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It’s the end of September, and it’s time for another round of Blogger Dossiers! I asked Tiny May if she’d like to be featured. Tiny May, I mean Dr Tiny May is a dear blogger friend who will become a physical therapist soon! I’ve got to know her the past couple of years, and I really admire her no-nonsense approach to life. She’s a fellow food and coffee shop enthusiast, too! I am happy to feature her this month. Get to know Tiny May better with this post, and do follow her on Twitter!

Tiny May of

Hi there! I go by the pseudonym “Tiny May”. I’ve been told that I’m quite the firecracker. I’m a recent graduate of a doctoral program in physical therapy and in the process of studying full-time for my licensing exam. I’m a foodie health-nut battling PCOS, with a huge love for coffee shops and pugs. I enjoy working out or eating to my stomach’s desire, depending on my mood. I write about my personal life and the struggles I face in my nicheless, old-school style blog, Krisophical.

Personifying Photographs

Tiny May's Personifying Photo Tiny May's Personifying Photo Tiny May's Personifying Photo

Remarkable Recollection

My favourite memory is one of when I was in Philadelphia to visit Jackson who was my then-boyfriend now turned fiancé. The best part of the entire trip would be the night that he had proposed. We went ice-skating and enjoyed the Star Wars firework show, then went to a New Year’s Eve party, and then before the clock struck 12, he proposed! The proposal happened at his apartment after he had given me a lecture on why we belong to each other. The proposal was very low-key, but it fit our personalities.

Musical Moment

The Calling was always a favourite band of mine growing up. This song has always been the one song that kept me going. I feel like I’ve often told myself at the darkest of times that things will go my way . . . and sometimes they do, and sometimes they don’t.

Coffee Break Conversation

If you could design your own dream meal plan for the day, what would it be?
My dream meal for the day would be a three-course Thai dinner consisting of pad Thai, chicken satay, and fried calamari with sweet Thai chili sauce and a nice, cold Thai tea.

What influenced you to study your current field?
I always knew I wanted to be in the healthcare field and I’ve had to compromise and reconsider my career choice after having gone through a medical school interview and ultimately rejection. After shadowing physical therapists, I then realised that my life and interests go beyond a career. I chose physical therapy because 1) patient rapport is something I find meaningful and 2) you have great work-life balance as a therapist. Then there’s the added benefit of becoming a “travel therapist” where you can go anywhere (in the US) to your heart’s desire.

How do you take your coffee/espresso?
I love drinking coffee with condensed milk. However, due to my acne being in full force, I’ve had to cut back on diary. Now, I take my espresso with almond milk and few pumps of mocha or a few pumps of hazelnut. Yum!

If money weren’t a factor, what would you do right now and why?
Travel. Hands down! I want to go to Europe. Explore Bavaria, Scotland, and Iceland. Then I’ll head over to Southeast Asia and backpack my way and try as many different street foods my stomach will allow me to eat. The only foreign country I’ve been to was the Philippines, but there are so many places within the Philippines that I have yet to explore.

What is one health-related advice you’d give to others?
Eat whole foods and decrease carb intake. With the advent of processed foods, people are just getting sicker. I can’t stress this enough when it comes to my parents who are both Type II diabetics — they love rice.


  1. Thank you for the feature, Tara! I am honored. <3 And I love how you introduced me. :D

    • Aw, thanks for participating, Dr Tiny May! :D Glad you like the way I introduced you :3

  2. No nonsense? Oh, no. We won’t be hanging anytime soon then, You can show me out the door, with a basket of whole foods and coffee, thank you.

    On a serious note, congratulations on your engagement, TM. I wish you many happy and healthy years with your future husband and pugs. =)

  3. Agent Q on

    Good advice on reducing carb intake. Where I’m at right now, I’m getting a bit lazy at prepping even rice/noodles and too cheap to buy break, which naturally decreased my carb intake. This decreased my weight by quite a bit as well, so I can attest to this!

    CUTE PUG BTW!!! <3 <3 <3

    • Yeah, I do believe decreasing carbs help me, too, but I love carbs too much to decrease them X_X Ah, I need more willpower!

      • Agent Q on

        I meant bread* oops!

        HOME-MADE SMOOTHIES! Good substitute. You’re still getting the kind of carb you need. :)

  4. Ahh I love coffee with condensed milk, but I can understand about the acne thing. The only other exposure that I’ve heard about PCOS is from the podcaster Jess Lively who has it. She shared her experience with how food such as gluten and diary affects her acne and PCOS symptoms.

    Good luck with studying for the licensing exam. My sister is going through the same thing for her pharmacy license. She’s been studying full time since her graduation this past spring, and it’s definitely stressful.

    • I tried Vietnamese coffee once with condensed milk, and it was soooooo good. But I can so see it not good to consume on a regular basis X_X

      I wish your sister luck for her pharmacy licence!

  5. Major congrats to Tiny May for earning that Dr. title! So happy to hear that one of the bloggers is taking a dive into the healthcare field!

    I want to see how a Star Wars firework show looks like! Aha, a proposal coming after a lecture sounds great XD. “Yeah, I gave you a lecture but let’s spend the rest of our lives together”. ♥♥♥

    Oh man, reading about Thai food is making me hungry! I want some of that pad see ew XD. I’m glad that rejection didn’t stop her from getting into the healthcare field! Taking in less carbs is a good health choice. Our bodies don’t need as many carbs these days (compared to centuries ago) so there’s no need to eat all of that rice.

    • It does make sense that we don’t consume a lot of carbs compared to our ancestors. You brought up a good point!

      I had to laugh at your lecture comment XD It is an interesting way to propose!

  6. So much awesome! ❤️ 😀

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