let me know how it works out :D

  7. I remembered trying out Evernote in high school but it never got carried on to College :(. It sounds like you’ve made a very good use out of it! Pretty neat how you use it as a private journal and can take it anywhere with you. Aha, I like using Google Keep. It’s an organized mess that works with me XD.

    I don’t keep daily journals/notes anymore. I tried that with Momento but somehow forget about checking in or adding some kind of entry D:. Even then, I only use Google Keep for mostly blogging stuff (scheduling/ideas) or my to-buy list XD.

    • You’re right! It is like a portable private journal :D I hadn’t quite thought of it like that until you mentioned it XD

      I use Google Keep to keep track of various things, too, but strangely enough, not blogging-related tasks!

  8. I use Evernote solely to keep my recipes collated and in one place. I find it very helpful being able to tag and categorise my recipes and the limited formatting functions work well enough.

    • That’s a good idea! I thought about using Evernote to keep recipes in place, but I never got around to doing it . . . maybe I will now!

  9. I used Evernote as a way to keep notes during my travels. It was really good and perfect for that especially as it allowed for offline editing as I didn’t always have wifi access while I was away from the hotel. I sometimes use it to take notes but mostly I take it on my notebook, I just find it quicker and easier to note it down on paper and I’ve gotten use to carrying my notebook around.

    Do you use the desktop app? I find the web version which easier to use. The desktop version is a bit clustered.

    What do you think about the recent device restrictions? Is that going to effect you?

    • I don’t find the notebook method to be efficient in my case, but it’s good it works for you!

      I don’t think I’ve used the desktop app version because I just use the browser one!

      The new device restriction doesn’t affect me since I’ll only use my iPhone and my desktop/Chromebook to use Evernote, and they say that the browser version doesn’t even count as a device, so win-win for my desktop/Chromebook combination ^^

  10. I am actually not that organized (apart from school). I’ve heard of Evernote though, even though I’ve never used it before. But mainly for reasons like yourself in that I’ve never had a use for it, haha.

    I did use Ulysses at one point (or I still do) for writing stories but I don’t actually keep a journal. Mostly because I write everything I want to write about on my blog, haha.

    From your screenshots though, it looks like Evernote has a really clean interface!

    • I don’t think I’ve heard of Ulysses, so I’ll check it out to see what it is!

      Evernote’s web version has a very clean interface that I am liking :3

  11. Oh, this is an interesting way to use Evernote!

    I tried to use it some years ago, but I kept being prompted to pay for it, so I eventually gave up. I couldn’t figure it out before being prompted, so…it didn’t work out for me. I haven’t tried Google Keep, either, but I have a “Notes” folder in Google Drive I put notes and things in when I can. Otherwise, I keep paper notes.

    I don’t keep daily recollections of my life, though.

    • I don’t think Evernote has ever prompted me to pay for it, and I don’t think I ever will because their basic version is good enough for what I need!

  12. I’ve never used Evernote. I didn’t actually know what it was for until reading this! (I’m clearly not down with the modern world).

    It’s great that you can store all your memories on there, and good that they’re searchable too. I think I’d quite enjoy doing something like that, but doubt I’d remember to do it every day. It’d definitely be great to look back on all that!

    • Maybe it’s not something you can use everyday, but only when you want to jot down memories that leaves an impression on you? I just do it every day because I like keep tracking of my daily happenings because some of them do come in handy when I want to reference them later!

  13. Thanks so much for this post!

    I have never heard of any of these so I guess I’m so behind on the times but I think Evernote would be so helpful for me. I’m always having creative ideas but I don’t keep a journal with me. This seems so cool and simple.

    • If you use Evernote, do let me know what you think and how you end up using it! ^_^

  14. That’s so good you found a use for it! I like to keep a mostly daily journal of the normal things that happen in my life for reference as well. Like you, keeping a physical journal just never really worked and I like to be able to search and reflect easily. I use Day One, which has been great for me, but I had thought about Evernote when I was first deciding on one to use a few years ago. 😀

    • I remember you blogging about Day One! But Day One is only for iOS user. And while I do have an iPhone, I am NOT typing up my daily entries on my phone! I already hate typing on that thing as it is, haha! XD;

  15. It’s funny that unlike other people who find digital notes and to-do list apps like evernote useful and start using all sorts of apps with thid function, i never really used any of them. I never used evernote and i don’t keep notes (that includes notebooks or planners), let alone a digital to-do list. I only use what’s in my phone by default which is the google keep and even that is used only very rarely. I’m not someone who utilizes notes, to-do list and notebooks. I mean of course, if i have to remember something, i’ll just use google keep and not care about its lack of features compared to other note apps out there. I’m probably one of the weirdos. For some reason and for the most part, i can remember things pretty good so maybe that’s why i don’t rely on notes list or anything like that. I also don’t take notes of the things that happened in my life; i can still remember stuff from years back and if i don’t remember an incident, i’d like to think it’s because my mind is doing a decluttering of which memory is worth the keep and worth the delete lol

    • That’s good you have great memories for things, but I’m getting too old, so my brain needs help with these things, haha

  16. I absolutely love Evernote! Sometimes when I’m driving past their headquarters, I’m tempted to go inside and beg them to let me work there. I love the user interface for it, and the clean look and feel of it. I also love I can open it on the browser and on their app on Macbook, iPhone, and iPad. (But now it’s only my Macbook desktop and iPhone.) Google docs has an app too, but it’s not as nicely done as Evernote. However, Google Docs wins when it comes to spreadsheets/Excel and for sharing with other people to edit at the same time. You can share with EverNote, but it’s not as good as Google Doc.

    However, I still love using Evernote like how you’re using it for personal notes and journal entries. My many uses for Evernote:
    – Beauty Notebook: product inventory, notes and thoughts on the products, status of my face (lol), etc.
    – Blogging Notebook: blog entry ideas, possible ways to recategorize my entries, purpose/motivation for keeping the blog, calendar/timeline for when I should post things (so behind schedule)
    – Inspiration Notebook: anytime I see something that I find inspiring, i’ll paste it here. Dreams, goals, ideas, ambitions.
    – Journal Notebook: serves as a private journal when I don’t have a physical journal nearby. (Great when I’m on the plane since I can just type away offline without opening up my laptop).

    • Those are some great ways to use Evernote! I like how you’re using several notebooks to jot down notes and ideas! I love your Inspiration Notebook idea! That’s a terrific way to keep track of things that are inspirational :D And you know, I don’t think I’ve ever used the offline feature with anything. I should give that a try, especially when I am in a place with no connection!

  17. Adrianne on

    I started using Evernote since its beta back in 2008 (or was it 2009?) and I’ve used it ever since, but primarily on web development project notes and (web development) class notes. That’s it LOL. I still use it until now for the same purposes and I occasionally use it just to list down a bunch of useful links towards tutorials and what not because my browser bookmarks are very disorganized LOL.

    I actually attempted on doing daily journals using Evernote and another app called Better Diary (on my phone), but I’m pretty hopeless when it comes to writing daily journals (I’m already hopeless on blogging in general too), so I gave up on that.

    I also hated the fact that Evernote already limited their free usage of the app to only two devices. I was contented to use it on my laptop, desktop, and smartphone (now I only use it on my laptop and my smartphone).

    As for Google Keep, I have it as a Chrome extension, and I sort of use it as a “bookmarking” app instead of its default. I’m lazy like that. ^^

    • The two device limit doesn’t bother me since I only need it in the browser and my iPhone, but for those who need it on more than two devices, I can see that being an inconvenience.

      It is hard to do journalling on a daily basis. I know it’s sometimes hard for me, too!

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