My Favourite Things: October 2016

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Happy October, everyone! Only three more months left in 2016. Crazy how time flies! I’ve been so busy with many things, but I’m still participating in Raisa and Eirene’s wonderful link-up, My Favourite Things. My favourites this month feature a few new things I’ve been enjoying lately. Unlike last month, it’s not full of skincare!

Ardium Soft Note and Monthly Planner

Ardium Soft Note and Monthly Planner

Ardium is my favourite Korean stationery brand. I was on a hunt for a new notebook, so I perused their offerings. I chose this new notebook, the Ardium Soft Note M in Navy Cherry Blossom. This medium-sized notebook is perfect for my Japanese studies. It comes in a PVC cover to protect it from water damage, and it opens flat! I wished it were plain, but the lines here are wider than the other notebook from them, so this works out nicely. Plus, I love the navy cherry blossom pattern!

Ardium Monthly Planner

Along with the notebook, I bought the new Ardium 2017 Monthly Planner in Navy Blossom. I used this planner in 2016, and I discovered that this really suits me, so I bought it again. See above to see how I use my planner. I like seeing things at a glance, so that’s why I prefer the monthly view. I use this planner to plan out my blog posts and jot down important dates and reminders, including my social life. Oh, I also colour-code things. Colour-coding is my life!

NEOGEN Green Tea Real Fresh Foam Cleanser

NEOGEN Green Tea Real Fresh Foam Cleanser

I was in an Olive Young the other day, and I happened upon the NEOGEN Green Tea Real Fresh Foam Cleanser for 11,000 won. I’d read some good reviews on this product, and I was intrigued by how they put the real stuff in the bottom of the bottle. This is my new favourite facial cleanser, and I use it as a part of my double-cleansing routine. This is great for those with sensitive skin.

World’s Biggest Crossword

World's Biggest Crossword

My final favourite is this crossword puzzle app. I am not a big gamer on my phone, but I decided to get into this to keep my brain active. As much as I like Fruit Ninja, I really don’t want to get all hyped up over slashing a bunch of fruits . . . I figure this will be more beneficial for me in the long run, haha! I am enjoying them, and the fact that it challenges me. Sometimes I overthink the clue and when I realise what the answer is, I mentally smack myself. That aside, I like this app a lot to the point I paid extra for 1500 tokens, to earn double on coins, and to get rid of the adverts.

Have you heard of Ardium? What stationery brand/product do you like? Have you tried NEOGEN before? What are some apps you like? Share your thoughts in the comments!


  1. I love planners. It’s a shame that in Romania they are not so popular, so I just take an agenda and draw myself one :(. I keep notes of everything I have to do because I always forget. Maybe I will order something online from abroad, but it takes forever to arrive here :(.

    I loved doing crossword puzzles when I was little. My mother taught me how to do them and it’s really challenging. Maybe I should start doing some in english so I can improve my vocabulary.

    • I think that’s a good option — to make your own planner/agenda pages yourself. Nothing wrong with that! I just buy mine because it saves me the trouble of making my own ^^;;

      Crossword puzzles definitely helps with vocabulary, so I would get into them again :)

  2. I’m not really one to always use planners or carry around notebooks with me but I like the idea of them. I only never use them because I can never stick to using them. I do like moleskine notebooks and journals though but they’re crazy expensive ^^;;

    the green tea foam cleanser is soo cute! it’s funny to see the real leaves at the bottom of the bottle like that. i have always seen green tea as something formulated for combination / oily skin but never for sensitive skin so that’s kinda new, hm… interesting.

    I’ve never heard of ardium and I’ve never used neogen before. i don’t really buy stationery products as much now because i will only use pencils to sketch and the rest is done digitally. but i remember loving pilot and zebra pens so much, especially the sarasa pen series from zebra. i still like them and use them from time to time but i don’t really do stationery shopping anymore now. Oh! I remember loving and using the black boxy eraser more than white erasers. i still use boxy erasers now when i’m drawing too since black eraser does better job when erasing pencil sketches as opposed to white ones.

    • I tried to like Moleskine, but nope. I really am not fond of their paper, and I find them too thin for my taste! I’ll stick to Ardium. I feel it’s better quality than Moleskine and cheaper XD

      I don’t draw, so I’ve never really considered things like the erasers. Good titbit to know!

  3. I’m such a sucker for notebooks and planners. D: There’s a cute shop called Tokyo Discount close to my house and they carry these adorable planners from a Korean brand. I love that they lay flat! So many notebooks I can buy from Target/Walmart/etc. don’t lay flat or they’re just horrible quality. The ones I get from Tokyo Discount are ~$2.50 and are amazing quality.

    I use a planner from May Designs because it lets me use a weekly view (which is beneficial for school), but I prefer monthly views! I love that that planner is so simple on the inside. :P

    I’ve been meaning to check out other cleansers. I’ve heard a lot of the Japan and Korean skincare lines are amazing, but I have no idea where to start and I’m a little nervous about spending too much money on something that could hurt my skin. I have majorly sensitive skin and it’s acne prone :( It’s gotten worse in the past few months, too. I use a Japanese brand for my exfoliant and I love it, but it isn’t meant to be used everyday (it removes dry skin).

    I’m not much of an apps/games person, though I did download Mystic Messenger. I’ve had to restart it 4 times because I miss a whole day and I’m too much of a completionist ^^~ I’m not sure I could ever do crosswords. I do love sudoku though!

    • I tried to get into weekly views with my planners, but nooooope! That just didn’t mesh well with the way I organised things mentally XD So monthly it is!

      I’ve no idea what this Mystic Messenger is. I’ll have to look into it! ^_^

  4. Nothing makes me more happier than planners. Okay, I lied. Food makes me the happiest, but you get the gist :P

    Your notebook is so lovely! I love that it lays flat, too. We have a store called Paperchase over here, and it’s one of the biggest stationery stores. It is absolute heaven. I could spend hours in there. It’s pricey – but their products are amazing quality.

    Hmm, yaaas. Foam cleansers do my skin wonders. Mine’s tea tree, and it feels amazing. Anything with tea, I am so down to try!

    At the moment, I’m playing My Cafe where you basically run your own cafe but it has back stories for the customers that come in, which is intriguing. My favourite app is Spotify, though. I don’t like keeping music on my phone because it takes up a lot of space, but with Spotify I can still listen to music and I have unlimited data so bonus points.

    • Paperchase — not a brand I’m familiar with, so I looked that up, and they have some nice things! :D I can see why you like them!

      Ooooh, tea tree foam cleanser sounds like heaven. I may try one in the future.

      And I saw My Cafe! That sounds like a game I’d totally like, but I’m afraid I’ll get super addicted to it, haha!

  5. I really like the pattern on both the notebook and planner! I think it’s both cute and pretty :) I love shopping for stationary, though I don’t use them enough, haha. The foam cleanser also sounds nice, and that’s great that it can work for sensitive skin.

    The crosswords app reminds me of Crosswords DS! It has crosswords, word searches, and anagrams. My mom loves it :D

    • I just try to buy the ones I’ll actually use in regards to stationery XD; They are so pretty and you can’t help but want to buy everything, haha!

      I don’t have Crossword DS, but I can see that being a great game for those who like word games on a DS!

  6. I have heard of Ardium! I can’t remember what I got from them… but I’m pretty sure I bought something from MochiThings as they have many Ardium products.

    And that cleanser looks really cool! I own of Neogen’s peel exfoliator things. I’ve only used it twice though, so I’m not sure how great it is yet lol but I’ve heard a lot of great things about their products.

    And I should plan out my blog posts too! That sounds really efficient.

    • I am not sure about those peeling exfoliator LOL I saw them and I’ll stick to my Skinfood’s sugar scrub mask instead for exfoliation!

      Planning out blog posts really helps! It helps me spread out my posts and such :3

  7. I love notebooks and planners – I’ve got so many of them. I started bullet journalling a few months ago and can’t imagine being without mine now… how did I live without it!?

    • Hee! I’ve used physical planners for years, but I for actual journalling, I’ll stick to typing XD

  8. Neogen is one of those brands where I just want to try all their products! I love the sound of that green tea cleanser – does it smell like tea too? :D I also want to their their red wine exfoliating pads!

    • The cleanser does smell a bit of green tea, but it also has this fresh scent, too :) If you ever use the cleanser, do blog about it!

  9. I can’t believe how fast time is flying this year! I say that every year XD. I love love love your Ardium notebook and planner! It’s so useful and cute (along with the fact that the pages are thick enough where the pens don’t bleed through). I wish they made something that lets me actually micromanage my schedule :/. I’m going for the STILclassics agenda next :).

    Glad to hear that the foam cleanser works! I’m still using my Clinique acne solutions cleanser and it works for my skin type :).

    Oooh I haven’t done a crossword puzzle in ages! I don’t really play games on my phone anymore :S. At the most, I check PokemonGo once in a while XD.

    • I hope you’ll like STILclassics when you get it! I’m glad you enjoyed using Ardium when you did! I can’t get away from it since it works well for me, and it is pretty and the pages are thick!

  10. I’ve never heard of ardium. I have to admit that since I bought my smartphone over 7 years ago I’ve been a digital organizer since then. I am definitely going to download that crossword app. Looks like fun!

    • I find digital works for some thing and physical for others :) That’s why I use both!

  11. I love the notebook and planner! I am a big stationery addict, so I always admire anything that is well designed and delicious to use! Personally I like larger lines on pages.

    That foam looks really interesting and the leaves on the bottom is both bazaar and intriqing! Are they real or an image?

    Some apps can be a great way to keep an active mind, especially cross words (I should try doing this, haha). I don’t use many at the moment. I used to love the solitaire one.

    • I write fairly big, so I like having larger line width on my notebooks :)

      The leaves in the cleanser are the real thing!

  12. Ahh I still haven’t hit my notebook stash that I bought during my visit. They’re just too precious lol. I’ll have to think of a good use for them. I just hate starting a notebook for only a couple of pages and then never using it again. The perfectionist in my feels like the notebook has been ruined…T__T

    • I hated using them, too, because I felt like they were getting ruined, too! But now I’m trying to have a more practical mindset with those LOL

      Hope you’ll find some use for them soon :D

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